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  1. Mao Ying is my all time favorite. For me , Broken Oath is the best overall. Her best fighting was in Hapkido
  2. Im still new to this forum, but have been collecting kung fu for many years. My favorite production company is shaw brothers. But I love Angela Mao who is from Golden Harvest. aiknow how to judge flicks by fight choragraphy as well as chemistry between actors/actressess. I don't know anyone , so this post will probally be ignored. True kung fu fans won't let that stop them from posting though LOL.
  3. Anthony

    Best Female Kung fu Movies

    A list of the besst Female Kung fu movies
  4. The Lizard. That was so boring
  5. I like the couple in "The Golden Cane Warrior". They were bad, but made the movi for me. The lead girl was upstage by er baby brother until he was killed
  6. Anthony

    Reviews on TVB/ATV/Taiwanese series

    Im looking for a tvb series that has good fights along with story. And one with a female lead
  7. I have been collectiong martial arts movies consistanly about 15 years now. zu like female lead kung fu the most.
  8. Why are Kung fu movies like Wu tang 10 film collection and Sonny Chiba shadow warriors season one is so high when the picture is 480p. Does anyone else think this is ridiculous?