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  1. I do like the District 13 movies, and Unleashed, Kiss of the Dragon & the first two Transporter movies are fun. But yeah, he has an odd interest in Asian action cinema and was involved in the re-editing of Ong Bak with his company, replacing a bunch of music cues with hip-hop and editing out a subplot to reduce the runtime. Sadly, the only version I know they retains the original Thai cut of the film is the Madman DVD; I’m wondering if there’s a Blu-ray version which does.
  2. Ong Bak: The movie that introduced Tony Jaa to the world, a horrendously terrible movie dramatically that has knockout action set pieces. Jaa does Jackie Chan-level insane stunts and brutally mixed fights with Muay Thai and various other styles. Hacked up Re-edited version from Luc Besson's Europacorp*. *PS- Does anyone know if the original Thai version has ever been released on Blu-ray? Born to Fight: An even MORE horrendously terrible narrative film full of Michael Bay-style jingoism and also full of even more nutso stunts. Both films ask the question: how much bad acting and terrible narrative are good action scenes worth? Not that many Hong Kong classics or even American action films have stories that are Bergmanesque, but this is really, really bad. Still, the action is pretty goddamn impressive. Whether that's worth it or not is going to be a matter for individual viewers to decide.
  3. Yeah, it’s one of the biggest franchises in cinema right now.
  4. I saw a commercial for it during the Into the Badlands finale, otherwise, I wouldn’t have known either.
  5. Apparently there’s some serious bad blood between him and Diesel over his taking the spinoff.
  6. So the Rock is definitely out?
  7. hanshotfirst1138

    The History of Kung Fu Fandom

    Don’t look at me. I got involved in the post-Matrix Internet era 😜.
  8. hanshotfirst1138

    The Mark Dacascos Thread

    What I wouldn’t give for a decent Blu-ray of Drive....
  9. I had fun with this in spite of its many, many flaws. Shame it ended on a cliffhanger. I still can’t believe I was seeing HK wuxia-style fight scenes on a US show.
  10. hanshotfirst1138

    xXx Part 4 - Vin Diesel, Zoe Zhang, Jay Chou (2020)

    If Diesel wants this franchise to work like F&F, he needs to find some kind of gonzo nuts director like Lin.
  11. I do wish they hadn’t grabbed new screenwriters; I wasn’t thrilled with where the story went in a few places, though I reserve judgement to see how well the final pays it off. That said, apart from Fast and Furious, this is more or less one of the last genuine action franchises around, and Dacascos continues to be an awesome badass. I had lots of fun with the action, and at the end of the day, that’s what counts. Bring on #4!
  12. Terrible as this looks, it might be worth it if it FINALLY gets us T1 with the original mono track and T2 with a better remaster with less DNR. But I’m not holding my breath on either.
  13. Oh, I learned from X3, he said. I’ll do better this time, he said.
  14. This post was a mistake, the mods can delete it.
  15. I do take my hat off to Criterion and Eureka alike for going to the fans; apparently Fortune Star, as is their MO, provided the movies without the original mono tracks, and both companies went to the fans to acquire them. If only Chinese companies would.