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  1. FieryReign

    Rambo (2019) - Tiger Shroff in Bollywood Remake

    Isn't Bollywood a bunch of singing and dancing like musicals? How does that translate to a hyper violent series like Rambo? Weird. Tiger Shroff? He gave himself that name, didn't he? Corny.
  2. Black Mask 2? I really liked Adkins goofy, futuristic, goggle-wearing scientist or whatever he was. Hanging from wires upside down and shit. It was the coolest thing of that entire disaster. Oops, never mind. It's already listed.
  3. Wait, they made a KOF movie? And it's futuristic? That's not how the games are. Who played Terry Bogard?
  4. FieryReign

    Birth of a Dragon

    Get over yourself, fella. What opinion am I disagreeing with? Make sense.
  5. This is all people want to see. Since the 80s. Why has it taken so long for something to come of this? Something so simple, goddamn.
  6. FieryReign

    Anyone peep The Belko Experiment?

    Billions, dude? Because, A Man Apart, The Pacifier, Babylon AD, the Riddick films, The Last Witchhunter, the XXX films, etc, etc, etc got way more push than they deserved. Big budgets, big screen. Any other actor would've been relegated to b-moviedom after just one of those turds. Don't want to soil this topic discussing the lamest actor ever. Belko Experiment rocks and deserves more love. It's a shame, I literally had the entire theater to myself.
  7. FieryReign

    Anyone peep The Belko Experiment?

    He definitely has his moments. Not too many lines dialog-wise but he goes hard. Don't wanna give anything away.
  8. FieryReign

    Anyone peep The Belko Experiment?

    Holy fuck, what a visceral, brutal, and suspenseful film. Some similarities to Battle Royale but original in it's own right. If you like dark and violent movies with an occasional laugh, it's must-see. This is getting slept-on hard. While Hollywood is busy trying to cram remakes, vin diesel, and comic book movies down our throats, awesome movies like this go unnoticed. Have no idea where those trash negative reviews are coming from. They're obviously written by the sheep and the squeamish. And if I see another trailer for that fast and furious sewage, I'm going to blow chunks in my mouth and choke on it. Why is Hollywood so adamant on pushing Vin Cornball so hard? He must be giving excellent blowjobs to execs.
  9. FieryReign

    Anyone peep The Belko Experiment?

    Gonna watch this dolo tonight. Couldn't find anyone who even heard of it to catch it with me. Everyone wants to see Logan or some shit. Tired of comic book crap, enough is enough.
  10. I remember seeing the trailer for this a long time ago. Has to be one of the weirdest casts ever assembled.
  11. FieryReign

    Ghost In The Shell (2017)

    Who's angry? If I want to watch GitS then I'll watch the real film. Not some corny live action remake. More original scripts and films. Less recycling.
  12. FieryReign

    Ghost In The Shell (2017)

    Alienate millions? Because of an asian actress? What year is this? Stop. The anime wasn't made for western audiences in the first place. The millions who know what it is already watched the films and tv series. Then maybe they shouldn't have made it then? How about an original script with an original concept? Nobody asked for this. How about remastering and rereleasing the original film? Why does everything need to be bastardized(westernized) with white people? So you're saying Hollywood is racist then? Nothing has changed since Bruce? Please stop accepting it.
  13. FieryReign

    Ghost In The Shell (2017)

    You just said Japanese audiences don't care so if Rinko played the part, what would it matter? How about trying to make a star out of an up and coming Japanese actress? I can think of quite a few actresses of Asian descent they could've used.
  14. FieryReign

    Birth of a Dragon

    I see nothing of the sort in this thread or on this forum. Proof of this "backlash"? Since you're using quotes... Is it out yet? How do you expect people to watch it? Not all of us get advanced screenings because of crappy reviews that get written on crappy websites. Step down from that soapbox and spare us the lecture. You came on this forum just to post that garbage?