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  1. Lizardlady

    Carter wongs best films?

    I haven't seen them all but my favorites are 'The Snake, the Tiger, and the Crane 1981' and 'Shaolin Traitor 1977'
  2. The posted photo for Gangster Matchmaker is kinda misleading as it is not a period piece. It is set in modern day 1975 with Heung, Sun Yueh, & Lin Da as the main characters. Heung & Sun are actors & there are several scenes of shooting them acting in movies, then the scene is over & they go back to their rather abnormal lives. The photo must be from one of the movies they are shooting but I don't recall it. It's on youtube if you want to check it out.
  3. I just realized that the "Best" and my favorite are not necessarily the same thing! Shaolin Wooden Men is listed twice in 76. Just in case you missed it the first time? Lol
  4. VERY decent flick! I enjoyed it a lot & always get a kick out of your subs, too!
  5. Lizardlady

    Put up another Rare

    Thank you!
  6. Lizardlady


    I'm not sure that's real healthy
  7. I enjoyed your Redress very much! I sure hope you will do more as you get the urge. I thought you might like to know you have at least one loyal viewer, lol
  8. So glad you posted this. I really enjoyed this movie. The subs were great & very easy to read! Looking forward to viewing more. Thank you, thank you!
  9. Lizardlady


    That's kinda funny as it is the first time I ever saw the picture & immediately said, "is that Yuen Biao?". I guess it looks just like him, to me!
  10. @Lady Jin Szu-Yi & @Morgoth Bauglir Awww you guys just have bad taste! Lol, just kidding. You have both provided me with movie titles I may have never found, myself, that have provided hours of enjoyment. I thank you both (and many more on this great forum)! I think it was an interview with Pops that I watched that made it very clear that real martial arts & movie martial arts were very different. I have always had a hard time watching martial competitions & that is what he was getting at. It might be effective, but boring for the viewer, so ya gotta spice it up. I doubt I would know a REAL martial artist actor from a big quack, as long as it holds my attention, I like it When Peter Chan Lung starts his "auctioneer babble" it just makes me roll, every time. Hasn't gotten old, yet, maybe after another 100 viewings, lol. Gimme a Marx Brother's or 3 Stooges Marathon & I am in heaven. I think Buster Keaton & the Keystone Cops are my all time favorites, I LOVE slapstick! Some of that Yuen stuff I have watches is a bit TOO far out for me, though.
  11. @Lady Jin Szu-Yi Oh noooooo! I absolutely LOVED Peter Chan's Wizard in Spooky Encounters. I LOVE comedies & I thought he was so perfect. Maybe I will change my opinion after I watch the other films you recommended
  12. The final fight in "Blood Treasury Fight" ... or should I say organized, free or all. The fight in the barn between Jackie Chan & Whang In-Shik in "Dragon Lord". I love the football? game & shuttlecock episodes in this one, too! The final fight in "Young Avenger" between Wilson Tong & Wong Yu and the final fight in "Ring of Death" between Cliff Lok & Hwang Jang-Lee. I think this is my very favorite HJL character, too. I'm sure there are a lot more that leave me in awe. At least one with Casanova Wong.
  13. Lizardlady


    Maybe more to the point would be take care of themselves in a situation with WHOM? I'm pretty sure Dean Shek could kick MY ass unless he is already dead, lol Ok, seriously... Casanova Norman Chu Wilson Tong Pops & the Liu guys Cliff Lok Philip Ko Fei Tommy Lee (only if he is wearing his hunchback) Jet Li Donnie Yen Yasuaki Kurata Chiba Hiroyuki Sanada Angela Mao Sho Kosugi Tan Tao-liang Kam Kong Jason Pai Piao Chen Shan Ga Hoi too many more....
  14. Lizardlady

    Adam Cheng's movies

    I admit, I am not the greatest of searchers, but the "My Darling Slave" movie sounds interesting. Searched on youtube even went to HKMDB & copied the Chinese title,no luck Watched "The Feats of Fong Sai Yuk". Thanks!
  15. Yes, jeez, what was I drinkin? lol DragonClaws, I know you are a Bruce Li fan, but I am a TOMMY Lee fan There is a lotta Tommy in this movie.