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  1. I have so many, but the one that stands out in my mind right now is Jackie Chan's from the final scenes of Wheels on Meals. That iconic sweater, tank, and tights. It looks like a perfect workout ensemble.
  2. Tricking has changed a great deal since I joined the community five years ago. It's like an alloy in a constantly liquefied state; indefinitely having new metals mixed in. A truly intriguing movement to have been a part of. This is a discussion hub for the strange sport. Whether you like or hate tricking, I want to hear all thoughts. We can talk about any tricker, any era, any region, any video. I can also share my own experiences when relevant. And, most excitingly, how tricking ties into martial arts and martial arts cinema. This is what I really want to explore. I'll start with my own newest tricking sampler. I have a new one coming out quite soon. If you dislike the music, feel free to play your own. (Unfortunately, there's a chance this might be blocked in your country for the music...)
  3. Another from Fist of Legend. I think this is one of the better directed martial arts films ever, especially in the fight filmography. Perfect for Li's style.
  4. Hi, everyone. I'll fill in with some stuff from my About Me. My name is John Franks. I'm a 21-year-old American college student. I am obsessed with tricking - a self-taught blend of many martial arts, gymnastics skills, breakdancing moves, and original/personal flairs. I've been doing it for five years, and have also been golfing since I was four years old. Trombone and music have been a big focus for me since fifth grade, and I've studied it, as well as theatre and acting, through college. Currently, I am working on a manga and honing my skills as a composer. I am addicted to fitness and nutrition. On the side I enjoy writing, spriting, game planning, filmmaking, editing, composing, gaming, daydreaming, and spending time with my amazing family. My life has pretty much revolved around my interest in martial arts ever since I saw my first Jackie Chan scene. I actively sook out martial arts films early in middle school, and have been completely obsessed ever since. Nothing engaged my mind quite like good choreography. I learned a bit about martial arts and could perform minimal stuff until late high school, when tricking became my new goal. I didn't truly believe I could do it until the first couple of months, when I discovered that dream moves like butterfly kick, 540 kick, and butterfly twist were actually possible for me with hard work. Hard work was what I set myself on. Tricking became my only life outside of school and all of my extra-curriculars. I took up P90X and intense self-guided workouts. Suddenly, I was getting massive boosts in well-being, strength, and knowledge of martial arts. The bliss and community spirit of tricking made rigorous training almost easy. I could soon combine several hundred kicks and tricks in thousands of ways. I had become a god compared to what my fat 12-year-old self could ever dream of. My love of hand-to-hand action films and pure martial arts has remained through the years, and I always revert to watching fight scenes when I want a thrill. Now on five years of tricking, training hasn't been the joy it used to be with my level demanding constant high performance and self-criticism, and the boundaries of tricking being annihilated constantly by others. Recently, my interest in fight scenes has skyrocketed. I've begun writing a screenplay of the before-mentioned game River City Ransom, and I have discovered a true passion toward making it a reality. So, alongside tricking, I will set out on my new journey of becoming a great martial arts choreographer and stuntman.