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  1. although thats new because the real german title was "die tödliche Rache" (the deadly Revenge).. at least when it came out on VHS
  2. this was off the fuckin meter! One of the best Scott Adkins flicks Ive seen..his movies getting better and better!
  3. it was okish at best... can nobody anymore climb up a wall or do anything that requires Jumping or climbing skill without cgi help? Damn it Looks sometimes like a bad spiderman movie..the way they move totally un-natural...also I find it too colourful and clean... still watchable but man I had higher hopes for this...I didnt get the role of Tony Jaa in this?
  4. seems to be a japanese print ? probably tape?
  5. blocked here too but Im interested!
  6. I dont know, I Kind of liked it...sure, not a martial arts movie but in a weird way I liked it..Iko stole the Show though.. film was quite brutal..like they tried to have the same extreme brutality as in the raid movies..naturally they failed to do so but it was still good enough for me to not turn it off... definetely will check part 2 since the end was Kind of open ….
  7. Frank Bolte

    Attrition (2017)

    I dont know what to say...but the film starts like the last 20 films him being in a Special Squad takin out terrorists/Gangster/Kidnappers etc after that he lives in Thailand (Maybe suppose to be China but its filmed in Thailand) anyway they speak chinese/mandarin... Seagal makes out of himself a mix of wong fei hung/yip man ...they take bits from the grandmaster,ip man and a bit of wong fei hung..hes trying very hard to come across like a grandmaster who is wise and humble….but oh well… to me its totally ridiculous..BUT..the film is much better than the usual crap from Steven Seagal...
  8. watched it, its like they never stopped making once upon a time in China movies….
  9. Looks good ! Will watch it for sure!
  10. Frank Bolte

    My Kingdom (2011)

    well I) guess I dont Need to watch it lol
  11. Frank Bolte

    My Kingdom (2011)

    never heard of this, anyone watched this ? Has Yuen Biao in it and Sammo as Action director ... the Trailer Looks ok(ish)
  12. the film is pretty good. pretty intense..it starts with super shaky camera and close ups but it gets better after a while. Dont watch this for fight scenes... its not ong bak or anything... its also not its intention. Its more like a drama or even a documentary type of film...has a real hard to watch rape scene... "jail reality" I guess.... anyway I would give it 4 out of 5 too but not as a martial arts movie cos its not....
  13. Frank Bolte

    Kung Fu Big League (2018)

    well, I wouldnt know how to make this a serious movie with that story, having 3 real kung fu masters from different times and a fictional person in one movie... i guess it will be very entertaining though...
  14. yeah, this clip is from another of those old wong fei hung movies..and yes it shows the real last wife of wong fei hung