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  1. KCN9NE

    Revenger (2018)

    They have had this on DVD in Malaya for a while now.
  2. KCN9NE

    First Love (2019) - Takashi Miike's Latest

    Can’t wait for this one!!
  3. How is everyone watching this movie? I already have it pre ordered.. but am dying to see it!
  4. I have someone who makes custom DVDs. If anyone has any Netflix originals or other hard to find DVDs. Please let me know. I’ve yet to see a movie he can’t find. Here is a copy of “the night comes for us” he made for me. He makes custom dvd artwork and custom menu options.
  5. KCN9NE

    What next for custom blu ray? Suggestions please

    I misunderstood. I thought you were going to sell HD copy’s of these discs. My apologies
  6. KCN9NE

    What next for custom blu ray? Suggestions please

    To be honest I’m would be super interested in an HD version of some Netflix originals like “the night comes for us.” I’m able to get it on DVD but not HD quality.
  7. If you look online rumor is they already have a sequel to this movie planned. “God vs King” which of course is King Kong vs Godzilla. I hope this is true. One of my guilty pleasures is the old school version of that movie
  8. Looking forward to checking this one out tonight! It’s short. Less than 90 mins. So should be a quick watch
  9. Is this a Netflix exclusive? Or will this be available to purchase?
  10. I also have the live action Assassination classroom and rob zombie movie 31
  11. I have a bunch of DVDs I never watch. I’ll either trade for a few dollars plus shipping (cheaper than you can find anywhere) or I’ll package up 3-4 for any trades. DVD Desire to kill (R2) The showdown Enter the dragon 5 deadly venoms The rebel Assassin x The ninja immovable heart Brawl Mortal enemies Covert operation Puncture wounds Drunken master Green street hooligans Mortal kombat Blood and bone Extraction Time rush Invisible target Izo Danger dolls Mad monkey Kung fu Drunken monkey Kung pow As the gods will (R2) Hanuman white monkey warrior Judge archer Mark of the mini Ip man Dragon wolf Once upon a time in Vietnam High kick girl Karate girl Call me king Sword of the moon The boxers omen Crouching tiger hidden dragon Blood heat X game The sword identity City of violence Born to fight The assailant Dynamite warrior Blu Ray Equalizer In the blood Bangkok revenge Dragon eyes Die fighting Only god forgives Super Absolution Ninja apocalypse The one Hannah The last air bender War Turbo kid Brick mansions Southpaw Birth of the dragon Enemies closer The crow Kiss of the dragon Bunraku Vigilant diaries Force of execution Safe Pound of flesh The last samari Blood sport Hero Snow girl and the dark crystal Female convict scorpion King of the street The scorcher and the white snake Goemon Ip man 2 Ip man 3 Train to busan Ninja hunter The four Detective dee Flying swords of dragon gate Commitment Kamui City is under siege The bodyguard Five Element ninja Apokalips x The admiral Little big soldier Jet li collection Assassin blade Dragon wolf Special ID Legend of the fist Death trance Iceman Killers Buy bust Woochi the demon slayer Guillotines The assassins The golden cane warrior Flashpoint Saving general yang Blu Ray (R2) Falcon rising Return to murder Street gangs show no mercy Kick ass 2
  12. KCN9NE

    Ajin: Demi Human (2017)

    Wow quick find! Has anyone seen this movie. When I read the action was done by the same guys who did Kenshin. I figured this would be a slam dunk
  13. KCN9NE

    Ajin: Demi Human (2017)

    Anyone know where I can get this on dvd/Blu Ray? I’ve wanted to see this for a long time, but everywhere has either been out of stock, or no English subtitles. Any help would be greatly appreciated