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  1. SeventhVenom

    88 Films SB Blu-ray

    I sincerely hope for a Black Tavern Blu from them. It's easily one of my favorite films from SB. It's heavily rumored that one of the releases is going to be Avenging Eagle. I hope that's true because that is also one of my favorites.
  2. Finished purchasing all of the new digital Shaw Brothers movies that were just released on Google Play. So much to watch!

  3. Did anyone else see some of the new Shaw Brothers films that Celestial Pictures put up for digital rental/download on sites like iTunes and Google Play? Some stuff I have never seen before and I went and bought all of the ones that I didn't already own on home video. So excited. Looks like November is going to be a Shaw month for me.
  4. Here's my review of the film. I quite enjoyed the hell out of it. http://www.bloodbrothersfilmreviews.blogspot.com/2015/10/golden-cane-warrior-2015.html The 2 on 2 fight at the end in particular worked for me with the speed and varied set pieces.
  5. I'm so stoked for this. Love the first Hard Target and the crew (and cast) that they have put together for this definitely perks my interest. Scott Adkins is going to be the action star to beat next year. Bang bang.
  6. Am I the only one that thought this film was horribly overrated? Saw it yesterday in theaters and I was sorely disappointed. You can read my full review here: http://www.bloodbrothersfilmreviews.blogspot.com/2015/11/assassin-2015.html
  7. I have a ton of physical copies (I'm a collector overall) but I rip all of my films into a digital format stored on some external hard drives. It is how I watch most stuff now. Although the HD versions of the Shaw Brothers stuff to stream is ridiculously awesome.
  8. I just finished up Golden Cane Warrior that I was sent for review. I actually quite enjoyed it. I know it has been receiving some mixed reviews overall, but it's a fun combination of the seriousness of Yimou Zhang and basic narrative structure of The Sword of Swords. Nothing all that original, but it's a fun and ambitious little wuxia flick. I comes with a recommendation for sure. When I finish up my review tomorrow I'll post it in the forum for you folks.
  9. SeventhVenom

    Shaw Brothers on Netflix

    I love that these films are all in HD too. I think I've watched Avenging Eagle on here like four or five times now because the quality is so much better than my DVD copy. I'm stoked to see what they add over the next few months and I'm hoping for more stuff that has not gotten US releases yet.
  10. SeventhVenom

    The Alexander Fu Sheng Thread

    I concur, while I didn't like Deadly Breaking Sword as much as I wanted - Sun Chung nailed Avenging Eagle and really brought out a great dramatic performance from Fu Sheng. His character is dynamic and he eats up the screen as a great counter to Ti Lung's intensity. Still one of my favorite films of the Shaw Brothers.