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  1. shukocarl1441996347

    Missing In Action: Bruce Lee's Deleted Movie Scene's

    I was at the screening. The other prints were the usual mandarin dubs except FOF was missing a few minutes, If I remember rightly it was the fight between Lee and Feng Yi (Yoshida) with the sword. I don't know if anyone ever checked the RANK DISTRIBUTORS film prints as the only known COLOUR print of The Orphan was found in their possession. In a phone call with Dan Lee, Bruce told him that The Big Boss was being picked up by RANK. Maybe they stored prints for CATHAY who eventually put it out in the UK...did an early one get stored there?
  2. shukocarl1441996347

    Temple Of The Unknown: The Game Of Death Appreciation Thread

    Apparently Game of Death was the biggest grosser of the Lee films in Japan, which led to Tower of Death being shot (partially) there. I'm not sure how that film fared in the box-office but I always wondered if Raymond Chow ever thought of another chapter in the Game of death series? Game of Death III could have starred Kim Tai Jong again but without any further Bruce Lee footage, Chow probably thought it would have affected the takings?
  3. shukocarl1441996347

    Enter the Dragon II