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  1. panku

    Imperial Tomb Raiders found!

    Great work finding this and subbing it, really looking forward to seeing it.
  2. panku

    RIP Chen Sing

    Yes. Can find it on the Wang Lung Wei Fanclub facebook page.
  3. Bruce Lee & I I forgot what a mess this film was.
  4. panku

    RIP Chen Sing

    He has passed away a long time ago. Hao Li Jen died April 18, 1978 from pulmonary edema.
  5. panku

    Shaw Brothers on Blu-ray

    A couple of new IVL blu rays came out in October. Alternatives for those who can not play the region B versions that came out on 88 Films. The Mighty Peking Man and The Oily Maniac
  6. panku

    RIP Chen Sing

    Sorry to hear this. Big fan of his, especially when he started to get larger roles in films such as Rage of Wind, Kung Fu-Invincible Fist, Black List, Two Cavaliers, Tiger Force etc. Always a formidible character/opponent in whatever film he was in.
  7. panku

    The Shaw Brothers Van & Other Related Randomness

    I don't think the one above Lo Lieh is Tien Ni Pretty sure the one between Ivy Ling Po and Tsung Hua is Tang Ching The picture on the bottom looks alot like Shu Pei Pei. The one in the middle with ballons could be Ching Li, but it is too blurry for me to be sure, but it has a Ching Li vibe.
  8. panku

    The Shaw Brothers Van & Other Related Randomness

    All the ones I could identify are from 1969 - 1972, so the unknown titles could possibly be from those years as well.
  9. panku

    The Shaw Brothers Van & Other Related Randomness

    Yeah, that would be nice if they slowed down a bit! Here is what I could make out. Mostly Shaws, but there are a few Golden Harvests in there as well: Guess Who Killed My Twelve Lovers? (1970) A Taste of Cold Steel (1970) The Orchid (1970) Stranger in Hong Kong (1972) ? The Enchanting Ghost (1970) Ripples (1970) Naked Love (1970) Red Beard (1971) Whose Baby's in the Classroom? (1970) The Jade Faced Assassin (1971) The 5 Billion Dollar Legacy (1970) Mission Impossible (1971) Young Lovers (1970) ? A Time for Love (1970) The Invincible Eight (1971) (Golden Harvest) King Eagle (1971) ? Pursuit (1972) The Angry River (1971) (Golden Harvest) We Love Millionaires (1971) A Cause to Kill (1970) Ambush (1971) The Millionaire Chase (1969) The Rescue (1971) ? ? ? A Place to Call Home (1970) Vengeance Is a Golden Blade (1969) The Singing Thief (1969) Raw Passions (1969) Duel for Gold (1971) The Swordmates (1969) Vengeance of a Snowgirl (1971) The Golden Sword (1969) Lady with a Sword (1971) Torrent of Desire (1969) Swordsman at Large (1971) The Flying Dagger (1969) The Fugitive (1972) King of Kings (1969) The Black Tavern (1972) ? Brothers Five (1970) ads - ? / The Sicilian Clan ads - Diamonds Are Forever / Purple Moon ? The Venus' Tear Diamond (1971) The Wandering Swordsman (1970) news / ads - Nixon's Trip to China The Winged Tiger (1970) The Shadow Whip (1971) The Fugitive (1972) The Human Goddess (1972) ? The Angry Guest (1972) ? Young People (1972) The Fast Sword (1971) (Golden Harvest) ? Love Without End (1970) Of Wives and Mistresses (1972) The Gourd Fairy (1972) The Young Avenger (1972) Six Assassins (1971) The Silent Love (1971) The Lady Hermit (1971) ? The Eunuch (1971) The Casino (1972) The Duel (1971) It Takes a Man to Be Henpecked (1971) The Imperial Swordsman (1972) The Crimson Charm (1971) The Anonymous Heroes (1971) The Lady Professional (1971) The Golden Seal The Man with Two Wives (1971) The Champion of Champions (1971) Hellgate (1970) Delightful Forest (1972) Mission Impossible (1971) The Secret of the Dirk (1970) The Lizard (1972) Man of Iron (1972) Valley of the Fangs (1970) The Golden Knight (1970) Duel of Fists (1971) ?
  10. The yt clip looks like it's from a TVB interview that would have been done at the time 1979-1980.
  11. Here's the thread I think you mean I don't think Margaret Hsing Hui commited suicide, but something sad happened to her in later years. I don't know if she had become mentally unstable or was just pushed to a point, but she ended up killing her mother, intentionally or unintentionally.
  12. panku

    Identify film

    Yes, that is it! Thanks
  13. panku

    Identify film

    Rather than start a new thread, I thought I'd just throw this here... I know I'm going to go "duh" when I find out the title, but I can't remember it for the life of me and it's been 2 weeks I've been trying to remember. What is the film where an ex-Shaolin monk is chained up in a cave and a monk comes daily to feed him. He has been imprisoned there by the monks for some transgressions. He is really wild and angry, but eventually teaches the younger one martial arts while he is still chained. Later he escapes and maybe is the leader of a gang or something, my memory is kind of blurry on the rest. At first I thought it was Jason Pai Piao as the monk, but I think I was mixing that up with his character in A Deadly Secret, and that the younger monk was Gordon Liu, but I think I'm wrong on both. I know this is going to be so basic... please be kind, haha
  14. panku

    Fu Sheng Book NOW ON SALE!

    Thanks for the heads up and the link. Great podcast. Also to anyone interested in Fu Sheng, or thinking about getting the book, I would recommend it! It's a great addition to your martial arts library. Going to be re-reading it over the Thanksgiving holiday this year. Thanks Teako.