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  1. Finally got to see this in the theatre last night. Watched it at the alamo drafthouse, and they played half an hour worth of Shaw trailers before the movie, which I enjoyed, even if it was nothing new to me. On to the movie.. Man this movie is freaking great! The plot and acting is solid but simple enough not to take away from the action. I enjoyed how they found a decent reason for various martial arts practitioners fighting to the death. If you don't know, the story is basically this - there is a "master killer" on the loose, he's challenging the best fighters of different styles of fighting to a duel to death in their own respective style. A man who once similarly went around challenging fighters is in prison for accidentally killing someone during a duel, he catches wind of the murders, and thinks he can help track the murderer down. I know there was no need for a synopsis, but I enjoyed being able to fittingly use the phrases "master killer" and "duel to death" to describe it. Anyway it's a simple plot, but it's focused and makes for some great action, so I liked it a lot. There is some depth to with a small amount of backstory on a few of the characters, and that was also enjoyable and well done imo. Anyway, the acting is pretty good all around, particularly from Wang Baoqiang as the villain. He was convincing as the psychotic, obsessed killer with a rough background. Donnie was solid, as was Michelle Bai, and their relationship had just enough development to care. Charlie Yeung was also good as well. The various cameos from past stars of the genre was great and I won't give any away for those that don't know. There are also some tributes in tv screens throughout the movie, but they're pretty in your face and not subtle, still awesome though. Action? Fantastic! Every fight in the movie is good. I won't go much Into detail about them, but there is great use of environment/setting during the fights on top of class choreography. With that said, they were a little too stylized for me, for gratuitous knock backs, speed ups and slow downs, but I feel that's almost unavoidable in the super-hero state of action movies! My favorite fights of the film were the kickfight close to the beginning, the sword fight with Fan Siu-Wong, and the finale. The fighting was great throughout though, and there was a great variation of styles due to the nature of the movie from kickboxing to animal styles. Anyway, I gotta cut this one short but I think I pretty much covered everything. Great movie, everyone should see it. Definitely one of my favorite MA movies from the last few years. The only negatives to me were some "super-hero like" parts (there were only few though), besides that, I really liked it. I also noticed the awkward cut during one of the best fights in the film that people mentioned in the thread for this movie. It doesn't detract from enjoying the scene, just makes me wish I knew what the hell I missed!
  2. Heart of the Dragon More of a drama film than anything else. If you can understand/get past the (over)acting style, it’s a pretty good, even touching movie. There isn’t much if any action until the last half an hour, when it becomes just an explosion of fantastic fighting and shooting. Solid film, although not among the best of Jackie and Sammo, but hey, not much is. The montage at the end did drag on a bit. (I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t seen the movie). Features some martial arts actors who were past their best days, and somewhat out of their ordinary element in this film; such as Phillip Ko, which I thought was cool.
  3. Vengeful Beauty I’d rank this among the best flying guillotine movies from what I’ve seen. It lands somewhere in the middle of the madness of Master of the Flying Guillotine, and the more dramatic and serious Flying Guillotine (Ho Meng Hua, who also directed this film.). The story and drama is fairly entertaining, with a bit more goofy laughs than Ho Meng Huas first effort due to the use of effects...but not nearly as many as Master of the Flying Guillotine. With that said, it still has a dark feel and story similar to the first Ho Meng Hua film, but I didn’t think the drama was quite as effective. The fighting is good, more flashy swordplay style, as to where the Chen Kuan Tai film was more quick and brutal. There’s actually a lot less guillotine Head decapitating in this than the other movies...I’ll have to dock it a couple points for that. Overall, a pretty solid movie. If you’re a fan of any of the crew, fantasy/swordplay, or flying guillotines, check it out! Im only mentioning the best guillotine flicks (which I think this is one of them), the Ti Lung film is a convoluted mess to me, and Fatal Flying Guillotine is just average.
  4. I love this, thanks Doc.
  5. I’m honored to be part of this. Sorry about my inactivity and absence. I still dabble in the Fu from all eras.
  6. Legacy of Rage Solid flick. Nothing great, but I gotta say the only other Brandon Lee flick I’ve seen being the Crow, this was much better to me! After seeing this, I’d like to see more, a shame how things are... The guy kinda had it all it would seem.. Final shootout was awesome, some hilarious ragdolling and knee cap shooting! Brandon definitely tries to use some of his Dads mannerisms, less effectively than the main Bruce clones, 😂. I wonder if this was his doing, or if he was pushed to do this by the directors?
  7. Anyone know of any decent english translated versions of some of these? Getting eye surgery soon and probably won't be able I handle light for a little while.. Figure reading may be a good way to pass the time, and I would love to better learn the inspiration of some of these films we all love.
  8. http://www.hkmdb.com/db/movies/view.mht ... ay_set=eng After Ye Qinghua (Lau Yuk-Pok) is framed for murder, her friends Lei Xun(Derek Yee) and Qiao Yiduo (Jason Pai Piao) try to help clear her name. All evidence points to the monks of Shaolin, but to enter the temple and further their investigation, they must pass three challenges from the monks! The story starts off pretty interesting, with a very "detective-like" feel to it. Unfortunately, much of the mystery is done away with very early on as it is basically established that it is definitely a group of monks that did it. The question of which monk(s) is still in the air, but once the action comes rolling in, the plot takes a backseat, and that's ok with this one. There is a flashback scene during the conclusion that is meant to build background for some of the characters. While said flashback achieved that, it made the characters seem much more unbelievable, for lack of a better word.. I'd like to avoid spoilers, so to explain what I mean by that for those that have seen it: how did this guy become a highly ranked monk?! Even though I wish that it stuck more to the detective narrative it seemed headed for in the beginning; The movie still has a decent story with a couple twists and turns In it, aided by some good acting and characters. The acting is really good overall, even from said characters who's personalities contradict their standing. A perfect example of this is Lee Hoi San, he plays the abbot in charge of disciplining monks who do wrong.. Heres the catch - he is extremely hot-headed, and seemingly sorely lacks discipline himself! I'm not sure if this was done on purpose for comedy, but I found it a strange choice.. Anyway, given the role he was, he does a great job with it, and is very convincing when he gets pissed off! Other standouts are Phillip Ko as another abbot and Jason Pai Piao, who is easily my favorite character in the movie. Very charismatic performance, and provides some comic relief as well. Derek Yee is the main star, and while he doesn't do a great job acting, he does better than usual. Onto the action, what this film is really all about! The fights are very good all around, I believe they're all weapons based, and mainly swords and staves. This movie has the best "one vs. many" fights of any classic martial arts movie I can think of. You won't see any extras dancing back and forth in the background in this one! Tong Gai would get my props if it were just for that and the exceptional grounded work in the movie.. But the real standout action scenes are the "Lohan Monk Formation" set pieces. Some really amazing stunts here, the wire-work is fantastic for any time, let alone when this movie was made. I won't go into detail about the scene(s) I am talking about, so if you haven't seen it you can see them for yourself! All of the fighting cast looked good, and no one really stood out in particular to me. This movie takes place almost exclusively in indoor "temple" themed sets.. While the sets are of course fantastic, it would have been nice to see a bigger variety, like in Shaolin Prince. Of Tong Gai's directed films I have seen, I prefer Shaolin Prince to this. "Prince" just feels more fleshed out and well done overall. With that said, Intruders has the edge in action for sure, and there is nothing I've seen like some of the action scenes in this movie. "Shaolin Intruders" has its problems with the narrative and characters; but the fantastic action, one of a kind stunts, strong cast and acting more than make up for it. Great movie.
  9. Just watched this, I enjoyed it enough. The plot was a bit convoluted at the start, but you get a grip of it eventually... similar to an old Chor Yuen flick in that regard! The visual style was really fun to me, and the action while very stylized was entertaining and did feature some decent swordplay. It's a beautiful movie with plenty of style and fun sets and scenes.. Overall I say it's worth a gander through Netflix if you're into fantasy wuxia movies.
  10. paimeifist

    M.I.A. Forum Members

    Hey guys, I'm still breathing, and I sill have an unabashed man crush on Lo Lieh after getting engaged. 😆 @ShaOW!linDude Has you pretty well covered on my current happenings. I appreciate the concern. I still enjoy the genre, but got rid of most of my collection. So now I'm limited to what's available to stream, and netflix took all of their damn Shaw films down recently! Luckily, they still seem to get most of Well Gos releases, which suffices pretty well for recent films. I still do a bit of lurking around the forums on ocassion too. Hope all is well with everyone here kung fu fam!
  11. I really wish King Boxer and Delghtful Forest weren't made in the same year.. King Boxer is possibly my favorite movie ever, so it wins by default.. but Delightful Forest is so damn great, I feel bad for not voting for it. The action in that film is ahead of its time for sure, and it's great beyond the action too.
  12. Thanks for having me come back to the forum with a headache! Seriously some tough choices for me except 81 where Produgal Son wins easy for me. Killer Constable is a great film but I barely consider it a martial arts film, especially next to Prodigal Son. For 79' there are four GREAT Shaw films on the list in Dirty Ho, Golden Arms, Deadly Breaking Sword and Shaolin Rescuers; None of these films quite reach the "best of the best" level for me though. Magnificent Butcher I consider to be on the same level as them. The closest second was Dance of the Drunk Mantis, but Knockabout is a top 3 favorite MA film for me, and just amazing in too many ways. 80 was the toughest. Rebellious Reign is definitely one of my favorite indie old school films, and one of the best examples of solid story + great fighting.. I also love The Young Master and the almost iconic Fist of the White Lotus. Flag of Iron beats them out though, being my absolute favorite Venoms film is the deciding factor there.
  13. Still selling off my collection, never reposted the list after the forum reset months ago. PM me what you're interested in and we will work something out, the more you buy the better deal you will get. Any and all offers will be considered and responded to, and if you have any questions just ask! IVL Jade Tiger R1 Shaws Dragon Dynasty Come Drink with Me Funimation Shaolin Rescuers Hong Kong Godfather Bastard Swordsman Return of the Bastard Swordsman Box Set: Life Gamble, Shaolin Prince, Invincible Shaolin Bootlegs Judgement of an Assassin Disciples of the 36th Chamber Invincible Fist 10 Tigers from Kwangtung Godfather from Canton Rendezvous with Death Magnificent Kung Fun Warriors 7 Man Army Shaolin Handlock Misc Old School Iron Fist Frenzy 50 Film Set Mill Creek "Martial Arts" 50 Film Set Master of Death Unbeaten 28 Shaolin Chastity Kung Fu Kung Fu Masters 9 movie set Ninja - Legendary Assassins 4 Movie Set Thunder Ninja Kids in the Golden Adventure The Dragon, The Hero Crippled Masters Crippled Masters 2 Crippled Masters 3 One Armed Boxer Legend of the Liquid Sword Gordon Liu 4 Film Collection (Video Asia) Ninja Hunter Duel of Ultimate Weapons Fatal Needles vs. Fatal Fists Wu Tang Clan Shaolin vs Wu Tang Return of the Deadly Blade Battle of Shaolin 10 Magnificent Killers Fatal Flying Guillotines Karate Bearfighter 5 Deadly Videos Set (Video Asia) The Real Bruce Lee Golden Harvest/Jackie/Sammo (Most of these are quality legitimate releases, if you have any questions about these or any other movies, feel free to ask) Hong Kong Legends Bruce Lee Set (R2) Magnificent Butcher Drunken Master The Young Master Iron Fisted Monk Dragons Forever Pedicab Driver Postman Fights Back Police Story Operation Scorpio Lucky Stars Box Set (R3) The Myth Jackie Chan Beginnings: Shaolin Wooden Men/To Kill with Intrigue double feature Modern Misc. Last Hero in China/Shaolin Idiot double feature Kung Fu Master Sword Stained with Royal Blood Breathing Fire Fist of Legends 2 The Assassin Hidden Blade Book of Swords Fist Power Iron Monkey 2 Legend of the Drunken Tiger Another Meltdown A Woman, A Gun, and a Noodle Shop Fatal Contact Twilight Samurai Ruroni Kenshin Spirited Killer Trilogy The Master (Jet Li) Fist of Legend Heroes Among Heroes Naked Soldier Curse of the Golden Flower Kibakichi 2 Seven Swords Kung Fu Hustle God of Killers Chocolate Triad Wars House of Flying Daggers Fearless
  14. Great call on the early Chang Cheh flicks. Also all of Sun Chungs top movies, although the MA is good, that's not what makes them most memorable. Killer Constable is another Shaw film that fits the description here, although the action is good in a more direct and dramatic way. Dragon (Wu Xia) for a more recent film. As One Armed Boxer pointed out, the best MA films are those where the action is great but compliments the story.. Look at SPL, some of the very best fights in modern MA films, yet there really isn't much fighting in the movie, and it packs a great dramatic punch.
  15. paimeifist

    I just ordered "The Jade Tiger" dvd (Update:Spoilers)

    Tied for my favorite Chor Yuen movie with Killer Clans. Great cast, and stand out performances from Derek Yee and Lo Lieh. The whole cast does a grear job, but I remember others characters were very typical for them and didn't give as much room to play. Some nice swordplay as well, which many other Chor Yuen flicks could lack. I will say I didn't enjoy this movie at all when I first watched it, but loved it when I tried it again after seeing more of the directors work. Following the plots in these movies requires some experience in knowing which plot points and characters to actually emphasize and keep up with.. ?
  16. I watched Shanghai Express the other day. Fights were superb and it was great to see so many HK stars on one film. With that said I thought it was just "pretty good" overall. I prefer the other Sammo films I've seen from around that time.
  17. paimeifist

    Is "The Avenging Eagle" the best...

    Five Fingers of Death is about as well rounded as any Shaw film, and the action holds up wonderfully for something made in the early 70s. I also agree with the mention of Killer Constable. Some of Sun Chungs other films are close in Deadly Breaking Sword and Human Lanterns, but they have some tone problems IMO that keeps them from being as complete as Avenging Eagle. @massa_yoda+1 on The Flying Guillotine. Very suspenseful movie, and a great acting performance from CKT.
  18. paimeifist

    February 2017 Mutual Review Thread

    I'm glad you mentioned it! I kept thinking of scenes from this movie when I saw the months theme, but couldn't remember what movie they were from. It's a good one.
  19. @AgriWuxia@Tex Killer Really glad to see two less talked about Lo Lieh flicks getting some positive reviews. I love both films. I think I almost fully agree with the two of you about both films. Invincible Fist didn't do the story as well from a dramatic standpoint as Killer Constable, but is great in its more lighthearted swashbuckler telling of the same story.. Also all bias aside, Lo Liehs character is much more likable than Chen Kuan Tais, and that is largely due to the scripts I'm sure. This was also a very early example of the colorful, "comic book" villains Chang Cheh would use more in the Venoms stage of his career. Dragon Missile is just a wonderful shut your brain off and enjoy the ride movie. I enjoy how the antagonist is basically the focus of the movie, something very rare in MA flicks. I also agree that he manages to be more likable than most the other characters in the film.
  20. paimeifist

    February 2017 Mutual Review Thread

    For my other repost, a good companion piece for @DragonClaws review, the sequel, "The Shadow Boxing." A movie I was pleasantly surprised by. Although it seems I didn't touch on our theme much in that review, the movie certainly fits in the category. Bare in mind I like Wong Yue much more than the majority of the forum. ? The Shadow Boxing I really enjoyed this movie. There isn't much action, but solid acting, decent comedy, beautiful sets and locations, and a great dark atmosphere keep it entertaining. Wong Yue and Cecilia Wong had great chemistry here, and I'll be checking I see if they did anything else together. Lau Kar Wings character was cool, and Lee Hoi San and Wilson Tong were decent as LKLs reliable go-to villains. Gordon Liu stole the show here for me though. He was hilarious in the vampire scenes, and put on a solid fighting performance as well. The story was ok, but what mainly carried the movie was good acting performances and a great dark atmosphere. The mystery surrounding some characters was fun, and I enjoyed the bit of character background that unfolded as the movie went on. The ending was basically a bad joke, but I liked it in that it was a happy ending, and it was something other than the usual freeze frame of the victory leap after the last fight. The use of fog and dark "creepy" feeling sets and locations was great, an aided by generic "spooky" sounding music. I really enjoyed the sets in this, and many of them are darker than I usually see in Shaw films, or Lau Kar Leung films at the very least. The comedy was hit or miss, and my reaction ranged from a blank stare to laugh out loud. Wong Yue and LKWs vampire fists was funny, and Gordon Liu had me laughing a good deal. While there wasn't a ton of action scenes, the few are good and seem long. The choreography is good but not great from LKL, and some of that has to do with the fact that much of it is using the comical "vampire fist", which I did get a kick out of. Gordon Liu and Lee Hoi San looked really good in the action scenes, and everyone else at least played their part. It's a shame LKW didn't get to do more, because he's a favorite of mine, and I have yet to be less than astounded by his fighting performances. One last note on the action, it seemed a little in characteristic of Lau Kar Leung, but maybe I just haven't noticed it before. There was a lot of use of different camera angles, closer angles, and moving shots with the action. That brings me to another point. Many things in this movie feel a little uncharacteristic of LKL. Such as the overall dark feel of it, and the sex scene, as LKLs films tend to be more upbeat and family friendly IMO, at least compared to other directors of the time at Shaw. But still, we have a cast of Lau family members and LKL movie regulars, and it's clear he choreographed the action, even if some of the camera styles seemed different to me.(which I may be wrong about anyway!) Good movie. I came in with low expectations due to reading negativity from others on here, and I ended up being surprised in a good way.
  21. paimeifist

    February 2017 Mutual Review Thread

    The reviews so far are good, and I'm liking the variety. I was sad to see @DrNgor that your movie didn't live up to the expectations the synopsis make for. ? Like @ShaOW!linDudethis isn't really my cup of tea, although I do enjoy these films occasionally. Anyway, I'll repost a couple of old reviews. First one from a past monthly review thread: Black Magic with the Buddha http://hkmdb.com/db/movies/view.mhtml?id=6483&complete_credits=1&display_set=eng Disclaimer: The quality of this was very bad, the subtitles were cut off, hard to read, and sometimes non existent.. So my grasp of the plot isn't great, but luckily there isn't a whole lot to it. This movie was...interesting. One of the handful of films Lo Lieh directed. Chen Kuan Tai is Ben, a down on his luck man with in laws that don't like him. He travels to some jungle that seems to be far away, where he and another man (who is some kind of voodoo guy) dig up some brain that is said to grant any wish. The man warns Ben that he must return the brain after ten days, or else bad things will happen. We soon learn that Ben is kind of a scum bag, and every wish he makes is completely self centered. Being the self centered scum bag he is, he of course doesn't heed voodoo mans warning, and does not return the brain. The brain gets pissed and starts harming he and his loved ones. Shortly afterward, Ben runs into a crazy old man (Lo Lieh), who tells Ben he feels the devil in him, and knows he will come to see him soon. Ben and his wife take to worshipping the God of Four Faces to help fend off the evil brain devil, which leads them to a Witch Doctor guy for help, who is of course, Lo Lieh... HOW WILL THEY STOP THE BRAIN DEMON?! The first hour of the film is pretty normal. The "horror" aspect is mainly just the brain making dead animals appear around Ben and his wife to show its displeasure with him, and typical poltergeist style shenanigans. Seeing CKT pray to a pulsating brain that makes breathing sounds is pretty funny every time its shown though. Somehow I wasn't bored, probably because the movie is well acted, particularly Chen Kuan Tai and Lo Lieh. I don't think I could watch the first hour again though. Once Ben keeps the brain past its due date, the movie takes a turn to crazy hong kong stuff, and it gets pretty awesome. There is a pretty cool scene that seems to take place in Lo Liehs mind, where he and a few different "gods" have a little discussion, it was pretty cool.. The brain demon "possesses" Ben, turning him into some weird brain man. At this point it becomes a mix of a slasher film, and Mr. Vampire style stuff from Lo Liehs character. What better way to counter brainman possessed by brain demon, than let the righteous God of 4 Faces take over your own body! So Lo Lieh does that, then a battle of bad effects ensues, and it is pretty entertaining. The commentary between Lo Lieh and his God is also pretty funny, and it seemed intentional. If it wasn't for the last half an hour of whacked out HK awesomeness, and Lo Lieh, and Chen Kuan Tais performances, this would have been pretty poor.. But these things did make it a worthwhile watch for me, and I'd probably check out the last bits again. Lo Liehs character is very entertaining, as a careless old whacked out voodoo man. It is interesting to see Chen Kuan Tai play a weak scum bag, because he didn't do that much....but he shows his acting chops well here. Somehow most of the movie manages to feel a lot less exploitative than the Shaw Bros flicks that inspire it.. I'd watch Boxers Omen over this for sure but probably not Black Magic.
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    Big sale (New/Old, Shaw/GH/Indie, Japanese, etc)

    For everyone that has already made a deal with me: I'm heading to storage to get your movies this evening and they will be shipped tomorrow.