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  1. Heart of the Dragon More of a drama film than anything else. If you can understand/get past the (over)acting style, it’s a pretty good, even touching movie. There isn’t much if any action until the last half an hour, when it becomes just an explosion of fantastic fighting and shooting. Solid film, although not among the best of Jackie and Sammo, but hey, not much is. The montage at the end did drag on a bit. (I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t seen the movie). Features some martial arts actors who were past their best days, and somewhat out of their ordinary element in this film; such as Phillip Ko, which I thought was cool.
  2. Vengeful Beauty I’d rank this among the best flying guillotine movies from what I’ve seen. It lands somewhere in the middle of the madness of Master of the Flying Guillotine, and the more dramatic and serious Flying Guillotine (Ho Meng Hua, who also directed this film.). The story and drama is fairly entertaining, with a bit more goofy laughs than Ho Meng Huas first effort due to the use of effects...but not nearly as many as Master of the Flying Guillotine. With that said, it still has a dark feel and story similar to the first Ho Meng Hua film, but I didn’t think the drama was quite as effective. The fighting is good, more flashy swordplay style, as to where the Chen Kuan Tai film was more quick and brutal. There’s actually a lot less guillotine Head decapitating in this than the other movies...I’ll have to dock it a couple points for that. Overall, a pretty solid movie. If you’re a fan of any of the crew, fantasy/swordplay, or flying guillotines, check it out! Im only mentioning the best guillotine flicks (which I think this is one of them), the Ti Lung film is a convoluted mess to me, and Fatal Flying Guillotine is just average.
  3. I love this, thanks Doc.
  4. I’m honored to be part of this. Sorry about my inactivity and absence. I still dabble in the Fu from all eras.
  5. Legacy of Rage Solid flick. Nothing great, but I gotta say the only other Brandon Lee flick I’ve seen being the Crow, this was much better to me! After seeing this, I’d like to see more, a shame how things are... The guy kinda had it all it would seem.. Final shootout was awesome, some hilarious ragdolling and knee cap shooting! Brandon definitely tries to use some of his Dads mannerisms, less effectively than the main Bruce clones, 😂. I wonder if this was his doing, or if he was pushed to do this by the directors?
  6. Just watched this, I enjoyed it enough. The plot was a bit convoluted at the start, but you get a grip of it eventually... similar to an old Chor Yuen flick in that regard! The visual style was really fun to me, and the action while very stylized was entertaining and did feature some decent swordplay. It's a beautiful movie with plenty of style and fun sets and scenes.. Overall I say it's worth a gander through Netflix if you're into fantasy wuxia movies.
  7. paimeifist

    M.I.A. Forum Members

    Hey guys, I'm still breathing, and I sill have an unabashed man crush on Lo Lieh after getting engaged. 😆 @ShaOW!linDude Has you pretty well covered on my current happenings. I appreciate the concern. I still enjoy the genre, but got rid of most of my collection. So now I'm limited to what's available to stream, and netflix took all of their damn Shaw films down recently! Luckily, they still seem to get most of Well Gos releases, which suffices pretty well for recent films. I still do a bit of lurking around the forums on ocassion too. Hope all is well with everyone here kung fu fam!
  8. I really wish King Boxer and Delghtful Forest weren't made in the same year.. King Boxer is possibly my favorite movie ever, so it wins by default.. but Delightful Forest is so damn great, I feel bad for not voting for it. The action in that film is ahead of its time for sure, and it's great beyond the action too.
  9. Thanks for having me come back to the forum with a headache! Seriously some tough choices for me except 81 where Produgal Son wins easy for me. Killer Constable is a great film but I barely consider it a martial arts film, especially next to Prodigal Son. For 79' there are four GREAT Shaw films on the list in Dirty Ho, Golden Arms, Deadly Breaking Sword and Shaolin Rescuers; None of these films quite reach the "best of the best" level for me though. Magnificent Butcher I consider to be on the same level as them. The closest second was Dance of the Drunk Mantis, but Knockabout is a top 3 favorite MA film for me, and just amazing in too many ways. 80 was the toughest. Rebellious Reign is definitely one of my favorite indie old school films, and one of the best examples of solid story + great fighting.. I also love The Young Master and the almost iconic Fist of the White Lotus. Flag of Iron beats them out though, being my absolute favorite Venoms film is the deciding factor there.
  10. Great call on the early Chang Cheh flicks. Also all of Sun Chungs top movies, although the MA is good, that's not what makes them most memorable. Killer Constable is another Shaw film that fits the description here, although the action is good in a more direct and dramatic way. Dragon (Wu Xia) for a more recent film. As One Armed Boxer pointed out, the best MA films are those where the action is great but compliments the story.. Look at SPL, some of the very best fights in modern MA films, yet there really isn't much fighting in the movie, and it packs a great dramatic punch.
  11. paimeifist

    I just ordered "The Jade Tiger" dvd (Update:Spoilers)

    Tied for my favorite Chor Yuen movie with Killer Clans. Great cast, and stand out performances from Derek Yee and Lo Lieh. The whole cast does a grear job, but I remember others characters were very typical for them and didn't give as much room to play. Some nice swordplay as well, which many other Chor Yuen flicks could lack. I will say I didn't enjoy this movie at all when I first watched it, but loved it when I tried it again after seeing more of the directors work. Following the plots in these movies requires some experience in knowing which plot points and characters to actually emphasize and keep up with.. ?
  12. I watched Shanghai Express the other day. Fights were superb and it was great to see so many HK stars on one film. With that said I thought it was just "pretty good" overall. I prefer the other Sammo films I've seen from around that time.
  13. paimeifist

    Is "The Avenging Eagle" the best...

    Five Fingers of Death is about as well rounded as any Shaw film, and the action holds up wonderfully for something made in the early 70s. I also agree with the mention of Killer Constable. Some of Sun Chungs other films are close in Deadly Breaking Sword and Human Lanterns, but they have some tone problems IMO that keeps them from being as complete as Avenging Eagle. @massa_yoda+1 on The Flying Guillotine. Very suspenseful movie, and a great acting performance from CKT.