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  1. Lady Jin Szu-Yi

    February Mutual Review Thread

    yup CS is the older of the 2 young priests. I was very confused by which Venom was which for awhile (for me it was Sun and Kuo) and I still miss a lot of folks I know already too.
  2. Lady Jin Szu-Yi

    February Mutual Review Thread

    Nope, Secret you were right. Ricky Chien is the mustached priest leading the army of gyonsis into the temple in the opening scene. He is subsequently bit by Lu. Chiang Sheng with his droopier mustache is Chien's student and more experienced of the two younger priests who try to come to Ricky's aid. Lu also does double duty as the Tong Gai-looking priest who wants the baby gyonsi for his own nefarious means. and yes the human kids were annoying as all get out in this...
  3. Lady Jin Szu-Yi

    Daredevils (1979)

    Can't confirm it, my IVL has English subs don't know about the Thai version. If this was me, I'd email YesAsia directly. The only Thai Shaws I have is The Kung Fu Instructor which has English subs, not a dub.
  4. Thanks, I'll check youtube to see if someone posted it online.
  5. Lady Jin Szu-Yi

    Positioning an image within a post

    Thanks for the update, I don't have left / right options on my home mouse.
  6. Lady Jin Szu-Yi

    Do your pets know Kung Fu? Cat Style vs Dog Style

    That was cute. The cat gets some good kicks in...
  7. Lady Jin Szu-Yi

    February Mutual Review Thread

    Lu's Taoist priest reminded of Tong Gai! How nice of him to give the little baby gynosi clothes, but there's a reason for that. Bad Lu Feng emerges (would we expect anything less?) Bummed to see Ricky Chien's priest bite it so soon. He was fun. This was an enjoyable, thanks for the review. If you want a good and much funnier follow up, Fight Among the Supers (which Lu steals from Chiang Sheng.)
  8. Lady Jin Szu-Yi

    Conan the Conqueror (2017)

    Maybe this isn't a good time to admit, I like Grace Jones (she absolutely stole the Eddie Murphy movie "Boomarang") - And yet I don't remember Conan The Destroyer...but after James Earl Jones as Thulsa Doom why would you want to remember anything beyond that first film.
  9. Lady Jin Szu-Yi

    February Mutual Review Thread

    Yes, my enjoyment of schlocky films knows no bounds. I'm trying to picture Lu as a gyonsi and cracking up sight unseen. BTW, Ricky Chien is also the lead in Five Elements Ninjas too.
  10. Lady Jin Szu-Yi

    Who Is More Bad Ass? Ti Lung Vs David Chiang

    I nearly melted when I came across that last night. He was adorable right out of the gate.
  11. Lady Jin Szu-Yi

    Positioning an image within a post

    Thanks, Master. Appreciate the response but it's not what I'm looking for. I do not have access to image hosting space now and would rather upload images here directly. In that sense, I see no code within yours which allows for specific positioning within a post. From experience I know that takes a bit more under the hood mao shan hoodoo (Sorry Abbot!)
  12. Lady Jin Szu-Yi

    February Mutual Review Thread

    Many thanks for the great review, Secret. Sounds like a wonky movie. I will have to bookmark that link to watch this when I get home, it doesn't sound like Lu tops his hilarious performance in Fight Among The Supers (1985), but dang it, Lu as a gyonsi is just too delightful to ignore. Looking forward to this one, but now I better get back to work, lest some little kid kicks my butt.
  13. Lady Jin Szu-Yi

    February Mutual Review Thread

    Pffft...somewhere in the world it already was (that's what I told myself anyway!) With a great review like the pne you posted, why worry, sir?
  14. So you figured out my secret love of schlock! Good heavens (ducks under computer desk)... This forum is amazingly amazing and I appreciate the info, reviews you and so many others here provide. For someone who was seriously rusty with her Shaws and knew very little of the many wonderful old school indies and performers, I've learned a lot in the past 9 months. I agree with you and Pops' about martial competitions and I love made up styles as much as I do real ones. I know very few real styles or performers, but if the person can sell me on their character and skills, I'm in. I also love satire/humor and slapstick (I was weaned on British comedy and Peter Sellers so I veer toward smart, silly and painful.) I realize some of Sammo's humor might be lost on me due to cultural differences (although hopping gyonsi never fail to make me chuckle), so I need a very obvious visual for his humor. I think if the film left out the quasi-serious and nasty elements (you can do gore and be hilarious - hi Evil Dead 2!), I'd probably be cheerleading it and Peter all over the place (despite my wizard snob.)
  15. @AlbertV Thanks for the heads up on the Kumite. I've glanced at that film sideways a lot due to the not so nice reviews, but if it means seeing Ti Lung doling out more Wing Chun, I'll definitely give it a look.