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  1. The Taiji Pirate

    Yakuza Apocalypse (Takashi Miike, 2015)

    Worth the watch.
  2. Yang Cheng-Fu preforming single whip... I like your style.

  3. The Taiji Pirate

    Kung Fu Jungle/Killer (is great!)

    It falls into the (Kung Fu Movie fans Kung Fu movie) category, with the cameos and Easter eggs. Plus, what a well played antagonist. defiantly a must see.
  4. The Taiji Pirate

    Come Drink With Me

    Come Drink with Me is a MUST SEE for any martial arts movie fan. It is in my Top 5 most important Kung Fu movies ever made. Thank you for the review.
  5. Loving youtube's wutangcollection channel.

  6. The Taiji Pirate

    Bruceploitation Reviews

    Grindhouse exploitation at it's finest. The trailer (as you mentioned) has absolutely nothing to do with the film it's self. Which, I would think, was clearly done to intrigue people. A martial arts murder mystery with an actor no one has heard of... Or a supernatural thriller about a resurrected Bruce Lee seeking revenge... I personally think the film stands enough on it's own, but have always found this fascinating.
  7. It is defiantly worth a watch.
  8. Shogun's Ninja. This movie has it all.. including a smooth jazz soundtrack... Which, at time makes you for get what you are watching, while adding to the awesomeness at the same time. Exhibit A https://youtu.be/UCqDBwiFEW8
  9. The Taiji Pirate

    Old Skool KF Masters Clip

    This is great thanks for posting! The dope music really makes it
  10. Die Fighting. Indie and awesome.
  11. Finally got a copy on Invincible Armor, that is most recently viewed classic. Great movie.
  12. Kickboxer II I feel is very under-rated. And it stars Cody from Step-by-Step "what a surreal moment it was when I realized this lol"
  13. If it is anything like Daredevil we will be in good shape
  14. The Taiji Pirate

    Show Your MA DVD Collection

    very nice everyone! i need to get organized.
  15. The Taiji Pirate

    Show Your MA DVD Collection

    DANG! lookin' good!