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  1. The Gentlemen-Guy Ritchie Very enjoyable movie,great story telling and the cast are fantastic.Mathew McConaughey is great but I thought Colin Farrell stole the show.Guy Ritchie has had a few duds but this isn’t one of those and he is on form here.Based in the London underworld this maybe enjoyed more by British people but I do highly recommend this for the way the story is told.👍👍👍
  2. sym8

    Star Trek: Picard

    Great first episode,not a huge Star Trek fan but I did love the Next generation and subsequent movies so this was a welcome return.Will be interesting to see where they go with this but more of the same for me.👍👍👍
  3. 1.Eight diagram pole fighters 2.Heroes of the east 3.Five super fighters 4.36 chambers of shaolin 5.Shaolin mantis 6.Clan of the white lotus 7.Killer army 8.Challenge of the masters 9.Kung fu instructor 10.Invincible shaolin
  4. sym8

    New ESPN Documentary - 'Be Water' (2020)

    Thanks for the link to the review,but I can’t make out wether the guy liked it or wether it was a good well made documentary or not.For me that was a hard read.Will have to watch and judge for myself
  5. Craig T Nelson in ACTION JACKSON.As stiff and awkward as they come
  6. Just watched this on Netflix and loved it.As some people have commented the quick cuts can be a bit annoying but still very enjoyable.What I found odd was the bit towards the end where they go on about the YouTube generation and how they do there thing with fight choreography etc but have Eric Jacobus interviewed but no footage of what he and the stunt people were doing.Great documentary though👍👍👍👍
  7. sym8

    New ESPN Documentary - 'Be Water' (2020)

    I think this is gonna be a photo based documentary rather than new footage.Hope they don’t start using doubles to tell some of the story’s in his book,affairs,tantrums etc imagine that
  8. sym8

    Vanguard (2019)

    2 1/2 out of 5.Read the review and doesn’t sound good to me,will check it out when it becomes available but not holding out for much.Seems to be Jackies way now (quantity over quality)
  9. Just finished watching this on YouTube,worth a look but don’t expect to much.The fight scenes while plentiful have to much slow motion that spoils the flow of the choreography.Dont know much about the stars but they seemed to be lacking in the skills department.Dont know if it’s the choreographers not being that great or the protagonists not being bonafide martial artists.
  10. sym8

    Behind the scenes...

    Anyone have any ideas?
  11. sym8

    Behind the scenes...

    Eastern condors
  12. sym8

    Of these which is your favourite? (With Poll)

    Shaolin temple for me but have never seen Showdown at the cotton mill so will have to hunt it down
  13. Drunken Master 2 all day,felt the undercranking in Fist of legend let it down a little
  14. Lau Kar Leung for the fight choreography but I enjoyed the Chang Cheh films more.I think they were more entertaining.
  15. sym8

    Vanguard (2019)

    Think this looks terrible hope I’m wrong but not expecting anything great here,like some have said awful cgi and dodgy wire work.Maybe Chan should concentrate on quality rather than bringing a movie out every couple of weeks(well that’s what it feels like to me)