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  1. I seem to remember reading somewhere that Shatner trained in judo and kempo karate,I guess he just wasn’t that great at it(film wise anyway)😜
  2. Preferred this one to part 2.the wire assisted table fight was just not needed for me and spoiled the whole film.
  3. sym8

    RIP Chen Sing

    R.I.P. Loved the man in The Shaolin Plot.He could definitely bust a move.
  4. I enjoyed this when I saw this many moons ago,but I was always disappointed that Hung Yan Yan didn’t have a one on one with Roger Yuans character,still for me he has the best scene in the movie when he fights everyone in the saloon.
  5. Loved the first one,not that impressed with the second,but thought the third was on par with the first,and as been mentioned the weapons fight finale was fantastic.👍👍
  6. sym8

    Behind the scenes...

    I’d read somewhere once that Sammo Hung helped with some of The directing of Project A because of time restraints and Jackie had multiple duties,this might be one of the scenes.
  7. sym8

    Behind the scenes...

    Would love to be able to see this deleted fight scene from Yes madam
  8. For the victim he was doubled for the more complicated techniques by Yuen Biao but besides that he was great in that movie
  9. Miracles Directed and starring Jackie Chan Very long and at times boring but the direction is great and the fight choreography is pure genius.This for me in terms of fight choreography is one of his best when it comes to using props and the surroundings.His fight in a restaurant where tables chairs stairs and fans are all used to great effect is incredible to watch and the finale in the factory is a mixture of hit and run tactics,hard falls and jump rope,what’s not to like.Its a pity for a film that’s well over 2 hours long just doesn’t have enough of the great action.
  10. I think we are worse off now,I’ve just finished watching Jackie Chan Miracles which is a movie I find overly long and boring at times but I still watched it because there’s just nothing around to day that’s of the same quality when it comes to the action.
  11. I think you may be right about the period film costing a lot to make but he did spend big on miracles and operation condor,I think maybe he just was more interested in doing something new.
  12. PROJECT A PART 2 Starring and directed by Jackie Chan Having recently watched part 1 i gave part 2 another go.Very different style to the first,the direction is probably better but the fight scenes are more hit and run rather than a full blown Kung fu fight scenes(that’s not a bad thing just different)still enjoyed it and always wondered why there wasn’t a third.
  13. Project A-1983 Directed and starring Jackie Chan. Haven’t seen this in a while and loved it just as much now as I did back in the day,great story and of course great action all done at a frantic pace.For me this is up there with his best work,both in terms of the direction and choreography.The fight scene in the restaurant/hotel is an absolute blast,Chan and co look fantastic with there kicks flips and falls,they don’t make them like this anymore.👍👍👍👍