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  1. Revenge of the ninja-1983 Starring Sho Kosugi and family Loved this when I first saw it back in the 80s even though it was heavily cut by the British censors.Started to watch the dvd I have which has the full version(I think)and god what awful acting,the action is top quality though,the Kosugi family are great along with Keith Vitali.Stand out sequences for me are the beginning and the van chase/fight scene,recommended viewing But you might just have to hit the fast forward button on occasions.👍👍👎
  2. Like you I saw this on Netflix a few weeks ago but apart from the finale I hated it(I’m not a fan of the slapstick comedy).I know it was coming to the end of the Shaw era but I for me it just seemed cheap and rushed,it’s as if the Shaw time was coming to an end and they new it.Didnt mind the action though,it moved away from the traditional shapes we are used to but just not enough of it.
  3. sym8

    Hypothetical Remake of Game of Death

    Wu jing would be a good shout,but I would still opt for some new blood,someone we haven’t seen before,and somebody who wouldn’t have the Bruce Lee mannerisms.i wouldn’t want the screams or the same fighting style,similar story pagoda etc but no Bruce Lee clones.
  4. Invincible Armour-1977 Directed by Ng See Yuen One of John Liu’s best and with a host of co stars(Hwang Jang Lee,Ko fei,Tino Wong,Lee Hoi SAN)and choreography by Yuen Woo Ping you cant go wrong.There are some great fight scenes throughout and everyone is on top form.Not only one of John liu’s best but in my opinion one ot the great all round Kung fu flicks from the 70’s(The English dub I watched had some great music as well)👍👍
  5. sym8

    Godzilla: King of the Monster's (2018)

    Saw this today and loved it,great action and it’s how a monster movie should be the only downside for me was the mom,dad,daughter thing, not interested just keep to Godzilla and co stomping and smashing shit up.👍👍👍
  6. sym8

    Hypothetical Remake of Game of Death

    This would be a great idea,maybe get an unknown to play the lead with some of the old guard like Jackie or Jet playing guardians of some of the levels.I don’t think The Bruce Lee estate would allow it without there involvement though,Shannon Lee has already complained that Quentin Tarantino didn’t ask for there involvement or advice in the Bruce Lee part from his new movie Once upon a time in Hollywood.Would be good if they could try to stick to what we know of Bruce’s original ideas,yellow tracksuit and all.👍👍
  7. sym8

    Behind the scenes...

    Not sure?
  8. sym8

    Behind the scenes...

    Prodigal son and Odd couple
  9. sym8

    Behind the scenes...

    Enter the dragon
  10. sym8

    Game of Death - Fan Cuts

    There’s no way I can be in NY but I’m intrigued 🤔
  11. One armed boxer-1972 Directed and starring Wang Yu Not a big fan of Wang yu but I love this Golden Harvest production.Brutal over the top ridiculous and action packed all at the same time, with a variety of different martial arts styles on display what’s not to like.For me this Is his best effort(haven’t seen them all though)👍👍
  12. sym8

    Behind the scenes...

    The Matrix cast and stunt team
  13. Drive-Steve Wang-1997 Having not long seen John Wick 3 I decided to dust off my dvd of this classic,and it’s still as enjoyable today as it was when I first saw it.Mark Dacascos never looked this good ever(well not until John Wick)he has all the moves and with Koichi Sakamoto and his team doing the choreography we are blessed with some great set pieces.If you haven’t already seen this it’s a must and the dvd has some great extras.👍👍👍👍
  14. Broken oath-1977 Its been a while since I last saw this and I still love it,for me it’s Angela maos best movie(haven’t seen them all though),great cast and Chan wai man hasn’t moved better.One of the Great Golden Harvest titles.👍👍👍👍
  15. Here’s hoping but I can’t see it happening,they seem to concentrate too much on people flying around even in the modern setting.