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  1. Many thanks for this,haven’t seen this in years so looking forward to this.Great job👍👍👍👍👍
  2. sym8

    Loved Ones Lost

    So sorry for your loses,try to stay strong.
  3. sym8

    Bamboo, Nunchucks & Dirty Footprints

    Great review,hope this becomes available to the general public one day to buy.👍👍
  4. With what’s been going on in China of late where the MMA guy is going round challenging the traditional martial arts teacher(Wing Chun/Tai Chi etc)and convincingly beating them it reminded me of the corrector of bad Kung Fu in Five Superfighters so I dusted off my DVD and decided to give this classic another watch,so here’s my review.The afore mentioned corrector of bad Kung fu(Kwan Fung)comes to town to do what his banner proclaims and beat whoever he chooses to challenge.He rocks up at the first school and in true Shaw Brothers fashion beats the crap out of students and master while the opening credits roll.Once the opening beat down ends he then walks through the village where he comes across master Wan Tian Hang(Hau Chiu Sing)and his three students,Ah Fu(Austin Wai Tin Chi),Ah Chi(Ng Yuen Jun)and Ah Tian(Leung Siu Hung).There he proceeds to beat the three students who’s monkey fist is no match for the corrector,then it comes to the masters turn who while he is better than his students he is still no match for the corrector and is soundly beaten.Embarressed the master turns on his students calling them useless and turns to drink.The three well beaten students also embarrassed each decide to go in separate directions to find a new teacher to learn a new style then come back and take revenge for there master and themselves.Ah Fu meets up with a fisherman who’s weapon of choice is a staff,Ah Tian finds a lady who is very useful with her legs and Ah Chi comes across an old guy who uses the crane technique.What ensues are the normal training segments that we’ve all seen many times which sees each pupil put through there paces.Then after six months they all meet up(master and students).What then follows is a 15 minute finale that sees students and there master all get involved in a fantastic finale with the corrector.Hsu Hsia (king of sticks from Drunken master)creates some impressive choreography that is always crisp and at time acrobatic,the comedy which is on show isn’t to silly and aids the storytelling and the director John Law Ma has made a movie which has a straight forward story but told at a frantic pace.For the fight sequences the expected sound dubbing of pops and cracks from Shaw Brothers are in place and add a welcome dimension.Jackie Chan once said that he wanted to move away from the Kung Fu movie where they would use any excuse for a fight,well this is one of those movies and I love it for it. SIDENOTE:If you look carefully at the opening fight sequence you will spot JC stunt team regular Benny Lai(super kicking mute from police story 2)as an unfortunate student who gets dealt with by the corrector
  5. Don’t know why but it took me quite sometime to upload,will try again tomorrow,sorry about that.
  6. Looks decent,not usually my thing with the special effects and the supernatural vibe but will give it a go👍
  7. With what’s been going on in China of late where the MMA guy is going….pdf
  8. sym8

    Disney's The Lion King (2019)

    Never seen the original,so I can’t compare but me and my partner(she has seen the original) loved it.It looks absolutely amazing and can cgi get any better than this.I keep asking myself how do they do this,totally amazing 👍👍
  9. Can never understand why he only made a handful of Kung fu movies.For me they are all classics of the genre.He had great shapes coupled with power and speed,and although he is not classed as a super kicker,his kicks where great too👍👍
  10. I always felt Fu Sheng was a wasted talent in a lot of his films(not all though)legendary weapons of China for example,just to much goofing around
  11. I think so,great spot didn’t notice him.
  12. Don’t know if this has already been posted so sorry if it has.Chan wai man giving it to some Japanese guy,love the reaction of the crowd.
  13. sym8

    Behind the scenes...

    Bruce Lee and I-director John Lo Ma on the right
  14. If I was him I’d take the lift on this one 🥵
  15. Totally agree,there are so many opportunities to have extended fight scenes but apart from the finale we don’t get them just brief skirmishes.(but what a finale though)👍👍