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  1. BiggWill1988

    Dragon Lee's Single Stick Nunchuck

    Yea that was on the Clone Cast Podcast? Also I bought Bruces Deadly Fingers dvd/bluray the other day and I am looking forward to the Bruceploitation Bible book and documentary
  2. BiggWill1988

    Dragon Lee's Single Stick Nunchuck

    Thanks for all the replies^, I had forgot I made this thread and didnt read all the replies til now, sorry for the reply almost 4 years later
  3. I was wondering if there was any footage of the movie Devil Fighter around. I can only find pics of it. I would love to see it I read there aren't copies out there but was wondering if anyone one here knew if any copies exist
  4. BiggWill1988

    Missing In Action: Bruce Lee's Deleted Movie Scene's

    Great Thread, I'm not even posting this as a joke, I heard years ago from many friends they saw a alternate ending where Bruce lives in the ending of Fists Of Fury and jumps over the gate and the firing squad miss when they shooting at him and hes running away. I never believed it but people kept telling me they saw it on vhs in the 80s. They swore by it, I think there confusing it with something else or remembered it wrong. I also remember reading the same thing online too that this was true, i cant even remember where this was like more then 10 years with people saying they saw it, I never believed this rumor but i figured why not ask.
  5. BiggWill1988

    Bruce Lee Green Hornet ABC Station TV spot

    I have some of the Green Hornet imports the company Bonzai made, I have volumes 2, 5, and 6. Im still working on getting all of them. They will have to do for now, there not in bad quality either
  6. Yea thats true, the only thing i saw was his height is 5'6