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  1. legendarycurry

    Blu-Ray Player recommendations

    Thank you all for your recommendations
  2. legendarycurry

    Behind the scenes...

    Jackie Chan choreographing "36 Crazy Fists"
  3. legendarycurry

    Behind the scenes...

    This is definitely my cup of tea. Thanks for starting this thread!
  4. I saw this movie yesterday. Let me know if you wanna know anything about it!
  5. Earlier tonight I saw my favorite Bruce Lee film in the movie theater. I went with five of my friends (most of which had not seen the film previously) they all enjoy it. Sadly the version we watched was dubbed into English which did detract from the overall experience (I prefer the cantonese version). We all had fun seeing the movie and I hope the screening of classic martial arts films is something that will happen more often in Sweden.
  6. I'm gonna try to see it opening night too. It actually premieres on April 24th in Sweden so I'll see it a couple days before the US release I promise no spoilers though
  7. legendarycurry

    Chow Yun Fat Continues Filming Despite Head Wound

    A genuine legend of HK cinema. Such work ethic. A shame about the injury though, they need better safety on set!
  8. legendarycurry

    Happy international womens day

    To all the women of the forums and around the world ! Remember to show appreciation for the great women in your life,not just today but every day. Note: I realize it may not be March 8th yet for everyone but in my timezone it is!
  9. Nic Tse and Donnie Yen sounds cool. I think Nic Tse is like the DiCaprio of HK, a guy that always looks young and is a good actor.
  10. legendarycurry

    Way of the Dragon coming to Swedish cinemas

    I'll definitely post an update when I go see it! :)
  11. The only film Bruce Lee ever directed is coming to Swedish cinemas on April second. Martial arts classics on the big screen is unusual in Sweden so this is exciting news. If you live in Sweden go out and see it to show Sweden's largest (and only) cinema chain you want more of this stuff.
  12. legendarycurry

    Films about Sasaki Kojiro

  13. legendarycurry

    Films about Sasaki Kojiro

    I see, my mistake. Does sound interesting indeed.
  14. legendarycurry

    Films about Sasaki Kojiro

  15. legendarycurry

    Films about Sasaki Kojiro

    Yamada Matabei sounds very interesting too! I have seen and own the Toshiro Mifune Musashi trilogy and Kojiro is naturally a major part of Duel at Ganry Island.