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  1. Movie Review: In The Shadow of Iris (2016) Genre: Erotic Thriller Cast: Romain Duris, Jalil Lespert, Charlotte Le Bon Country: France ***Spoiler Alert*** I am not one to watch any outside the realms outside the stock and standard action genre, so here I went and watched the erotic thriller from France, In the Shadow of Iris. Antoine (played by Jalil Lespert), is a rich banker, and his wife, Iris, goes missing after having dinner {so we are made to believe}. Max (played by Romain Duris) is a poor ex-con mechanic who is the last person who saw Iris (well he thought it was Iris). As the film evolves with multiple flashblacks, we find Antione's mistress Claudia (played by Charlotte Le Bon) had killed Iris, when her and Iris fought after Iris followed her husband to Claudia's place, and Iris discovered her husband enjoying fetish sex of being tied up and getting beaten . And to cover up his mistress' murder, Antoine uses Max as an unknowing patsy. I didn't enjoy this film, I didn't care for any of the characters, they felt cold and lifeless. I am being generous and give the film 2.5/5
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    Movie Review: Bastille Day

    Movie Review: Bastille Day [aka – The Take] (2016) Genre: Action Cast: Idris Elba, Richard Madden, Charlotte Le Bon, Kelly Rielly Country: France/UK/USA ***Spoiler Alert*** This cross continental made film, focuses and uses current issues in France, immigrants/terrorism and discontent with French government, but it just ends up to be a bank robbery on massive proportions. After a bomb goes off in the French capital, day before Bastille Day, an American pick-pocket, Michael Mason [played by Richard Madden], picking the wrong bag at the wrong time, is now a wanted terrorist. The bureau send an agent, Sean Briar [played by Idris Elba], to track down Michael before the French Government government find out that the bomb was set off by an American national. Once Sean and Michael finally team up to track down the woman, Zoe Naville [played by Charloette Le Bon], who had the bomb originally, leads the trio to teaming up against a corrupt special police unit and a top government official, who are using the social media to fire up the protesters against the government, so the police have access to the Bank of France, in doing so have the opportunity to steal billions of Francs in cyber currency. Action: There is not much in the big explosions (except in the beginning) or car chases through the famous sites in Paris, but the film action keeps it close and personal, even with the ending part of the film with the protesters running into the bank as Sean taking down the last the of the corrupt police, it feels like the protestors are there to watch, rather be in the scene. Sean takes down the baddies with some good moves, the highlight is the scene in the back of the van, when Sean and his two friends take down two baddies in the confide area. Michael and Zoe play there roles correctly and as they struggle to get into the fights and easily beaten by the baddies, with Sean is the dominate fighter throughout the film. Overall: I would give the film 2.5/5, the plot and story could be better, and more action would be good as well, but it is a nice tight film to fill in time on a lazy night. (Side issue: I watched this film on Netflix, first time to use this service. With the subtitles for the french actors, the subtitles would show up as [talking in french], so I never knew what on earth the french actors were talking about, not good)
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    happy new year, fellow 'Fu followers. Here in Australia we are enjoying a nice warm weather, to the start of the year.
  4. Is there a DVD release of Jailbreak? I have been searching in EBAY and Amazon
  5. Though I never know why it is called Crystal Fist, I really enjoy this Billy Chong outing.
  6. Introduced the Mrs to the Rambo franchise. So gone through the first two films. Now she knows why her brothers and friends, were talking about this β€˜Rambo’ and why they were wearing a stripe of red cloth around their heads, πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚
  7. Really like Duel At Diablo, good story and action. How was the latest A Better Tomorrow movie?
  8. Haven't seen the Sword Master yet, but was disappointed with Railroad Tigers (fingers cross for Jackie's next movies to be released)
  9. weier78

    the best korean martial arts movies

    Thanks One Armed Boxer
  10. Recentlys seen 'fighter in the wind', are there any others from Korea match this or better this movie for martial arts value
  11. Crippled Avengers, with the "venoms team" and Chang Cheh directing. A fun film.
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    Happy Holidays to all.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, from Australia. For those able view Ip Man 3 before I do (got another month before it is released here) hopefully it will be awesome.
  13. Run, Man , Run. (1968) "spaghetti western". Cuchillo is chased through Mexico to America, by Americans, bandits, Mexican revolutionary fighters, a female Salvation army worker and his lover for the whereabouts of $3,000,000 in gold, stored for the Mexico Revolution.
  14. Ip Man 2, best thing on tv last night to watch. Dreaming of Ip Man 3, hopefully it will be awesome.