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  1. AlexanderFu

    Asian DVD Club is no more...

    CHECK THIS OUT!!!!!!!!!!! surprised no one posted yet - maybe a comeback??? All past ADC members - join up ADC 2.0 (3.0??) https://asiandvdclub2.org/vanilla/
  2. AlexanderFu

    Has Ku Feng Passed Away?

    Ku Feng will never die.
  3. Wow, surprised to see Kill and Kill again/Kill or be killed on the list. I have crummy copies of those 2, saw the many years ago, in the early 80's on HBO. Pretty cool stuff to a 10 year old, must have put the Martial Arts movie thing into my blood.
  4. I liked Secret Rivals and Invincible Armour. A bunch others - see 'em all on his bio list.
  5. AlexanderFu

    Lo Lieh ..The man

    Looks about 24 in that picture. There was a promotional headshot photo with the greased hair and a leather jacket, looked like he was channeling James Dean or Brando aka Wild Bunch. I'm betting mid 60's...but I'm probably wrong.
  6. DanFromPlainview, is that you??

    1. danthemandmv


      No, I've always been danthemandmv at every iteration of the forum going back to 2007; sorry . But it's cool to meet you, AlexanderFu!

    2. AlexanderFu


      Cool to meet you too! There is a DanFromPlainview over at ACM. I live close to Plainview, that's why I asked.


      Are you a member of Asian Cinema Movies, or whatever the name is? Since ADC went down, it's a good place to go to for rare stuff. If you want/need an invite, let ma know I have a few.

  7. Have you seen the Killer Meteors Blu Ray yet? It looks pretty good!Just needs the dub....
  8. AlexanderFu

    Zatoichi (Katsu era) English dubs?

    I'll tell you what, they should get Ted Thomas in the studio to do some more dubbing before it's too late!
  9. AlexanderFu

    Dubbing information and discussion

    Thank you! I appreciate you're opinion on the subject also, always great to run into fellow dub fans. Where's bobo?? He was a dub maniac. Skeleton Claw and a bunch others....I wonder if any dubs have surfaced post el rey debut? Brave Archer 3 and a few others now have good sound quality. Do the Zatoichi movies have a dub? I thought I saw Ted Thomas mention them in his interview. Talk soon, dub peeps.
  10. AlexanderFu

    Zatoichi (Katsu era) English dubs?

    I am just starting the 25 movie blu ray set - I have seen Zatoichi meets the One Armed Swordsman because I wanted to see Chang Yi...who was gone before the credits! I do however live the Lead actor and I am about to watch the 24 + movies that are next to be seen! So lucky to be able to see these in such quality as the Critereon set, only with there were Ted Thomas dubs!!!!!! Let's see how long it takes to watch them all 😨
  11. AlexanderFu

    Dubbing information and discussion

    Great thead, thanks! Loved the Ted Thomas interview. I think the great voice dubs add at least 40% enjoyment to their films On the other hand, sometimes the later, shitty voices kind of ruin the movie, but not too much - just enough for me to wish for the voices I love. I can deal just fine with Mandarin/Cantonese and subs, but it is always a bonus if a movie has the great dub teams. If you think about it, with the dubs there are really 2 people acting for each person on screen. The voice actors can either raise the performance, or bring it down a peg or 2. The Ted Thomas crew elevates any movie for me. I'd even dub all the Hollywood classics with their voices!! I must have at least 1000 dubbed films. Thank goodness they did so many!!
  12. AlexanderFu

    KISS Army (Kiss thread)

    The Mick Taylor era Stones was a force of nature.
  13. AlexanderFu

    Five superfighters

    Fantastic movie. Kwan Feng is always great. Just a great all around movie.
  14. AlexanderFu

    Asian DVD Club is no more...

    Thanks. I'm currently trying to figure out how to edit and put the info in I missed, name/year, etc.... Working on it now.
  15. AlexanderFu

    Asian DVD Club is no more...

    I'm trying to put 1 up right now. If it works out, I'll try to share the old rare stuff I have, hopefully people will remember who uploaded it at ADC so they can get the credit. I'll try to finish this 1st one now.