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  1. Leung Tsan

    Loved Ones Lost

    My condolences to you and your family Ray, I am so sorry for your losses. I feel you going through that pain, and I hope you and your family will be able to use the support of each other. I also lost loved family members and friends over the years and the support of my wife, my friends and other family members have been a tremendous help although as I am writing you now, I can feel tears overwhelming me just by thinking of them again... So I feel you brother. As I have been reading all the message this community has posted, I can only say that I too know you are a very kind person and there is only love out there for you brother. This whole community that you have been helping and loving over the years feels for you. It saddens me to see you are hurting, so I hope you will receive my soul healings meditation vibes and hopefully it might help a tiny bit. Always remember and keep the good memories of your loved ones. They will always continue to exist as long as you remember them.... at least that's how I cope with the loved ones I lost. Love you brother, please dont hesitate to ask if you need anything.
  2. I actually always loved the 90's super excited wuxiapians movies .... here are some of my favorite movies from the 90's (in no particular order) : Iron Monkey Wing Chun Tai Chi Master Tai Chi 2 (with Jacky Wu... first movie I saw with him) Handsome Siblings (so underrated) The Sword of Many Loves (even more underrated) New Legend of Shaolin Fong Sai Yuk 1&2 Once Upon a Time in China 1,2,3,4,5 Legend of the Liquid Sword (total blast.... this one was so nervous and sped up but still, I loved it) Deadly Melody Butterfly & Sword Fist of Legend Evil Cult Swordsman trilogy The Blade !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! probably one of my favorites Tsui Hark movies.....
  3. Leung Tsan

    Steven Seagal Mountain Dew Ad

    haha came accross these ads for snickers featuring Mr.Bean and I never saw before...... pretty funny too
  4. Leung Tsan

    The Chamber Of Food and Drink

    would be a nightmare if we had to choose haha.... I love being able to eat any style..... when I travel, food is my number one pleasure.... I love to discover new things..... or things I already tasted but prepared differently than usual.... for the better or worse sometimes hehe...... I am personally so sad not being able to cook a good indian butter chicken...... the sauce is crazy good, I could eat it with bread only.....
  5. Leung Tsan

    Help Save The Kung Fu Cinema Forum!!!

    wooord very well done guys, congratulations
  6. Leung Tsan

    The Women of Martial Arts Films

    Brigitte Lin in The Bride with White Hair 1 & 2 is pretty scary..... Its been a long time ago I watched them, but I remember I could feel the tension.....
  7. Leung Tsan

    The Chamber Of Food and Drink

    hehe yeah speaking about soups, my favorite is RAMEN !!!!! the noodles and the soup itself is crazy good..... I have my favorite flavor which is with Ebi soup (the shrimp flavor), and it really stuffs you well..... I can eat that anytime, summer, winter, whatever.... got mad love for ramen hehe !!! I like the other chinese and vietnamese soups too, but my favorite is the ramen no doubt !!! now I am hungry... thanks guys !!
  8. Leung Tsan


    Holy snap !!! Respect !!
  9. Leung Tsan


    4000 posts ??? Wow Bob thats mad !!! Maybe a trip to HK would have been awesome, but you would have deserved at least a nunchukeyboard !!!! Because 4000 poste require some double keyboard skills brother hehe
  10. Leung Tsan

    Help Save The Kung Fu Cinema Forum!!!

    yes DC, I am not from the US, but still I made a donation this morning
  11. Leung Tsan

    Steven Seagal Mountain Dew Ad

    Hey hey.... could not make a new topic so I searched on the existing ones and found this mountain dew ad topic..... So I guess it fits.... Here is another ad.... a shaolin one..... thought it was pretty cool
  12. I remember a lot of these scenes without really remembering the movie names..... but the one I remember clearly is Michelle Yeoh's Wing Chun ! One of the themes of the movies is that actually she dresses like a man, although she clearly is a woman. And I loved the whole misunderstanding about who is Yim Wing Chun...... And finally at the end of the movie Anyway, that would be one of my favorites Michelle Yeoh movies.....
  13. Leung Tsan

    The Chamber Of Food and Drink

    hehe very well done, I am ok I just finished my lunch now !! I love the bamboo rice balls, yours look very good too. What I like even more are the japanese grilled rice balls !! Anyway, very good idea for a chamber. Ill take some pictures of the next asian food I am gonna prepare !
  14. Leung Tsan

    Ninja Kids (1981 Joseph Kuo movie) French trailer

    hehe yes it made me smile when I heard it..... but still, as a kung fu fan, I might never forget it !!