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  1. MaskedAvenger

    Asian DVD Club is no more...

    Im actually the one who uploaded Secret Rivlas 3. Super sad to see it go but I'm not surprised. it was a great site and community and will suck not being able to grab movies that I won't be able to get anywhere else.
  2. MaskedAvenger

    Kung Fu Bob's Health Scare

    Hope all is good with you now Bob!
  3. MaskedAvenger

    The Defunct KFC Cinema Boards Appreciation Thread

    Sad to hear about KFC, I had been visiting the site since about 2007 or so. Anyway, Hi all, I went by the name QueMuchita on KFC. Hopefully this place can become the new KFC.
  4. I might have to check this one out, sounds and looks good already from your review and from the opening sequence (plus the white-haired villain on the cover). Hopefully after you finish watching it your review will be positive.
  5. MaskedAvenger

    Favorite Venom's films

    It is difficult for me to choose but I have to go with Crippled Avengers, Masked Avengers, 5 Deadly Venoms & Kid With The Golden Arm.
  6. Beautiful artwork, fitting for a great movie. I recently watched the new version and loved it as well.
  7. MaskedAvenger

    36 Styles T-Shirts

    I think the Born Invincible design could be the best one yet...
  8. MaskedAvenger


    01 - Memories Of Murder 02 - A Bittersweet Life 03 - The Good, The Bad & The Weird 04 - The Host 05 - The Chaser