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  1. Markgway

    Asian DVD Club is no more...

    OK. Now I can reach the site. But when I try to register is says 'invalid invite key' or something? Anyone?
  2. Markgway

    Asian DVD Club is no more...

    Link doesn't work for me. "Error 526 Invalid SSL certificate"
  3. Markgway

    Missing In Action: Bruce Lee's Deleted Movie Scene's

    --Like most Bruce Lee fans - 29 years and counting... - I have always craved rare movie footage. An uncut version of The Big Boss is in my top ten all time wants. Sometimes, however, scenes are cut by the studio for a good reason. I believe this is the case with Enter's 'monk scene'. As a stand alone, it's fascinating. In the movie, it doesn't work. -- The splice lines where the 'saw-in-the-head' cut was made were visible on old prints. These violence cuts weren't made as part of the film's final edit, but after the fact by censors. Thus, the cuts were crudely implemented on the negative and very likely not performed by the original editor(s). Judging by the stills, I've no reason to believe the gore effect would've looked bad at all. The only unanswered question (for me) is at which point was the saw-in-the-head shot removed? Was it upon the first submission to the censors in 1971 - which would explain why it's apparently never been seen in any otherwise complete print - or when the re-issue was passed, circa 1972-3, during the censorial crackdown, and at the point the narrative scenes (second visit to the brothel, etc) were also removed. My guess is the former, but that's purely a guess. -- I suspect Betty's fight with the guard(s) was comparatively brief, but why they cut it I've no idea. Her character would benefit from even a small dose of action. What I've always wondered about is what happened to Han's most personal guards (i.e. his daughters)? They're introduced and then never seen again. How cool would it have been if Betty fought them?!
  4. There appears to be four of them at 28 pages each. The Big Boss, Fist of Fury, Way of the Dragon, and one for the costume tests. Are these worth having? What's the material like - rare photos, articles, etc?
  5. Markgway

    Missing In Action: Bruce Lee's Deleted Movie Scene's

    I disagree that the saw scene wasn't competed. A. The effect looks convincing enough in stills (and its not like we're talking Hollywood effects work here anyways) and B. there's a clear jump cut at the point where the saw would have gone into the head. Something was REMOVED.
  6. Markgway

    Missing In Action: Bruce Lee's Deleted Movie Scene's

    I'd LOVE it if some day this unseen ENTER footage made it to disc... wish they'd kept the fight between Betty and the guard(s) in the movie though, her character gets short changed at the finale when we only see her unlocking the cage. Hong Kong cinema was famous for its fighting femmes and poor Betty doesn't even get to throw a punch! P.S. Sorry about the multiple posts. I don't know how to edit on this forum.
  7. Markgway

    Missing In Action: Bruce Lee's Deleted Movie Scene's

    That much is true. But I'm sure the reason the scene with the monk was removed is because it would have been of no interest to moviegoers looking for action. Die hard fans may be interested in Bruce's martial philosophy. Most everyone else, not.
  8. Markgway

    Missing In Action: Bruce Lee's Deleted Movie Scene's

    Bruce isn't a monk, he's a layman (although not a man who gets laid, apparently!) I can see why Lee isn't shown engaging in sex with Ling - they're both agents on a mission, after all (not this ever stopped James Bond!) - but it would've been a positive to break the old Chinese men as sexless bots stereotype.
  9. Markgway

    Asian DVD Club is no more...

    Sucks that ADC is dead. Was a good place to find rares and material for customs.
  10. Markgway

    Loved Ones Lost

    So sorry about your personal losses... please accept my condolences and best thoughts.
  11. That's particularly weird, but the way old kung fu movies are treated, nothing surprises me. Can only hope one day a proper 2.35 remaster comes along. Then it might be worth doing a new sub translation.
  12. The Victim in 2.35 would be great, if unlikely, but even then, no subtitles exist for the film as yet, only dubtitles.
  13. If you do, and would be interested in a translating about five minutes worth of movie dialogue, for free, then drop me a PM.
  14. I think more people will buy this because it's uncut than not buy it because it's uncut. Personally I have no time for animal cruelty (or rape scenes for that matter) but to pass on this set for those reasons is churlish in my opinion. Its not like there are a good alternatives to settle for. The positives should far outweigh the negatives.
  15. I mentioned that to them ages ago. Didn't think they'd be able to get hold of it. Nice inclusion. Shame the deleted scenes appear to be lost.