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  1. Ric Meyers, Oh no. I see the wrath of fury hate coming aboard. Everyone duck and head for cover. Good Luck MPM74!!!
  2. WonBin'sMojo

    Ip Man 3 - 3D (2015)

    I'm very tempted to buy that enterbay Ip Man figure.
  3. WonBin'sMojo

    Lone Wolf & Cub Coming From Criterion

    Lone wolf and cub is going to look super sweet sitting next to my Lady Snowblood blu also from Criterion. Can't wait!!!
  4. WonBin'sMojo

    Roger Ebert's Hong Kong Movie Reviews

    Same here, I would stay up way late just to see what their review is on Jackie Chan movies. Or before that when Dragon The Bruce Lee came out in theaters and they never reviewed that I think?
  5. WonBin'sMojo

    Ip Man 3 - 3D (2015)

    I've learn to never judge a movie based on a 2 min clip.
  6. I love the widow so much. She got beat up by Sunny bad though. I was hoping that fight would favor her of sorts. Let's hope in the next fight scene she actually dominates a fight.
  7. WonBin'sMojo

    Ip Man 3 - 3D (2015)

    If that clip didn't want to make you stop smoking, what will??? Be like water? Nope. Who knew Bruce was trying to stop people from lung cancer in the 50s???
  8. WonBin'sMojo

    Black Invitation (1969)

    This movie reeled me in. I'm now intrigued. GD Y-Y any news on the fishing trip?
  9. WonBin'sMojo

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

    I'm not too mad. Iko already has several projects soon to come out. Having these guys slightly in the biggest freaking movie ever made isn't so bad as oppose to not having them in the movie at all.
  10. WonBin'sMojo

    Ronda Rousey defeated by TKO at UFC 193

    It's crazy thinking Rousey has any chance against Holm. Not only is Holm good on her feet but her takedown defense is superior, she's stronger than Rousey and faster. How on earth will it be any different? Maybe I'm in for a shocker since the ending of Sleepaway Camp.
  11. WonBin'sMojo

    Battles Without Honor and Humanity: The Complete Collection boxset

    May I have sloppy seconds?
  12. WonBin'sMojo

    Zii Eagle Shaw Brothers Box

    almost at 700 movies and the price going for $900, I would bat an eye. Don't even bother folks, technology moves at a fast rate and this would just end up being old ass hardware you'll end up throwing away anyways.
  13. WonBin'sMojo

    Kung Fu Bob's Health Scare

    Get well, kung fu brotha!!!
  14. Is it true that Snukka kinda has a dark past? The death of his girlfriend?
  15. sucks man. He was such in good spirits. His podcast was a joy to listen to. If you haven't listen to the Piper's Pit, give it a listen.