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  1. Well, today was episode 125, and, man, they sure drag things out in this series. For about two weeks now Vicky has been held captive by the psycho caretaker Matthew - somebody better save her Saturday, next show, or I might freak the eff out.
  2. Jadedragon61

    Re-reading Bruce Lee Books

    Seeing as my original copies are worn to rags, I got two new ones off the net here. It will take a few months to re-read these, but to anybody in the arts, they are classics.
  3. Via Tumblr http://jadedragon61.tumblr.com/image/134718280155
  4. Jadedragon61

    Subbed Or Dubbed!

    Good point: I bought all my DVDs here, in China, and so, yeah, nobody over here really gives a damn about the English dubs. BTW, surprising how few people here on the mainland really know Shaw's flicks at all, as when these films were originally released in the theaters, the '70s thru the '80s, they were totally banned here. Now only MA film buffs know them.
  5. Jadedragon61

    Subbed Or Dubbed!

    The English dubs that were used in theaters and what was heard on TV were not included in the Celestial DVDs. In an article at the time of release, Celestial management said that they thought the English dubs were of poor quality - though whether they meant sound quality or acting quality, they did not specify - and so would not be included on the DVDs. A lot of people complained about this, to not avail. I have about 75 Celestial Shaw releases, and none have any other audio language than Mandarin (subs include English and a few others).
  6. 10 stars for that review, King of the Legfighters ! You are correct that it's not Bruceplotation: it only got that as a result of the silly English title. The Chinese title translates Interpol. From when it came out, I thought this flick was OK; not one of Ho's best, but good enough for what it is.
  7. Jadedragon61

    Subbed Or Dubbed!

    Good topic. The only remark I'd like to make is that Celestial made a mistake by not including the old-school dubs on their remasters. Of course, new subs were needed, but even still, what they have is not perfect.
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    Bring it on, man !

  9. Jadedragon61

    Side kick to you Ed.

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    E's TCB logo

  11. Jadedragon61

    E with GM Ed Parker

  12. Jadedragon61

    Nice collage of Bruce.

    Really nice, esp. that first one.
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    Al lays down tha law

    You've been warned
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    The King

    Even when in the dojo, shades and boots.