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  1. SMK

    Device used for viewing Kung Fu Fandom

    Regarding the main site, YES, in its current state, it is definitely not mobile responsive at all, the good news is, the new site will be 100% mobile responsive in all aspects. 👍 Regarding the forum as it is now, it is, in fact, mobile responsive and works perfectly on my phone anyway. As far as the 'Like' button, you have to double-tap it in order for it to work. On which device are you having issues with it being non-responsive on mobile? Thanks for the feedback.
  2. SMK

    Device used for viewing Kung Fu Fandom

    Hopefully, the change to the new server and update of the forum, in general, will bring many improvements and resolve this issue. If after the update has taken place, and you still get that "minor lag", please get in touch with me and let me know, and I will try and figure out what could be the issue. Thank you for the feedback!
  3. I would appreciate it if you could take the time to answer the poll and possibly provide further feedback by leaving a comment with as much detail as you'd be willing to provide. Monitor or screen size. Portrait or Landscape. iOS or Android. Thank you.
  4. Thank you for joining us here on the forum @Warmonk and many thanks to @DrNgor for helping our new member by sharing your knowledge of kung fu cinema. 🙏
  5. SMK

    New Features?

    I can not update and begin working on the forum until after I've transferred it to the new server. I am very confident that after updating the forum to the latest version along with implementing a new search engine, the overall search experience will vastly improve. For now, my only suggestion is to place quotation marks around whatever you are searching for, it should provide much better results. In this image, I searched Heroes Shed No Tears WITHOUT quotation marks on the left, and WITH quotation marks on the right. You can see the varying results.
  6. Anybody else watching this incredible series? I went into it not knowing anything about it besides that it was based on a Stephen King novel, and oh wow!! My favorite show of 2020 so far, and it's only 2 episodes in. A Must See!
  7. SMK

    Of these which is your favourite? (With Poll)

    @ShawAngela Not sure why the poll was closed. I just "re-opened" it and cast my vote. Hopefully, it's working for others now as well.
  8. SMK

    QT8: The First Eight

    I watched this documentary last night. Very entertaining with some very interesting tales from the actors that worked on these films. Definitely worth a watch if you're a QT fan. They even deal with the whole Harvey Weinstein situation. Anyone else watch this yet?
  9. SMK

    New Features?

    Once the forum and ALL it's based features are updated, I am quite sure the Search issues will be fixed, and if not, I will DEFINITELY make it a priority to resolve this issue. One workaround I have for you that should work is to basically use GOOGLE as your search for what you're looking for on the forum, and then just add the words 'Kung Fu Fandom Forum' at the end. For example, I went to google and put the following: reviews on TVB/ATV/Taiwanese series kung fu fandom forum And the 1st result I got was this: Another thing you can try is adding quotation marks around the word or words you are searching for using the forum search feature, like so: "reviews on TVB/ATV/Taiwanese series" Doing this, the result came up for me. I will do my best to fix any and all issues you guys may have, please list anything else you feel needs some attention. Thank you.
  10. Oh trust me, Alex is official!
  11. SMK

    Chat Feature?

  12. SMK

    New Features?

    A brand new CHAT feature will be coming once the forum moves over to the new server and site. An extensive and proper MARKETPLACE will be coming as well. Too many features to name here and now. More info and updates coming soon! I'm thinking of also adding a very stylish and more OFFICIAL way to display Movie Reviews? Would anyone be interested in this type of feature?
  13. At the end of the video, Alex gives a shoutout to 36 STYLES and lets people know where to get the apparel. This kind of support is GREATLY appreciated and is most definitely the type of help we need in order to get the word out of the brand. Thank you Alex! Also thank you for putting this video together, I learned a lot and you presented in a very entertaining way. Great job sir!