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  1. I was born in the year of the snake.If I could get my hands on one of Wei Pai's robes from the Five Deadly Venoms...I'd be so fresh and so clean,chillin' like hypothermia!


    I cannot see Kokuryuha being THAT cold. That styling? Yes. That cold, no Wei....


    I happily discovered,  I may share my animal year not only with Chan Wai Man & Lau Kar Wing (um YAY!), but possibly Lu Feng and Lo Meng as well.   (The Venoms birth years are all over the place so I don't know.)

    So if I am understanding you there is no Wei he can be that cold....But still...he is styling???!!!:bs_coveredlaugh:

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  2. Okay so in preparation for this I went out and bought the box set of Blu ray movies for all of the previous movies. It's sad to say that I have not seen any of them since the first three came out when I was young. I remember it was one of the times we were all counting how many times we had seen them! I also never saw any of the prequels. I got a good deal on this set so I need to hunker down and start watching so I'll be ready when it comes out! I do hope they use Donnie well.




  3. I have a Toshiba VCR/DVR combo & it is great for coping from a VHS onto a DVD disc.


    This Funai is suppose to be a good one - I have never uses it but I have heard great things about it from people who have user it.



    Thanks for the info it's hard to know about the brands as these aren't used as much, it's nice  can get this new. I was also thinking of getting another All region DVD player as I really love the one I have and over half of my movies are region 3.

  4. Shaolin Mantis and Men from the Monastery are both up on US iTunes.  Both with Mandarin and English dubs.  Normal HD:$8 SD:$4 pricing.


    It's good to see them releasing movies again (Just a coincidence that the forum went back up just a couple days before?  Not possible).  But also a little weird.  There are still 10 movies (listed below) on their website as being available that are not.  That last batch of movies they released seemed to be riddled with issues which took them a while to sort out. Maybe they pulled the remaining ones to rework them before they get released.


    Brave Archer and His Mate

    Buddha's Palm

    Full Moon Scimitar

    House of Traps

    Marco Polo

    Perils of the Sentimental Swordsman

    The Brave Archer

    The Brave Archer 2

    The Brave Archer 3

    The Weird Man

    I see these for sale other places but not on iTunes so maybe that is what "released" means. I have seen them on Amazon, and ebay



    Yes sir. You have 4,004 posts on KFF. Combined with what you have here so far, that's 4,047!!!


    Should I add a higher ranking than the current 3,600 posts, MASTER OF THE 36TH CHAMBER?


    Feedback please.

    I say you could add some more levels in between as it's fun to see the names change but be challenged, but I think that the highest level should be MASTER OF THE 36TH CHAMBER. Even if people go past it, that the 3600 number fits and besides we are all from different places so it is not like any of the masters who have achieved that level would have to fight for their right to be the TRUE Master in their city!!!!!! (unless they wanted to!!!):monk_laughing:

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  6. I'm not sold on Blu Ray just yet.  Sometimes the Bluray looks worse than the DVD, like Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1978, and sometimes you get one of those Bluray/DVD combo packs and they look exactly the same, like The Big Gundown. 


    It's funny I do not mind watching the DVDs or even some Youtube videos,  as part of the experience is that they are old films and I expect them to look dated. Sometimes if the resolution is so crisp and clear it makes some of the films look more fake! I don't mean that I want total crap quality, but I do not find myself desiring Blu rays. Even with some of the newer films I am happy with them on DVD still. I will be testing out my old movie theory soon, I just bought the full Star Wars series so I can brush up before the new one comes out and I'll see how that looks. They are all Bluray and I haven't seen any of those films since they came out in theater! I was actually going to buy the set DVD, but I got a better discount on the full Bluray set!

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  7. I just took pictures of my current collection (VHS, VCD, DVD, Blu-Ray), including the massive VHS collection I have. I actually might go back to the public library today and see what they have. I also plan to get a Laserdisc play down the road too because I have a LD collectors edition of He's a Woman, She's a Man plus I might be getting some laserdiscs that have been withdrawn from the collection at my job (I get first dibs on them and these are very special, which when I get them, I'll explain why).


    Anyway, I just took these this morning :)





    I really need to go to my library and see what they have! You have a nice mix or everything! Do you buy digital copies as well like ITunes and such?

  8. In my opinion it's a good investment solely for the reasons that there are some movie classics that haven't been released on DVD at all and probably never will be.Also keep in mind that certain kung-fu movies that have been released on DVD have been merely vhs transfers instead of actual remastered,high-quality visual and audio movies.So for all that...you might as well buy the actual vhs movie and enjoy the original quality as intended.It's a safer bet to get a brand new vhs/dvd combo with recording capability so you can do your own transfers if you desire as opposed to buying someone else's.I myself own and upkeep an actual VCR from back in the day as well as the VHS/DVD combo.I continue to watch and enjoy both my extensive collections of DVD,VHS and VCD  even to this day.


    Where i am I have only been able to find used DVD/VCR combo's and used Laser Disk players. I have the VCR, but I'm still deciding on getting the DVD/VCR combo or get the attachment thingy they sell to use to copy from VHS to your computer or something.

    I see some things on Amazon, but the shop near me is great and they know what they are doing and what condition things are in so I have been waiting for them to get some of the equipment in. Besides I am almost out of space by my TV!!

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    MY BAD. I was not using "quotation marks" around folks names. That's why it did not come up. You're right, it is there. :blush




    This is driving me crazy, I started using the link that someone long ago provided because many times when I would search nothing would come up. For example I would search Gordon Liu, Chia hui liu, etc and stuff still may not come up. I do not know why everything shouldn't just come up if we search Shaw Brother's or Celestial. I even put in the names in chinese characters as some of the actors names are listed that way in the iTunes description.:bs_firey:


    Okay so I just tried so search using the quotes and some of the titles don't come up that way. argghhh

  10. The great thing about cooking is that you don't have to follow the recipe to the letter. You adjust according to your liking and taste - for every one recipe there are 100 different ways to cook it. I usually follow a recipe as a guideline and adjust according to my taste buds. I am a low salt eater and always try to substitute the sodium content.


    I remember on during stopover in HK, I had the same side dish 3 times in different restaurants/part of the city and every time it tasted differently.

    You are so right! The place where my favorite Yum Nuer and Tum Kha Gai is served in back in California so nowhere else I have tried has ever been able to meet that standard to at least when I cook it myself I know how I want it to taste! Its amazing with the same ingredients how different things can taste!

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  11. Not for you but it constantly gets high bids when available on ebay. I paid $70 for mine some years ago.


    See this is what I was wondering if there is a reason that this copy or this version is special. I know I can get it DVDr but I haven't seen it anywhere else online for sale except this seller for the past 4 months. When you bought The Jade Raksha was it DVD or VCD? some years ago for $70 mean $100 now wouldn't be out of the question. And I just did a search and it's not available anywhere I can find. Is it that rare a movie?

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  12. I do love Asian food - well some of it.


    I am thinking about doing a South East Asia foodie trip.

    The wife is up for it & would love it - actually it was partially her idea. We were watching a traveling show and the wife keeps saying how good the food looks so we talked & decided that we will take a foodie trip to SEA sometime in the future.


    Here is a recipe for  Yangzhou Fried Rice.


    There are many different variations of this dish – this one that was given to me. It have been amended with some ingredients taken out as well as added.



    Nice, I'm not a real fried rice eater but I could see that made with roast duck as the meat. Yum! You're a good one. I don't really cook by recipe so it's hard for me to tell someone how much of what to use. I just know by smell and taste! Plus I love to cook so I'd rather cook for the person myself!

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  13. Oh my goodness it just came back to me one of the scariest movies I saw when I was really young was an oldie The Blob!! 

    there was a show on tv called Circle of Fear it was like The Twighlight Zonebut scarier! 


     these gave me nightmares!! I don't think young children should have been watching this and the Twighlight Zone !!

  14. Back to the food!! Here are two Thai meals I have made

    Yum Nuer - Beef Salad


    and Thai Green curry pork with baby bok choy




    @Bus I just wanted to say again, thanks for even bringing Butter Chicken to my awareness! I have all of the ingredients to make it but the place I have near me now for Indian is so good I haven't done it!! Lamb Chettiand and Chicken Korma there is awesome!

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