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For those unaware, the launch of 36STYLES.COM is coming next week! This means we will be moving the forum to its new home. The new link to the forum will be https://www.36styles.com/kungfufandom ... bookmark it now!

The site as a whole, including the forum, will be down on Monday, March 2. To minimize the forum downtime, I plan on bringing the forum back online, even before implementing the new features, as setting these up will probably take some time. I will send out an email to all registered members once the forum is back up. 

Some exciting times are ahead for KUNG FU FANDOM!

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  1. Thanks Angela, I will check out your list especially when you update it.
  2. This is what I was talking about. Is this the movie?
  3. Hei Meigui

    Welcome back Kung Fu Fandom sale

    Great! Thanks
  4. Are there also different places you all will buy from, meaning different countries. For example I usually buy IVL and they are usually region 3 from Taiwan. I do see one of the movies you listed through a Thai seller, but it looks like it is the Shaw Celestial version. I have also bought from Hong Kong sellers. Actually I think more and more of my DVD's are region 3. I think that one thing I haven't takn into account is also my location. There used to be a shop in my Chinatown that sold real and bootlegged copies of films and it closed. I think if I was in NY or CA there might be more places that I could physically go to see about finding them.
  5. I will check out the ones you listed. I think I do have Abbot of Shaolin through iTunes. I liked that movie. Do you think that some of the physical copies of movies have a greater value than the digital? I'm finding that I don't like the idea that through Amazon, or iTunes even though I own the movie I really don't because I cant legally copy it.
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    I would say my level would be "One Armed Divine Nun" or "Mistress of the Heaven and Earth Society - (Tiandihui)"!!
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    Welcome back Kung Fu Fandom sale

    One question, I have the shirts in my cart, for the free shirt do I have to choose a men's tee or could I choose a women's tee? How will you know I qualify?
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    Ordering now!!
  9. Okay it may not be the Jade Raksha, but what are some more of the more rare Shaw films to look out for?
  10. You both are making good points. I work hard and there are only a few things I am into. When I am into something I want the best and I am willing to pay what I can afford for it. I am lucky that I do not have people big or little that I am responsible for (except the pets!) I also don't get out much due to working such long hours. So what I am into is Tech stuff, food, and my love of Chinese culture (which is including my Asian cinema collection). I also love a chase and if there is something that is rare that I am into I will find it and get it. So when I am asking about what something is worth, I am trying to determine the rarity, desirability, or authenticity of the item. I am new to the Shaw Brother's era films and I want to make sure if something is hard to find it's because it is rare not because it's crap! I have found there has to be a balance of striking while the iron is hot, and waiting for the right moment. In general with some of these items that aren't as common within reason I have been looking for the best deal but then getting it I I really must have it. Now I can tell you thanks Koku - I hope you do get the copy of Superman #1 and if you sell it I would gladly accept the copy of the Jade Raksha from you! But even though I don't like Superman comic's If I had the chance to try to buy that copy I would and I'd keep it just for the enjoyment of having something that special!!!. Hey I'm still holding out hope of getting my hands on the Ziieagle!!
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    I also have been meaning to say that regardless of how many posts you have your number should jump up as you have obviously mastered all of the levels in a phenomenal period of time just like Gordon did!! So you can raise your numbers of posts just on general principle!! No one should out number the Abbot!! (especially with out a fight!!)
  12. I better if I do buy it!! I'm waiting for a response from the seller about negotiating the price
  13. Hei Meigui

    What are your latest DVD/Blu-ray purchases?

    Raising my hand saying this is a good Idea!!
  14. So before I pull the trigger even though it is the VCD it may be worth it?
  15. Hei Meigui

    The Chinese Emperor's sittting posture.

    Have you heard of Reiki? I am a Reiki Master Teacher of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki. Here is a description of it. Do you think that this can be incorporated into your system or be helpful? http://www.reiki.org/faq/HistoryOfReikiToCopy.html The secret art of inviting happiness The miraculous medicine of all diseases Just for today, do not anger Do not worry and be filled with gratitude Devote yourself to your work. Be kind to people. Every morning and evening, join your hands in prayer. Pray these words to your heart and chant these words with your mouth Usui Reiki Treatment for the improvement of body and mind The founder , Usui Mikao
  16. Hei Meigui

    Is Getting Netflix Worth It?

    Okay so I bought the Amazon Fire TV Box and the Fire Stick and have Kodi loaded on them, just need to find good things to load that are from safe sources and get used to the layout. Im not doing Netflix and I am going to use Fire over Roku because Fire has Sling TV which has El Ray and I am trying not to be so redundant!.I have Apple TV for iTunes content so I'm good to go with that. I am going to get this sorted out so I can bump down to basic cable as I really only watch about 4 channels and they are at the high end of the HD content and they are just the History channel and such. I never watch HBO or Showtime so it is a waste of money for that. I'm paying around $320 a month for Internet, Phone and Cable for a few channels on Cable. They had me in a contract that started at $100 for everything and then it jumped up that high. At least since I need the internet for my work I can use it as a tax write off partially but that's ridiculous. Comcast is getting ready to have to kiss my hiney!!
  17. Here is a great cross post from GD Y-Y And some about the only Female Empress in China https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wu_Zetian
  18. Hei Meigui

    The Chinese Emperor's sittting posture.

    Awesome post! but what about the Female Empress Wu Zeitan? She had no testicles!! She looks like she is sitting erect!! This is such great information I am going to set the link over to the Chinese Culture thread http://www.shaolinchamber36.com/kungfufandom/index.php?/topic/20939-all-things-chinese-culture-info-will-have-updates/ and post more about her there. Thanks for this GD Y-Y can you post other great info like this there?
  19. So if I am understanding you there is no Wei he can be that cold....But still...he is styling???!!!
  20. Hei Meigui

    Star Wars: Rogue One (2016) - The One with Donnie Yen...

    Okay so in preparation for this I went out and bought the box set of Blu ray movies for all of the previous movies. It's sad to say that I have not seen any of them since the first three came out when I was young. I remember it was one of the times we were all counting how many times we had seen them! I also never saw any of the prequels. I got a good deal on this set so I need to hunker down and start watching so I'll be ready when it comes out! I do hope they use Donnie well. http://www.amazon.com/Star-Wars-Complete-Episodes-Blu-ray/dp/B003ZSJ212/ref=sr_1_1?s=movies-tv&ie=UTF8&qid=1444665213&sr=1-1&keywords=star+wars+blu+ray
  21. Hei Meigui

    Should I Get A VHS Player?

    Thanks for the info it's hard to know about the brands as these aren't used as much, it's nice can get this new. I was also thinking of getting another All region DVD player as I really love the one I have and over half of my movies are region 3.
  22. Hei Meigui

    Should I Get A VHS Player?

    Is it worth buying a VHS player, or one where I can copy VHS takes to DVD? I have still seen some movies that I am only able to find in VHS format or the VHS version is better. Do you all have one still or what do you think? I was going to buy a laser disk player but I decided not to.
  23. Hei Meigui

    SHAWS on itunes

    I see these for sale other places but not on iTunes so maybe that is what "released" means. I have seen them on Amazon, and ebay