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    kung fu cinema forum shut down for good

    Darn, I am kicking myself for not saving the thread I used to go to all the time on KFC. it had the listing of Movies and all of the different cuts, edits, and versions. It was extensive. It really helped me decide where to look when buying uncut, and good versions of movies. What did he do with all his info from the site? I wondered why I wasn't able to get on the last couple of days. I think this site has a good chance of being even greater due to the fact that there aren't many good sites up that are maintained, and when I would search for information on films, KFC , or ILOVEHKFilm, would come up first and then this site would come up quite often. The reviews are important. I used to almost exclusively search ILOVEHKfilms, when I was into the more recent Chinese releases, but when I started going back to old school movies, they didn't have the reviews for them. That left me with KFC and Wikepedia as the links to come up first on a search. That's what made me join here and KFC. (Plus I am in love with Gordon Liu!! so anything related to him has my attention, where better to go than straight to the Chamber??!!) I understand that it can be a pain to keep up a website, I have one for my business and I really don't use it or update it. I have run into a lot of sites that aren't maintained or updated, but many have some good reviews on movies or the actors. I don't know how people feel about sharing their content if they aren't current. It could be worth an ask, or an invite to this website to help build the content without starting from scratch. Especially if they have decent film reviews. Just a suggestion.
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    Bootleg Videos - How do I know?

    I'm going to try to find it. I think it was a listing there with no picture. Yes the listing is now unavailable and there is no picture. I am a tattle tale and reported it to Amazon. it looks like that seller mainly has Kung Fu films by Bonzai. Here is all I was able to get was a tiny thumbnail picture Here is another example of one of that seller's copies. See what I mean about the SB logo then another one that looks strange? another copy of his movie for sale I'm new to all this that's why I ask. I really don't want to give my money to bootleggers and If I would I want to know up front that is the deal.
  3. This is the tentative list warning I like Wire fu! Dirty Ho - When Lui and Yu are fighting together after Lui's leg is injured. The scene in the palace at the end of the film when they fight as one especially around 2:30. Hero - The scene with Donnie Yen and Jet Li in the rain in the courtyard. I love the music of that. This is one of the most beautiful fight scenes I have seen. Wing Chun - Michelle Yeoh - This is a Spanish subbed version. In this scene she dares him to knock over the tofu and she'll give up fighting. cant decide between these two. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aT20Cp0Tf08 What I like with the second scene is that she tells Norman that if she wins he has to call her mother!! She ends up being mother to the bandits! At the end when she one and the one bandit tries to get her from behind, he is reprimanded that even bandits have morals and he is made to kneel down and call her mother!! Reign of Assassins - Jung woo sung Michelle Yeoh has great fights in this also especially the last fight and why she does it. It's a great movie if you haven't seen it. Chocolate - The last fight scene (actually the whole movie was great with fights - when you see the movie with the out takes, that stuff was brutal - you see how badly they actually got injured filming the scenes) One's I might Consider Bodyguards and Assassins - Donnie Yen. It really seems like there is no way he is going to win Flashpoint - I haven't seen the movie but I like this fight Donnie Yen and Collin Chou 14 Blades Donnie Yen - He was very stiff acting in this movie and it was full of wire fu but I liked it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6mM-CRvZZS0 Tai Chi Zero - I like these because it actually shows Tai Chi fighting moves Tai Chi Hero
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    Desert Island Choices: Your 6 Films

    Sounds like a new thread "What are the movies that you have the most fond childhood memories about ?" !!
  5. Hei Meigui

    Desert Island Choices: Your 6 Films

    Duh!! they count only if you watch them back to back with no more than 2 minutes in between!!
  6. Hei Meigui

    Subbed Or Dubbed!

    It's so crazy you say that about his real voice. Being ignorant I just assumed (I'm American its what we do !) that when I hear a movie in a foreign language that it was the real actor's voice. I didn't realize that maybe the "Mandarin language track", may have had an actor dubbing the mandarin because the film was shot in Cantonese. That Kind of blew me away!! Although I shouldn't be surprised we have English language shows on TV that may have English subb's or dubb's, because the person has a strong accent like from the south!! So in these movies, like the Shaw Brother's are those the real actors voices in the Mandarin or Cantonese tracks? I guess I would have to hear old interviews with the actors to hear what their voices sound like to know.
  7. I took Kung Fu Cult Master as a silly Campy film, what was ridiculous is that they left it hanging and couldn't afford to make the sequel!!!!
  8. Hei Meigui

    Desert Island Choices: Your 6 Films

    Okay so far my 6 films are: Martial Arts: 1. Dirty Ho - I love the comedy but I am just awestruck by the choreography of the fight scenes, especially with Lui and Yue together) 2. Crippled Avengers 3. The New Legend of Shaolin (even though I am not a big Jet Li fan, this movie is hilarious with lots of fighting!) (still thinking about The Assassins (with Michele Yeoh), Brotherhood of Blades, Wing Chun (Michelle Yeoh and Donnie Yen), Opium and the Kung fu Master, or Iron Monkey (Yen).....) Regular Movies: Babe (the one with the Pig!) The Detective Dee movies What Dreams May Come (Robin Williams) Probably not good to have a movie about death ans suicide on a desert Island though but it is such a touching story especially with Robin Williams death. (still thinking about The Avengers, Zoolander....)
  9. Hei Meigui

    Desert Island Choices: Your 6 Films

    lol!! You did better than I did and I asked the question!!
  10. Hei Meigui


    This made me think of David Chiang's character "The Rambler" in The Duel. he would cough right before someone was about to get killed!
  11. Hei Meigui


    Yes That is what I am talking about I think. Here are two examples: Here is Jackie Chan in The Drunken Master: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1hs7b ... shortfilms If you look at 17:00 you will see him do it when his father is reprimanding him. In The Magnificent Butcher Sammo hung does it at around 24:10 When his Master is reprimanding him https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhbaYVhqBHw I've seen it in other movies also. I think I have seen Alexander Feng and Wang Yue also do it. I'm not sure but maybe it's just in comedy parts of the movies.
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    Legendary, You are right. I couldn't find the link to China, but there is a lot of information about it it Indian Culture. You are right it is a way of saying sorry and humility and responsibility for wrong doing. It is done with students in an extreme form. http://guruprasad.net/posts/why-indian- ... ic-reason/ Here is a politician doing it publicly on the news
  13. Hei Meigui

    Desert Island Choices: Your 6 Films

    I have to think also that's why I didn't answer yet!! I'm scared to see Human Lanterns. Shaw Brother's "blood and Gore" doesn't bother me like modern films, but something about it and the premise...I hear a lot of people rave about i especially since it's available uncut I hear.
  14. Hei Meigui

    Allow Me To Introduce Myself ...

    My Name Is: Just call me Hei Meigui (Black Rose) I Live In: In the East Coast but From Cali Besides Watching Martial Arts Movies I Also Like: Science, Cooking, Travel, Learning Mandarin, Tech stuff, and collecting Crystals and Minerals. I Have A Passion For: Helping People (I'm a social Worker/Therapist/Professor) and Gordon Liu! 1 Fun Fact About Me Is: That since I became obsessed with Chinese Culture in the last year, I have bought about 200 Chinese/HK movies, either digital or Disks! I'm into the 70's and 80's Fu now. 1 NOT So Fun Fact About Me Is: For some reason watching Golden Swallow traumatized me! It wasn't the blood and killing, I think it was the twisted way love plays out. (I hadn't gotten used to the theme of unrequited/sacrificed love in the movies yet)
  15. Movies I watch and re-watch again old new and not really Fu! (not in any particular order) and yes I reached out of the 90's! Dirty Ho Crippled Avengers Iron Monkey New Legend Of Shaolin (Jet Li) Wing Chun (with Michele Yeoh and Donnie Yen) Reign of Assassins Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame Young Detective Dee and the Rise of the Sea Dragon Brotherhood of Blades the scene in Hero with Jet Li and Donnie Yen
  16. Hei Meigui

    Show Your MA DVD Collection

    Nice collection Nectarsis! Where is it you live again??!!
  17. Hei Meigui

    Time Slot For Fu Cinema? (When Do You Watch?)

    Kung Fu time is between 1am and 3am! I really should go to bed sooner!
  18. Hei Meigui

    ENGLISH DUBBED SHAWS--some still lost

    Hello, The Young Vagabond just showed up as a dubbed version on iTunes. There are a couple just added this week that are dubbed or in Cantonese with no English subs. https://search.itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZContentLink.woa/wa/link?path=shawbrothers
  19. Hei Meigui

    Shaw Brothers on iTunes

    Thank you so much for posting this link. I was using it before I signed up as a member. It is the only way to see all the Shaw titles in one place. Plus they have just added what looks like at least 4 movies in this last week!!
  20. Hei Meigui

    Any Martial Arts Music Vids To Share?

    I saw the Jackie Chan Wong Fei Hung video but I love this fan created video of the original Cantonese language version with George Lam. Its great because it has the pinyin lyrics also.