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  1. I have the Fire TV set up with Kodi and I just need to find safe sites to upload content. thanks for the link. I did like advised and I hooked the Fire TV up to Ethernet. (Having fun playing with the RasPi as I just got it up and running plating online here!! It's going to be fun, but I think your right there are a ton of projects it looks like I can use it for!) I have looked at some forums online and see that the buffering that keeps me from watching El Ray is from the Roku Stick. I have to see if this is still the only way I am able to get Sling TV as I really don't want to buy a Roku box. All this for one network that I like really isn't worth it.
  2. Nice links thanks for that! I figured there had to be something along this line asked before!! Don't know if I would have thought to put "crap" in as a search term!!!
  3. Do you buy VHS copies or do you just watch the ones you have?
  4. How fitting they are showing The Five Deadly Venoms on El Ray!!
  5. lol!! Am I going to have to start a Wang Yue thread!! I think I will!! I'm sure that Lady will love that!! Did you like it? I can see Chiang Sheng playing the role also but I can not picture any of a romantic angle with him.
  6. Hei Meigui

    The Chamber Of Food and Drink

    There are lots of ways to make Asian style dishes very quickly. It can be called cheating, or having what you want quick and inexpensively! If you like Egg Drop Soup there is a very quick way to make it at home. The way I am going to describe it will make one serving. THis really only takes less than 15 minutes. ingredients: 1 egg tsp Cornstarch 1 can Chicken clear broth soup/Chicken stock, or chicken bullion cube dissolved to make the soup base. 1 green scallion (small one) or chive 1 mushroom (optional - you can use Shiitake, or any other type of mushroom you like). soy sauce oil (a small amount for cooking the mushroom if you use it. Just about a tablespoon). water Kitchen tools: a small bowl to add water to the cornstarch a whisk for the egg and to stir the soup. Small pot to cook the soup Prep: Beat the egg and set it aside (I do not like the yolk in my soup so I separate it and use only the white. If you do this you may want to use 2 eggs. (we have real eggs already out of the shell or whites of the egg sold in the refrigerated section of the grocery store. You can use that if you like.) Chop the scallion or chive very thinly Slice the mushroom very thin. (If you like the regular white mushrooms you can slice them very thinly and they will cook in the broth. they do not need to be precooked like a thicker mushroom. put the cornstarch in a small bowl and ad a little water to it just to make it the consistency of non-fat milk. (use cold water to mix the cornstarch or it will clump up. This is used to help thicken the soup to your liking) Cooking: If you use a shiitake mushroom or another more firm mushroom, heat the pot on medium heat and put a little oil in the pot. You just need enough to cook the mushroom until it is soft. now add the broth to the pot and heat it until it is boiling. When it is boiling you can slowly pour in the egg stirring it so that you make ribbons of egg not clumps. after you have the egg added, then slowly add a little of the cornstarch mixture. You only need less that a 1/2 teaspoon or so to thicken the soup a bit. The egg should be floating in the soup not falling to the bottom. The soup needs to come to a boil with the cornstarch in it to thicken. Once it is thick enough you can add the scallion. it will just need to cook a minute or two with the scallion. Taste the soup at this point to make sure it is seasoned well enough for you. (If you like your soup more chicken-y you can add some chicken bullion) You can then take the soup and pour it into your bowl and add soy sauce to taste. You can always play around with the recipe a bit to suit you. You may want to add some powdered ginger, powdered onion or garlic to tweak the taste. Have fun!! Wonton Soup Another easy quick soup you can also do is use the same soup as your base and buy some frozen wontons from your Chinese grocery (look for the ones which are used in soup. (I go by the picture on the bag!!) Bring the soup to a boil and add the frozen wontons. For a single serving you may use about 3-4 of the small wontons, or 2 of the large ones. When the wontons are done you can add the scallions at the last minute. You do not need the cornstarch for the wonton soup. Add soy sauce to taste. If you aren't a meat eater you can make the soup with firm tofu chopped into small squares. With either version of the soup you can feel free to add other ingredients as you like. The "house Special" wonton soups have everything from small shrimp, mushrooms, baby corn, carrots, and broccoli. For ease of cooking any of these ingredients can be used fresh or frozen! enjoy
  7. I would have to say in my short time getting to know the Shaw films, Buddhas Palm, and Holy Flame of the Martial World are by far the worst. I couldn't even get through them even though I bought them knowing they were bad!!
  8. I was really shocked I would like him carrying this whole movie. I loved him in Dirty Ho but that was a supporting role. I never thought I would think he would do well carrying the whole film. I can see what you meant about the intro and how it sets up the true spiritual boxers, but I think i was confused because in the intro they didn't turn into anything, they just had a spiritual superpower/invincibility to them. I think it would have been better if His master had then been one of the "real" ones who had just fallen on hard times, or if there had been some real ones trying also to ferret out the fakes. I am not a fan of the actors who are just plain silly comedic, I like to see a range of acting from them. I think it is a very interesting choice for Lar Kar Leung to pick him as the lead and not someone else, but I'm not sure what actor I would substitute in that role. I think I really liked it as a comedic movie that wasn't all slapstick! It still kills me how they never know that the girl is the girl!!!
  9. Hei Meigui

    The one Shaw that comes to mind.

    Dirty Ho is the main movie that comes to mind. Then The Crippled Avengers, but I may have gotten tired of seeing that one finally!! Right now if I was going to re-watch something it may be Death Duel with Derek Yee.
  10. Hei Meigui

    Is Getting Netflix Worth It?

    Okay so I signed up for my free trial of Netflix and when I looked through all of the MA films I already have them or they are available on iTunes for sale. THis is especially true of the Shaw Brother's films but also with some of the modern Asian films I had which were wuxia themed. Do they offer additional films regularly or rotate them out?
  11. Ni hao Happy Double Ninth Festival Double Ninth Festival http://www.travelchinaguide.com/essential/holidays/chongyang.htm
  12. Hei Meigui

    Jackie, please stop speaking in public

    You got a love him! http://www.jaynestars.com/news/jackie-chan-reveals-controversial-family-values/
  13. Hei Meigui

    Jackie, please stop speaking in public

    Jackie has been see by many in China to be a supporter of the communist party. He has also been vocal about how corrupt he feels America is. Some random links http://newbloommag.net/2015/08/12/revisiting-jackie-chan/ http://www.nytimes.com/2009/04/24/world/asia/24jackie.html?_r=0 http://time.com/3488836/jackie-chan-worried-pro-democracy-protests-harm-hong-kongs-finances/ http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/movies/moviesnow/la-et-mn-book-jackie-chan-women-son-money-affair-20150505-story.html
  14. Hei Meigui

    The Chinese Word of the Day

    Oh just a disclaimer I apologize if we are cursing people out and saying nasty obscene things due to not using the tone marks!! I know that words can be very different even though spelled the same!! It's like Abbot says "Keep the peace; have patience; forgive offense."
  15. Hei Meigui

    Is Getting Netflix Worth It?

    It's hilarious to me that I called Comcast today to try to downgrade my service and everything I try ends up costing e the same. I was then transferred to a rep who was working on the packages with me and we started talking about different Shaw films, Dr Who and other totally off topic subjects and I even mentioned our forum! After he saved me $49 (we'll see) he made sure to take down the Shaolin Chambers 36 website address and said he may join!! He was nice and great to talk to but I still hate Comcast
  16. Awesome post Jin Please do talk about more films! It is the goal of filmmakers to evoke meaning for the audience whether it is visually or through the direct story. (Except for the Weinsteins!! ) Look at how many of the MA actors alone stated that they were drawn to MA because of someone they saw in film or think of all the kids (of all ages) inspired by Bruce Lee. The fact that someone from another country with a different language, time, and culture could affect you so is a great gift to give, and receive. Even those of us who may be drawn to these films for the entertainment, can also look at the effect these films have had in bringing all of us together from such varied backgrounds for the love of these genres.
  17. Hei Meigui

    The Chinese Word of the Day

    Henhao (very good) Xiexie meimei! I love that you are adding words! It is fun to listen to the movies and try to hear familiar phrases. Here we go with our Chinese for today, I can't believe that I have not presented how to count to 10. I have this in 2 ways - verbally and how to count on your hands.
  18. The Man With The Iron Fists (2012) I have not seen this movie and I know that there is a sequel out there. What do you think of this movie? I have seen that it has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 49%. Is it or the sequel worth seeing? The only other American films/shows that come to mind are the Kill Bill movies, and the Kung Fu TV series with David Carradine. I am not a fan or really graphically bloody films so I don't really see many Tarantino films. I did see Kill Bill 1 & 2 and felt that they were alright. I know he likes to bring back the "exploitation" style films. I remember watching the Kung Fu series religiously as a child but I was kind sad to find out that David Carradine wasn't really Asian. Are there any other movies I have missed and how do you feel about this issue of American interpretations/adaptations of Asian films?(I know the Weinstien influence may come up as we have slammed them in CTHD-TGD!!) I personally am not a fan of having actors who are not of that race or ethnicity playing characters who are supposed to be. Not sure of any Asian directors either in Hollywood. Fight Choreographers doesn't count. What do you think?
  19. Here is an old article I found talking bout the effect Bruce Lee had on how Asian male actors are seen and have been portrayed in movies http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/story?id=771790
  20. Thanks for the date correction. You are right it is 1993. I consider personally consider it as one of his films because he wrote and produced it. The director has a great part in how the movie's vision is expressed. Especially Yuen Woo Ping with the action scenes, and the way the story is presented and flows. Thing that I have noticed from Tsui is that he is a very hands on person in all aspects of "his" films. In this film even though he not the director there is an interview on one version of the DVD where he talks about how after the filming had ended he "insisted" on adding additional filming of more comedic scenes. This was all after Yuen Woo-Ping had finished filming. In the interview he indicates that this may have been a reason for it's initial poor reception at the box office. He is passionate and often over involved in "his" films. A little info on him and his style is mentioned in his Wikipedia page. Apparently he is not above micromanaging his directors work!!
  21. Welcome Lazardlady! I remember hearing of that film when I was younger but now even though it may horrify me I have to look it up!! (I'm like a moth to a flame!! I can't watch them but can't keep from reading about them online!!)
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    The Chinese Word of the Day

    Ni Hao Xièxiè xiǎo mèimei Angela (thank you little sister) That gives me the idea of the phrases of the day! (I have to find a way to make the accent marks I may have to add a Chinese keyboard to my computer, I have on on my phone. today we are learning how to say Older Sister/Little Sister and Older Brother/Little Brother https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iW1kHxdFEbw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDM7sOw3Tz8 And yes I am old enough to be called older sister!!!
  23. Hei Meigui

    The Chamber Of Food and Drink

    Hey Jesse, Here is my favorite brand of frozen Shumai, dipping sauce, and this soy sauce is a staple in a lot of the things I cook.
  24. The Chinese calendar is much different from our current Gregorian calendar It is based on the lunar cycle and not the solar cycle. This causes festivals and holidays to have different dates each year. Here are some websites to help figure out what your Chinese birthday would be and what animal you are! It was only recently that I learned that my Chinese astrological sign was different than what I had thought - I was calculating it based on the Gregorian date not the Chinese date. That transformed me from a Dragon to a Hare!! Be warned your Chinese age is different than your age in the Gregorian calendar so beware you may end up a year or two older than you think!! Here is a website where you can calculate your Chinese birthday and find out your animal sign! http://www.prokerala.com/general/calendar/chinese-age.php Here is a website where you can find out more about the Chinese calendar and Astrology http://www.travelchinaguide.com/intro/astrology/ The I Ching is an ancient way of divining the answers to any questions you may have. Here is a description of the I Ching https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Ching and here is a website that can answer questions for you online. What do you want to know? http://flytrapinteractive.com/~complimentary/iching/ http://www.ichingonline.net/ You can also find the I Ching as apps on the Apple App Store on iTunes or on Google Play.
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    SHAWS on itunes

    I called Apple and spoke to the iTunes folks. They officially have no idea about what is being posted. At least the girl I talked to didn't. I may call again. I just wanted to be able to search by Shaw Brother's or Celestial. We have to go through Action and Adventure, or by the peron's name or the movie. At least the direct link seems to be up to date now. i'll call Apple again to try to speak to someone else.