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  1. We have talked about which ones we want to see and which ones we want to own, but what was the most recent Shaw Brother's film you have seen and how was it? Last night I saw Spiritual Boxer (1975) Starring Wang Yue (not Jimmy Wang Yu). This was directed by Lau Kar Leung so you know that the action was on point! He even had a cameo as one of the towns people in the movie having a fighting scene. This was his directorial debut and he also was the action director. Wang Yue did a great job leading the movie and it was a great mix of fighting humor and fun. There were brief cameo's by Ti Lung, Chen Kuan-Tai, and Wilson Tong Wai-Shing that really didn't make much sense as they were in the intro only and not in the rest of the film. I guess the intro was to set the stage for the concept of Spiritual Boxing It was basically a "training" scene. It may have also been that since this was one of Wang Yue's first leading roles, their names may have been a draw to movie goers. This movie employs the troupe of including a female who is initially mistaken for a male. It was actress Lin Chen Chi, but I have not seen that played out in this type of modern setting. (It wasn't current day, but it was not a period piece). Wang Yue's character is a scam artist who after his Master is arrested, get's into a series of situation that take him from con artist, to revered savior and master of a small town bullied by a gang leader played by Shut Chung Tin. Yue's character is able to become possessed by the spirits of fighting deities and have their power when in that altered state. His fighting in this movie is very good. His monkey King is priceless! The movie has comedy (but not overly silly) drama, fights, heroism, a very engaging plot line, and a bit of romance! I would highly recommend this movie as I did not know what to expect having not read any reviews but thoroughly enjoyed it. This is one I would actually watch again soon! As this seems to have turned into a review I would actually give it a 5/5. Here is the listing for it http://www.hkcinemagic.com/en/movie.asp?id=1177 and here is the official trailer. I bought the movie on iTunes
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    Kung fu memes

    Okay because I see there are thousands out there, please post your favorite Kung fu related meme!! (Just to clarify, these are not created by me, just reposts) (Just to clarify, these are not created by me, they are all just reposts)
  3. Here is some information and clips about Cynthia Rothrock who is still very active in martial arts Kicking some butt!! Ahhh the 80's!! Tiger Claws Tiger Claws 2
  4. Yay!! I finally watched it last night It was great. It is so funny to see Wang Yu in a non Shaw brother's film so he didn't have all that makeup on!! I almost didn't recognize him!! I didn't check though and none of you who recommended it let me know it was the second in a series. Now I have to go back and find The One Armed Boxer to see what set the stage. I was also surprised at the ending Spoiler I also loved that they had the daughter, played by Doris Lung, fight in the tournament and win!! Yeah a good female character!! I watched it in English Sub. Many of you all raved about it. Why do you like it and what was the best fight scene/Part of the movie for you? I bought the new shirt design before I saw the film, but I wish now there was an image of Wang Yu character instead. I'll just wear it when I am pissed off and feel like I want to channel my inner blind monk!!
  5. I had to start a thread for Chiang Sheng as he always has a special place in my heart because of how much of a fun actor he was with his fighting and acrobatic skilled , but also the tragic way his life ended. After his sting with Shaw Brother's he was low on work and ended up depressed and alone. He had turned to alcohol and ended up dying of a heart attack but wasn't found until three days later by Ricky Cheng Tien Chi who came to see him because he hadn't heard from him. (1) (2) He was only 40 years old. Here are some clips and links to info about him to start the discussion. What is your favorite film with him or favorite fight scene? Here are more links to info about him: http://www.hkcinemagic.com/en/people.asp?id=672 A fan page {some of the links on the site are broken} http://www.alliancemartialarts.com/ChiangSheng/ChiangSheng.html And Clips And does anyone know what movie this clip is from?
  6. OK my eyes must be going bad! How can we have the 36 styles forum and NOT have a thread for Gordon Liu??!! Unless I missed something the only thread I saw was the one where it was discussed about his stroke. (I'm still trying to find out more information about his status currently) Gordon Liu - Liu Chia-Hui, birth name Xian Jinxi; born August 22, 1955. I am going to put together some information on him to fill out this thread. And steer me in the right direction if I missed a thread about him. http://hkmdb.com/db/people/view.mhtml?i ... ay_set=eng
  7. I found this tribute documentary to him. Sorry it's only in Cantonese with no subs. I couldn't resist posting it though because I love him rocking the 80-90's hairstyle, and not a hair out of place during any of the demonstrations!! The clothes are giving me flashbacks! It's actually really good, as he talks about lion dances, shows forms, and show old movie clips.
  8. Angela Mao awesome lady of 70's kung fu movies Lady Kung Fu/Hapkido (1972) English Sub Hapkido aka Lady Kung Fu is a Hong Kong film directed by Huang Feng, starring Angela Mao, Carter Wong and Sammo Hung. Three students have recently returned to China after studying Hapkido in Korea. After setting up their own school, they run into trouble with the local Japanese school. They attempt to keep the peace until events force them to fight back. Angela Mao, Carter Wong and Sammo Hung have recently returned to China after studying Hapkido in Korea. After returning to China and setting up their own school they immediately run into trouble with the local Japanese school, the Black Bear Gang. Not wanting any trouble, they attempt to keep the peace until events force them to fight back. Got the shirt but didn't see the movies - or see the movies and now get her 36 Styles Shirt http://www.shaolinchamber36.com/angela-mao-t-shirt/!!(Shameless advertizing!! and Abbot and Bob didn't even pay me to do this!! It's okay I'd never seen her movies until I was looking at the shirts now I can buy one with pride!! And actually knowing who I'm wearing!! ) Lady Whirlwind (1973) Lady Whirlwind a.k.a. Deep Thrust (Chinese: 鐵掌旋風腿) is a 1972 Hong Kong martial arts film directed by Huang Feng, starring Angela Mao, Chang Yi, and Sammo Hung Ling Shih-hua (Chang Yi in a rare good guy role) is severely beaten by Japanese mobsters and left for dead on the beach. He is nursed back to health by a pretty young girl, and he vows to take revenge on the criminals. Meanwhile, Miss Tien Li-Chun (Angela Mao) comes to town with a score to settle with Ling. Apparently, her sister was jilted by Ling and she killed herself, so Tien must avenge her by taking his life. Lady Constables (1978) The Lady Constables (1978). Rare kung fu movie starring Angela Mao, Judy Lee, Wong Goon-Hung, Chang Yi, Robert Tai. Directed by Cheung San-Yee. Two female and one male constables compete to recapture the Night-Shining Pearl, stolen by the Four Chiefs, who are lead by the treacherous Cold-water Tiger.
  9. 1. What actor 2. What film 3. And why do you think they are the best villian
  10. I have bought some DVD's and have paid up to $60 US dollars (not often but when it was really rare OOP that I couldn't live without.) What is reasonable? I know it can depend on the film and format but it's so hard to tell sometimes if it's worth it. I generally have been able to get IVL, Megastar, MeiAh, Deltamac films. and usually they are around $20 US or less. I prefer Reigion 3 Subbed films and have been able to get a lot of Shaw Brother's films from iTunes for cheap ($7) but I want the hard copies. I have been trying to find a copy of the Jade Raksha for example and a seller has it for $100 in the VCD format. is that even worth it? I have not seen it for sale anywhere else though. He's been advertising it for a while though and hasn't sold it yet. What is the most you have paid for a Kung Fu film and is the one I'm talking about worth it?
  11. Who are your favorite women of Martial Arts films or any time period. ( I tried to see if this was already a tread, if it is please let me know and I'll move it.) Who are your favorites and what is their best film? http://jezebel.com/you-should-watch-these-badass-women-led-martial-arts-f-1647060111 I really like Michelle Yeoh in almost every films she has done!!
  12. I can not stand... Oh I forget his name but he is annoying in most of the films I have seen him in. He was in Killer Clans and was the secret mole. He was in Executioners From Shaolin, and played the annoying character who kept teasing Chen Kuan-Tai's Character for not getting any on his wedding night. Arghh I'm going to have to hunt down his name!!
  13. Here is the kill count for David Chiang vs Ti Lung Who is more badass??!! Vengeance Deadly Duo
  14. We have talked about the most disturbing movies, and movies that shaped our childhood, but what I am specifically asking for in this thread is which is the worst Shaw Brother's movie you have ever seen - and why? I'm going to have to think of mine.
  15. Do most of you prefer English Dubbed Movies or Mandarin/Chinese movies with English subtitles. I prefer the Subbed ones. Even when I was young the British voices looked so wrong with the Chinese actors!! Sometimes I will watch a Dubbed video with the English Subs on and it is funny the difference of what they are saying is!
  16. When I first started getting into Chinese culture I found this website. It is very comprehensive and really let me understand what was going on in the movies. Especially cultural references, to help give me an idea of what the things I was seeing meant (not just for movies but everything about Chinese culture and history.) This site is maintained by a university professor but it is very accessible and has more information than you could ever need!! I thought I would share. Check it out. http://pages.ucsd.edu/~dkjordan/chin/china.html This really helped me understand especially the Wuxia films and themes.
  17. I am not a horror film aficionado. For some reason I find that Japanese and Korean films can be especially disturbing. I m not into this genre so I can't speak to it except I do read the reviews at times and have found a few that if i was able to watch I would. What is the best or most disturbing horror film you have seen? I am aware that sometimes the international version can be more intense that the Americanized versions. This is one that sticks out to me: Killers (2014) Trailer (English) This film is a Japanese Indonesian collaboration. This film is about a sadistic serial killer who targets women, and ends up posting their tortuous murders online. This draws in a journalist who becomes caught up in following this killer in unexpected ways. Here is a spoilery review. http://twitchfilm.com/2014/01/sundance-2014-review-killers.html
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    The Chinese Word of the Day

    NiHao (Hello)! Here is a link that will let you learn the Chinese (Mandarin) word of the day! If you click on it it should give you a new word every day. http://www.transparent.com/word-of-the-day/today/chinese.html zài jiàn (Goodbye!) I have to learn how to type the accent marks!! Also feel free to contribute a word (It would be funny to know how to say "You Bastard" in Mandarin!!)
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    The Chinese Word of the Day

    Ni Hao! It's been a while. I would like you teach you two sentences today! They are "long time no see" and "I miss you"! Here you go!! See you soon (paper grading and midterms can be a pain but it's that tie of the semester!) Zaijian
  20. i have been trying to figure out if there is a better format to watch films on. I like disks because I like the cover art and I like digital movies because you don't have to have the physical disks, but you can have the problem of legally copying them to keep them in a hard copy, i am going to sign up for Netflix and see how that is but I'm finding more and more I want the hard copies. how are you watching/playing your movies? I have Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku stick, a VCR, a DVD/Blueray player and an all region DVD player. ( on a side note I decided to buy a Raspberry Pi and am going to use it as a hobby to set it up, learn programming so I can also watch videos and play games on it. I'm new to it so any help would be great!! I love tech stuff!! What is your preferred way of watching your films? Is it important for you to be able to have s film library or are you good watching it as rentals?
  21. I was looking at the Celestial Website and it let me download the complete Shaw Brother's catalog. It has all of the movies, the title, the date, the main actors color art, and a brief description of the films. Sorry if this was posted elsewhere. They are in PDF files by Genre 01 Action.pdf 02 Martial Art (1).pdf 03 Martial Art (2).pdf 04 Erotica.pdf 05 Horror.pdf 06 Comedy.pdf 07 Drama.pdf 08 Humangmei opera.pdf 09 Muscial.pdf 10 Period Drama.pdf 11 Thriller.pdf 12 Fantasy.pdf
  22. I am not able to get the El Rey Network and I have Amazon Prime (which actually has a lot of good free content for prime users), and Apple TV. Is it worth getting Netflix for any MA/Asian Cinema content? I have never had an account and I don't want to waste my money. I also only really like my films in their original language with English subs. Thanks
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    The Chamber Of Food and Drink

    I was out today at my Korean grocery and I saw this in the fresh noodle isle I thought of you all
  24. I know that we all have a love of MA films or we wouldn't be here!! Do you feel that you are drawn to the films for the action and mindless entertainment, or do you seek out or like the films for some of the deeper themes they have? if so what films can you describe are important to you? I would extend this to include even recent MA films. I think right off the bat a few of the films that I find that I like because of the underlying meaning are movies by Tsui Hark. I know many of his action movies may be considered more like Wuxia but he usually is trying to convey a deeper commentary on things that are going on socially or politically. The main movie by him that I look at the deeper message is Iron Monkey. Iron Monkey (1993) With Donnie Yen and Yu Rongguong is a fun movie that has great action, But still.. a strong underlying commentary on the politics and corruption of the government system. The basic plot is one of a "Robinhood" like story where a masked hero is stealing from the corrupt and helping the poor. It also spoke for the need for forgiveness, unity, and understanding between people of different stations in life. I love the movie for it's treatment of the subplots of the treatment of women, as well as the importance of the strength of a father son bond. I have mentioned this movie before in regards to it being one that was very badly butchered when it was imported here for US audiences. The whole fact of how important Wong Fei Hung as a cultural/historical figure was undermined and treated as a foot note in the cut version. I think it was interesting that the parts dealing with the female lead were altered when the treatment of her was so integral to understanding her relationship and motivation towards others. The fact that a father was forced to have to sacrifice so much including the morals and ideals he held firmly, and risk his life to save his son, caused him develop stronger emotional bonds with his son. There is everything in this movie, a love story, Hero's, fighting, politics, comedy, and and indirect way of directly challenging the current political/social climate of the time in a subtle way. From the Wikepedia site for the movie here are a few of the cuts that were made for US consumption Warning the Wikepedia page is very spoilery: Changes in the United States releaseIn its release in 2001, Miramax made several changes that the company felt would make it more marketable to American audiences:[9] As most Americans are unfamiliar with the story of Wong Fei-hung, his name was removed from the original Chinese title.The subtitles were tailored to diminish the political context of the story.Some scenes were trimmed to tone down the violence.Originally, some fight scenes had been sped up in places through undercranking. The United States release slowed these scenes down to a more normal pace.Several comedic scenes, particularly ones interspersed in the fight scenes, were removed to give the fights a more serious feel. Although such comedic devices are common in Hong Kong cinema, the editors felt that they might appear odd to American audiences.A new soundtrack was composed that emulated the classical score to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, but in doing so, the Wong Fei-hung theme song was eliminated.New sound effects were dubbed for the fighting to make them more realistic (as opposed to the more traditional exaggerated Hong Kong sounds). What do you all think about what these films mean to you?
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    The Chamber Of Food and Drink

    I think I would have to go to NY to have a wide variety near me. I miss LA where there was more variety of all cuisines. I have recently been on an Indian kick. It has been really hard here where I am in NJ for find really great Chinese food. There is one restaurant and they actually have the best Peeking Duck I have had in a long time. You would like the place it is small but can get really crowded and it is mainly Chinese. The owner and her husband are Cantonese and the menu is really home style food like Congee.