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  1. Not in any significant way. I re-encoded a few features to slightly reduce the total size. On the first version, the "Under the Armour" feature was vertically stretched. The corrected version is in it's original aspect ratio. Other than that, it's the same. I know that I can have some trouble dealing with unforeseen problems. I need a way to separate emails that are directly about an order, or for people who have issues of any sort with the discs they receive. So I created a different email account for that purpose. If possible, please put this email in your addresses in case you need it. The email is: hkr.issues@gmail.com Please only use this email address for inquiring about an order that's already been placed, or to bring up issues with the discs you have received. For general information about our discs, or if you'd like to place an order, please use the regular email account. I don't want to forget anybody, so I'd first like to ask everyone who received a faulty Armour of God disc and hasn't yet received a replacement, to send an email to this email address with your name, address and that date that you placed your order. That way I can verify that I've replaced everybody's faulty discs. Thanks.
  2. Thanks. Did you burn it to a disc or did you just watch it on your computer? If possible, could you verify that it works normally on a standalone Blu-ray player? The reason I ask is that I think my player and/or TV is starting to have issues and I can't always trust it to test discs on. Sometimes when I go to watch a film, the screen will go black and won't come back on. I'm pretty sure that this has to do with my equipment and not the discs I play, but it'd be great to have a few people confirm that they're able to burn this image and play it on their Blu-ray players okay. I certainly don't want to send too many more discs out without confirming this. I appreciate the help.
  3. Yes, there were some missing RARs. They're all uploaded now. Should be about 46-47gb.
  4. Here's Disc 1 of the revised version of Armour of God: https://mega.nz/#F!0FhxxQgZ Decryption key: WTAKo0BSPv2ufEImUfiRYA Please burn this to a disc and verify that it plays okay for you. I'll be posting disc 2 in a day or two, and I'm sending out replacement discs every day.
  5. I haven't yet managed to update Drunken Master 2 with the new transfer. I'd rather prioritize getting everyone the discs they've already ordered. It shouldn't take too long to complete when I get a few days to dedicate to it.
  6. The sad thing about it is that for every person who has complained about slow delivery or emails that have gone unanswered, I have a half dozen or more private emails of people who get their films relatively fast and are very happy with them. Even nearly all of the people who have complained eventually do get their films and are very happy with them. A very, very small number have problems that I'm unable to resolve, either the packages keep getting lost or their players just won't play the discs no matter what. I give these people refunds. The reason I offer digital downloads is that I'm aware that I can't scale up the physical copies past a certain point. The reason I posted the MEGA links for Armour of God for free is that I was aware of the troubles I was having with the physical copies and I wanted to allow people who had ordered the film to have it immediately while they wait for the physical releases. I'm sorry this turned into a burden for the moderators. That was never my intention. Unfortunately, a small number of people who had issues with me expected you to somehow be responsible and they decided to pester you about it. It's unfair to you, but it also gives a rather inaccurate picture of the percentage of people who have had issues with communication or unreasonable delays in order fulfillment. For some perspective, I have an email list of around six hundred to eight hundred people who have gotten HKR films in the past. Of these, around one hundred separate people ordered copies of Armour of God in the last month and a half. Most of these people are not members of this forum. If you couple that number with the problems that were discovered with Armour of God, you can see how delays were inevitable. I could actually handle that amount of orders under normal circumstances as I've gotten pretty good at being efficient. With all that being said, here's where I'm at. I got new cases (that arrived three weeks late), new discs, new paper and new printer ink. I'm prioritizing older orders, but everyone will be receiving their copies as soon as I can possibly send them out. In the meantime, anyone who is waiting for a physical copy can access the digital versions for free. Just send me an email and I'll give you the links. I totally understand if, for whatever reason, the moderators want to lock this thread. I'll respect that decision. They are under no obligation to deal with bickering and pettiness. I just hope that casual observers, lurkers and most others understand the situation I'm in. I'm doing my best to create the best customs I can while dealing with a fairly high demand, plus all the other obligations in my life.
  7. I've been sending replacement discs for Armour of God all week, and I'll continue to do so until everyone has received their working copies. It's true that I can get overwhelmed at times, taking on more than I'm easily able to accommodate. However, I try to be as open about what's going on as I can be, and I've posted updates on this thread repeatedly about the Armour of God situation. I understand that it's frustrating to receive defective discs, or have to wait longer than is reasonable to receive orders. If anyone is unwilling to wait, I can issue a full refund for your order. If people would rather wait for their working discs, I assure you I'm sending them out every day. I defer to the moderators about what they'd like to do with this thread. I'd like to use it to post information and updates, but it's also not fair to the moderators for it to turn into an unmanageable mess. To newgen2005 in particular, if you'd like a refund, I'm happy to provide it. Or if you're willing to wait until I send the replacement discs, I'll do my best to get them to you as soon as I can. I appreciate that this has not been a good experience for you and I'm trying to fix it. With that said, I don't mind criticism but when you've said what you have to say it's better to let it be at least for the sake of the moderators and other forum members. I've had multiple emails this week requesting information on orders and I've responded to all of them.
  8. Sorry I missed your emails. I hope you understand that I'm processing these orders as fast as I can. The revised discs for Armour of God were only completed a few days ago, and I've been sending out new orders every day. I am trying to communicate with everyone the best I am able under the circumstances. When unexpected events happen, it can take a little while to catch up especially when I'm dealing with a high number of orders. If I haven't responded to your message or email, that doesn't mean I've forgotten about you or your order. Usually it means that I'm dealing with one issue or another relating to sending out these orders as fast as I can. This may involve getting more supplies (photo paper, printer ink, discs or cases), dealing with printer issues, or fixing up an issue with the discs themselves. I'm doing the best I can, I hope most people understand that. If anyone, at any time, doesn't want to wait for the discs they ordered, I will give them a refund. If they'd rather have the discs, I'll do everything I can to send them as soon as possible. In case it's not obvious, this Hong Kong Rescue thing is hard to scale up, at least as far as the physical copies are concerned. There are hard limits to the number of discs I can burn in a day, and packages I can ship out. When I have to issue replacement discs, or other unforeseen events throw off the normal routine, it can take even longer.
  9. Okay, Armour of God replacement discs are done. What I've decided to do is remove entirely the 7.1 remixed Cantonese track from both the Hong Kong Version and Miramax Version. Nobody seemed to like it, and it took up a huge amount of space on the disc. In fact I saved so much space I was able to up the bitrate on the videos a little, which seems to be a much better allocation of space. In addition, I added the original Cantonese 2.0 audio from the Deltamac DVD as an option on the Hong Kong Version. After careful comparison, I do think it sounds better in some ways than the HK Star laserdisc. The clarity is a bit better. In fact, I think this may be the preferred default, though it may be lacking slightly in fullness and warmth. You can now select either Lorelei or High Upon High for the ending when selecting the Deltamac Original Cantonese or the Pony Canyon Original English Dub options on the audio selection menu. Now the entire film will play seamlessly with no pause on chapter points. There is no fooling with Playlists this time. Just one Timeline with 8 different audio tracks. The rest of the disc is identical, except for two things. First I also deleted the Mandarin audio option from the Miramax Version, since no-one ever is going to opt to watch this audio track with the edited Miramax cut (though the Mandarin audio is still present on the Hong Kong Version). Second, I added an additional subtitle for the lyrics of Lorelei over the end credits. More than a few people have thought that the audio cut-out that occurs during the out-take where Jackie falls from the tree is an error, when in fact it is intentional. I just added the subtitle "(silence)" to indicate that this is the case. I managed to reduce the total size of both discs slightly compared to the first version. I've discovered that when I push up too close to the capacity of the Blu-ray discs, I get much more frequent bad burns. Another thing I've noticed is that navigation is now smoother, and the pause when changing menus or on loop points is significantly reduced. It's like the laser on the Blu-ray player doesn't have to work as hard to find the data it's looking for. It's always possible to find something that someone might wish was done differently. But for this project I think I've done what I can. I can verify that both discs work perfectly on my PS4. I'll be sending out replacement discs all week, as well as orders I hadn't yet gotten to when I discovered these errors.
  10. Here's an update on the Armour of God revision... I need help on making a decision. After experimenting with the project, I don't think it's possible to use Playlists in Encore without having the disc pause for a split second on each chapter. However, I can author the disc differently and have the "High Upon High" versions of the Cantonese audio and the Original English dub as full audio tracks on my main timeline. The trouble is that I've got to have the entirety of these two tracks doubled up, and since they are uncompressed, the file sizes are about 1gb each. The other issue is that I've got a limit of 8 audio tracks per timeline. I could have the HK Version have these 8 audio tracks: 1. Original Cantonese LPCM (Lorelei) 2. Original Cantonese LPCM (High Upon High) 3. Original English Dub (Lorelei) 4. Original English Dub (High Upon High) 5. New English Dub 5.1 6. Cantonese Surround Remix 7.1 7. Mandarin 2.0 8. Podcast on Fire commentary This would be the maximum I could fit. Another consideration is that a couple of people have said that they are not particularly fond of the HKStar laserdisc Cantonese audio. They prefer the Cantonese audio from the Deltamac DVD. The trouble here is that I cannot add an additional audio track, I'd have to substitute the Deltamac Cantonese track for the HKStar Cantonese audio. I've already synced up the Deltamac Cantonese audio and it does sound pretty good. Crisper in some ways that the laserdisc audio but I don't have the best speakers to judge the difference. It may be partially subjective. Do you think I should get rid of the HKStar Canto track and replace it with the Deltamac audio? I'm really running up against the 50gb limit, so I'll need to delete a track or two from the Miramax version. Which audio tracks do you think are essential for the Miramax version? The Miramax version has the exclusive US English dub, so that's a keeper for sure. But it seems I'm wasting space by including the 7.1 Cantonese remix and Mandarin on the Miramax version when most people are extremely unlikely to listen to these tracks on this cut of the film. I'll see what you guys think before I make any final decisions. Also, since you have the first version I released as a free download, feel free to offer any additional critiques or suggestions for improvement. Thanks. I'll be getting this done and sending out replacement discs as well as orders for those who didn't receive theirs yet in a day or two.
  11. Since many are having troubles with the Armour of God discs, here's the digital version for free: https://mega.nz/#F!FJgCFQbL Decryption key: HQZtQaTJMSBWjBfZ5rbXvw At least this way you'll be able to watch the existing version while I ready the replacement version.
  12. Okay, so has been A LOT of responses over the past couple of days. First of all, I first started getting feedback with people having problems with Armour of God around a week ago. I tried to respond to most of the emails I received, but then I had a prior commitment where I had to travel with family for Thanksgiving. There's no way I could have gotten out of this, nor would it have been reasonable for me to do so. I can confirm that the pause on chapter points that occurs when selecting "High Upon High" is an authoring problem, and I'm working hard at fixing that. Obviously, anyone who already received discs with that particular issue will get a replacement and I'll be providing free download links to the updated disc(s) when they are finished. The other troubles with people not having their discs play at all are completely unexpected. I heavily tested them before I sent them out so I have to go over my Blu-ray burner and media to see if there is some kind of fault. It seems like a handful were burned wrong, or the media was bad so a bunch went out that were faulty. Of course these will be replaced as well. I am also in the process of fixing up my duplication tower so discs can be made much quicker. This should be done in a couple of days. It's true that I have sent people to these forums as a way of checking out the latest updates and leaving feedback. Maybe I will refrain from posting this link in the emails in the future. Not that I'm afraid to deal with criticism head on in a public place, but because it creates a nightmare for the moderators. If you have a problem with an order, please don't contact the moderators on this forum. They're not responsible for HKR, nor is it fair to put them in that position. By all means, send emails, or send Private Messages. I haven't always seen and responded to every message, but I've been making an effort to do so and to communicate clearer about what's going on. For the record, I'm not working on any new projects until everyone gets the films they ordered. To oneway23, in particular, please send me a PM telling me your name and address and exactly what date you placed your order. It's hard to match usernames on this forum to actual names of people that I have in my Paypal records. If you are who I think you are however, I believe that I did send out your order then sent replacement films when I saw that you hadn't received them. Those also seem to not have arrived. I may be mistaken about this, so please clarify. I have no problem having an open forum where people can say whatever they want about HKR, good or bad. But I want to respect the moderators wishes and keep this thread for general feedback of the product itself, questions about the films and announcements about new projects. Order-specific queries should go through email or private message. Rest assured that I'm sorting out the Armour of God situation and I'll keep at it until each and every person gets a working copy and each person still waiting for an order receives theirs.
  13. Yes, I'll send you disc two again. Along with everything else.
  14. Sure, or you can send me an email. Either way.
  15. I'll try and send you a replacement disc. I've sent Armour of God to dozens of people already and the vast majority are happy with it. Perhaps the batch of discs I have has more defective ones than usual, that's the only explanation I can think of why you got a bad disc. I am currently working on a solution to the freeze-frame issue that occurs on chapter points. Just so everyone is very clear about the scope of this issue, the problem only occurs when you select "Original Cantonese 2.0 LPCM" or "Original English Dub 2.0 LPCM", then select "High Upon High" as the ending credits song. Selecting either of these tracks with "Lorelei" plays perfectly fine. Every other audio track on the HK Version and the Miramax Version play perfectly fine with no stuttering whatsoever. For those that haven't seen it, what happens is that at the chapter points the film will pause for a split second then continue to play perfectly fine. It's more of a minor annoyance and I think it's possible to watch even these audio tracks and enjoy it although it's not ideal. I'm not exactly sure why it's behaving this way with the Playlists. I'll try to find a solution. It is difficult to always iron out every single issue that people may find with these projects before I send them out and are start getting feedback. People generally always find something that I've overlooked, and so a few minor revisions are sometimes necessary before everyone is completely happy. Putting these projects together is more complicated than people probably realize. I don't have QC testers, I only have myself and my PS4 that I use to test discs with. No other version of Armour of God will even have the option of watching it with "High Upon High" playing over the opening credits. But the slight freeze-frame issue on chapter points is less than ideal, so I will try and fix it.