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  1. Chen Hung Lieh

    Translation needed

    It's meaningless, it's like don't fill hot water into your PC In short: Blu ray disc does only work in players/disc drives that are branded with the Blu-ray Logo and does not work in DVD-Players.
  2. Chen Hung Lieh

    Identify film

    This reminds me of Shaolin Wooden Men with Jackie Chan
  3. Chen Hung Lieh

    Devil's mirror 1970

    How confusing. The FLK one is not the Lo Lieh movie either^^. There are three movies in HKMDB called "Devil's Mirror". And I guess that the Chinese title of the Lo Lieh one in HKMDB is wrong, should be 血染風雷莊, not 血鿄風雷莊. EDIT: Oh wait, I overlooked Chu Liu Hsiang's post before, now I understand too!
  4. Chen Hung Lieh

    Shaw Brothers on Blu-ray

    100% Bootleg. The seller even admits it in a veiled manner.
  5. Chen Hung Lieh

    Actors who were/are involved with Triads

    Ma Sha, one of my favorite villains (sometimes he played good guys too). http://hkmdb.com/db/people/view.mhtml?id=4477&display_set=eng Before his film career he was a triad member and convicted for killing another triad member. All his tattooes are authentic. His life story was written down (only Chinese, as far as I know) and filmed in "The First Error Step" where he played himself. Some fragments of this lost movie can be seen in the documentary "Taiwan Black Movies".
  6. Chen Hung Lieh

    Official Girls with Guns thread

    This is from Angel Enforcers: I would also recommend this one (Thunder Cops II): This one not so much, just want to post the artwork^^ (Satin Steel):
  7. Chen Hung Lieh

    Lady Killer (1988)

    Lol, the anamorphic screenshots I mentioned in my previous post were from FLKcinema: http://www.flkcinema.com/product.php?mid=489 Now I accidentally found out that these screenshots are in fact from the movie 胭脂殺手 which is also called "Lady Killer" (no HKMDB entry), but a total different movie that has nothing to do with the "Lady Killer" in HKMDB. So FLK falsely claims to have the HKMDB one (博命女殺手). Btw: When I months ago found this movie at FLKcinema, I asked them to confirm that the opening credits in this movie are really the same as in HKMDB. They CONFIRMED (and lied) that this is exactly the movie, so I ordered it. After waiting 4-5 weeks it was returned to sender for unknown reasons! I complained, but FLK refused to refund. I opened a paypal case and fortunately I have won it! Then I opened this thread in the hope to get the movie without having to order from FLKcinema again. Now that I found out hat FLK deceived me with the opening credits, I am happy that it didn't arrive, because otherwise FLK would have successfully ripped me off (or at least it would have been more difficult to win the paypal conflict). The screenshot mystery is solved (so it's probably not a montage of two different movies a la Godfrey Ho as I considered before), but I am still curious how that re-release with the Hkmdb opening credits looks like. The HKMDB endcredits are from the original Taiwan VHS, but not the opening credits.
  8. Chen Hung Lieh

    Lady Killer (1988)

    I just noticed that the hkmdb entry (博命女殺手) was newly corrected and merged with the old entry of a Taiwan movie called 賭命風塵女 that didn't have an english title before. Actors Tai Bo and Ku Kuan-Chung were deleted although their names appear in the "re-release" opening credits. When I opened this thread, I already wondered if these formerly two entries might be one and the same movie, because the uncorrected Lady Killer entry contained screenshots of the old Taiwan movie that I already had from a friend (dvd-r copy of his original Taiwan vhs). Now I still wonder why some clear looking anamorphic screenshots (not in Hkmdb) of the re-release does show actors/scenes that are not in my vhs copy. Maybe the re-release combines new footage with the old Taiwan movie (as IFD/Filmark used to do). But I still wonder how the re-release producers can montage an old vhs copy with new and clear anamorphic footage. I am still interested to know if this was really the case or if the original Taiwan footage is in clear and anamorphic quality as well. I would be grateful if someone has more information, I am quite "possessed" with this question for years, although it is actually not important at all^^
  9. Chen Hung Lieh

    Lady Killer (1988)

    If anyone has this movie and wants to sell me a copy (download), please pm me. I'll pay in advance via paypal. Thank you very much in advance. http://hkmdb.com/db/movies/view.mhtml?id=11200&display_set=eng
  10. Chen Hung Lieh

    Classic Kung Fu: Preferred format?

    To my knowledge there's no German tape (otherwise it would exist a stupid German title). If you mean the Dutch tape, be careful, according OFDb.de it's only fullscreen: https://ssl.ofdb.de/view.php?page=fassung&fid=56113&vid=109418
  11. This link refers to a different 1977 movie. (German DVD of the 1981 Kung Fu Zombie is only 78 minutes, uncut version is at least 94 minutes)
  12. Chen Hung Lieh

    Help needed to identify adult film

    I thought this too at first, but the surname at Taiwan Guai Tan Credits is definitely not 汪, and 小鳳 is just a frequent given name, perfect for fake credits^^
  13. Chen Hung Lieh

    Help needed to identify adult film

    I see it's fact that they're the same actors/actresses. It's also fact that the credits of the two movies, besides producers, are totally different. I've found this chinese thread: https://zhidao.baidu.com/question/714966585076394445.html Someone is asking who the actress is of the movie 倩女销魂 (from the same company), and what other movies she is in. This actress I believe to have noticed on your screenshots. Someone who obviously know a lot of her movies (even including its alternative titles) replied the questioner that she's an anonymous actress. So I think it's the same case with the remaining cast, which would explain the different credits. I'm afraid we'll never find out their real names. At least the director and the producers seem to use one name in several movies.
  14. Chen Hung Lieh

    Help needed to identify adult film

    Movie title: 女鬼好色 Nü Gui Hao Se (literal: "Lustful Ghost Woman" or something like this) Can't find it anywhere in the www Producers: 申子辰 Shen Chi-Chen (Hkmdb name) 金亥山 Jin Haishan Director: 辛仁 Hsin Yen (Hkmdb name) Cast: 李倩倩 Li Qianqian 上官莉 Shangguan Li 周正宗 Zhou Zhengzong 曾志奇 Ceng Zhiqi 黃真伶 Huang Zhenling 黃英英 Huang Yingying 黎玉 Li Yu 汪小鳳 Wang Xiaofeng 楊慶東 Yang Qingdong 狄克 Di Ke
  15. Chen Hung Lieh

    New SB Blu-ray Releases from German distributor Inked Pictures

    Inked Pictures explained on facebook why they don't sell to online shops anymore: "We found out that some shops and dealers made IP look bad in forums and told lies about us, although they earn a lot of money with IP stuff. That's why we stopped cooperation with them, such low limited mediabooks we can sell ourselves in just one minute" That's true, there's a lot of bad gossip in german forums about that company. And I understand more and more why