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  1. Come to think of it, Ive had all this above my bed forever. The picture is signed by Plant, who Ive never seen in person, overpaid ($40) a guy at the flea market for it in 2010. Also just watched a friend of a friend with his Zoso tattoo and tie dye Dylan shirt play bass at an open jam night at a craft brewery. We were talking about the doc and told them what you told me pretty much lol, weird coincidence.
  2. Any gamers recognize this one? Dont know anything about the tv show, but this is the complete 23 episode series in 5 slim case dvd boxset. Been wanting to check it out since I used to play the game on the 64.
  3. Thats amazing that Plant was at one of the shows, too bad he didnt join the crew for part of the tour.
  4. Not too surprised that that story would be true. That girl must of not been a very big fan to not recognize that song.
  5. Koravec

    Where do you buy your movies?

    Two of the the used movie stores near me closed, one being a Buybacks, so Ill be using Fye and the internet more again. Thats how it used to be for me, then I became a bit anti-amazon, plus the raising of their shipping made it everything less worth the purchase. The Fye I used to always go to closed down years ago, but recently opened back up a couple of years ago with a very different appearance. Also hoping to make a trip back to the kung fu dvd store near me, which has since doubled as a oriental clothing store for women and massage parlor.
  6. @DragonClaws Thats a funny story, reminds me of the time I wasnt able to see Dylan when he came to my state at a very cool venue, smh. Hoping I have another chance to catch him live. And Ive had Masked and Anonymous on my shelf for a while now, but still pretty strictly not allowing myself to touch whats on my shelf before I cancel Netflix...
  7. Koravec

    golden swords x spearman two elements of perfection new music)

    @shaolin swords Ever consider getting your music on spotify?
  8. Koravec

    What next for custom blu ray? Suggestions please

    How about The Loot AKA The Bloody Tattoo or a competent playing Rivals of Silver Fox in HD. Just a couple Id really like to have lol.
  9. Koravec

    What are we LISTENING to lately?

    @Secret Executioner A new Hollywood Vampires EP was just released today, Ill have to check it out. I would really just like to see them live.
  10. Had to wait for others to be critical before I could to avoid raining on the parade. I had many problems with this movie. Too many lame plots and gimmicks, imo deserts and horses dont belong in John Wick movies (same issue with aquaman). Really disliked the whole origin story thing they created with this movie. Not enough hand on hand combat, instead too much gimmicky garbage to please casual fans such as the lame attack dogs scene, horse stable fight, overly gory knife shop fight, etc. Halle Berry shouldnt have even been in this movie, I felt her character added nothing to it. A Ruby Rose replacement is cloned in to fill an equally annoying role (lady enforcing rules.) The one worthwhile fight is against Mark Dacascos with great neon lighting and exposed glass. Creating an appropriote setting for how a John Wick movie is supposed to look. Loved what worked for me about this movie (the stuff that could have sit into the other two movies) but found everything else tedious. Didnt go for a second viewing for this reason. Will be glad to own this on blu ray to be able to fast forward certain sequences if I feel like it. Plot was also so overblown with everyone switching sides and betraying eachother that it reminded me of Pirates of The Carribean 3, which I actually enjoy that aspect of in that movie.
  11. @DragonClaws As you saw, I recently got Im Not There on blu ray. I was wondering what your thoughts on this film are. I found the concept incredible, and enjoyed the hell out of it (save for maybe mid 60s Dylan being a female, but whatever Im over it). I initially didnt even want to watch this for the longest time after not really understanding the concept and feeling it diverged too heavily away from Dylan, felt fraudulent to me when it came out. Im glad I came around to getting it. Also funny how Ledger and Bale both play Dylan (batman and joker). I also checked out that Singstreet movie you posted a while ago, a decent movie. And speaking of Bowie, I also want to check out Velvet Goldmine made by the same director as Im Not There soon.
  12. Koravec


    Cant really help, I have some experience with social media sites having complete garbage customer support in the past. Reason being that the few people with problems probably isnt worth their resources when theyre the most popular network. I was also having trouble setting up a business profile with facebook back when I was trying to promote a little ebook guide. Being required to use government names for websites, public profile specifically is a big pet peeve of mine. It destroys the beauty of anonymity of being on the internet. Reason being why I never signed up for a Quora account.
  13. This thread and you guys posting in it really inspires me to want to spend a few entire days here and there having film marathons. But Im generally not even in the mood to sit through a movie until around 9 or so pm, and with my current job of having to wake up early has me opt for sleep any time past 10 or 11 usually.. :/ The right time will come lol. Ive always had this vision where I wished I could pause time in order to give me a long moment to indulge in different forms of media as well as learn as much as I could. I need to step up my game
  14. @DragonClaws Im not the biggest Bowie fan either, interested in his Ziggy Stardust era even if I often find his music very irritating personally. I was referring to the solo Spiders From Mars band album that was put out that Bowie had nothing to do with, just sounds like very typical and generic classic rock, not particularly good or interesting.
  15. @DragonClaws Thanks for the response! I would like to check out those books eventually too. I have Tarantula and Hollywood Foto-Rhetoric on my shelf that I still have to read as well. Theres also a good piece of footage of Joan Baez dressed like Dylan with the white makeup on. Dylan also wears a transparent makeup mask for a song in the doc. Do you know the violinist's name? She looked stunning in the film, would be interested to read more of her background. As far as Mick Ronson goes, I was recently really disappointed with The Spiders from Mars the band put out outside from Bowie, misled by the music of Ziggy Stardust and cool red spider album cover. Would be cool to check out that film sometime too, youve got me curious in that, actually heard it was on youtube may check later. You may of seen the clip shown in the movie where Dylan himself says he named it after literal rolling thunder happening where he was.