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  1. Koravec

    Duke, Prince, Queen, King

    Is Prince the reason Jojos Bizarre Adventure isnt as widespread in the US?
  2. Koravec

    The vinyl record thread

    Called back about the Octopus album (version in the shape of a jar) but it had sold. A friend led me on to the new Moondance release with orange vinyl. Drove half an hour out of my way to grab a copy but they were sold out. Bought an Angry Young Them reisuue instead.
  3. Koravec

    Jimmy Page's Dragon Guitar Released By Fender

    Telecoustic played by an asian pop artist I listen to every now and then.
  4. Koravec

    Bruce Lee-esque fashion elsewhere

    Not so sure it actually is, but this wrestler's top looks Beuce Lee inspired, part Enter The Dragon with the incorporated rips (claw scratches) into the shirt design, and yellow of G.O.D.
  5. Have actually been meaning to suggest we have an 'Obituary' section on the forum to avoid saddening and crowding up the Gen Discussion area with the news of passings. Maybe even for unfortunate news events too. Idk, just an idea.
  6. Koravec

    Duke, Prince, Queen, King

  7. Koravec

    Duke, Prince, Queen, King

    @Ah_Tao Ive been finding him very interesting lately. His persona and output are so stellar. Embodied a heavy sense of electricity in his character and music that Ive been attempting to attain.
  8. Koravec

    Duke, Prince, Queen, King

  9. Koravec

    Duke, Prince, Queen, King

  10. Koravec

    The vinyl record thread

    Im kicking myself for not picking up Gentle Giant's Octopus album from my local record store. But Im unexcited to go back into the area since its a few doors down from where the mass shooting took place in Dayton :/.
  11. Koravec

    Kung fu memes

    @ShawAngela Glad you like the One I didnt make . jk it is a good one
  12. Koravec

    Kung fu memes

    Appreciate the acknowledge and likes @SMK. I could never compete with your memes, but Ill still make em' when I get the urge anyway!
  13. Koravec

    Kung fu memes

  14. Koravec

    Let's laugh a little bit

    AKA GOOFY Animals Thread