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  1. Koravec

    Device used for viewing Kung Fu Fandom

    Primarily phone. I usually log in when Im on desktop too, but I rarely use my laptop and I dont go to uni anymore to log in there.
  2. Kung Fu igloo skid row community? Pics or it didnt happen.
  3. Koravec

    Kung fu memes

  4. Exactly my thoughts, that was the one worthwhile fight scene. The rest of the flick is just nasty and redundant.
  5. Koravec

    Happy 2020

    A new roaring 20s! Shall we bring back silent film? black and white? perhaps a part 2 to Once Apon A Time in Shang Hai, maybe Ill rewatch that tonight when I get home. Happy new decade! time is flying
  6. Well I watched it again and now dont know what to make of it even more, more in a negative way. After getting over my initial excitement of just watching a new Star Wars I dont know how good I feel about this movie. Nodded off and on through the film this time around and didnt miss a thing. The knights of ren are a great concept, the underground dith layer is a great concept, but beyond a couple cool settings Idk how well this film holds up on its own with bad dialogue and questionable plot closings. I will say I actually found Finn a lot more tolerable in this one.
  7. Koravec

    Christmas 2019

    Happy Holidays to all and happy fourth of july to @OpiumKungFuCracker lol.
  8. I dont have too much to comment on the way they handled the story in this film, but not to say I really had a problem with how they did anything either. I dont know how I feel about who Rey is related to, maybe I have a problem with that. Anyway highly, highly enjoyable movie experience.
  9. Koravec

    Probably the best Slash (Guns N' Roses) photo ever.

    Ace Frehley or Steven Seagal?
  10. Just like a page from a Christmas catalogue right? jk, but theres good deals on black friday they said. Spent nearly 40 on this John Wick 1-3 blu ray, which is perhaps fair if I break it down. Cool replica medal included.
  11. Knives Out and Black Christmas- didnt even particularly want to see either of these but have been in situations where I had to kill a couple hours and catching a flick didnt seem like a bad idea. IP Man 4 and Star Wars Rise of Skywalker where you at? lol
  12. Koravec

    They are action figures not dolls.....

    Not big on Kung Fu Panda, but this white porcelain samurai armour is a great concept. pretty cool
  13. Koravec

    The Mandalorian - "Star Wars" Spin-Off TV Series

    Episode 5 really shows Disneys influence with the casting and characterization Jonas Bro frat bro and Mary Herion Poppins lady. Hopefully we dont see or hear any more of these two.