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  1. Koravec

    It's October baby....Horror flick time!

    Midsommar- I remember seeing the teasers for this one in theaters recently and thought it looked awful and a dread to watch. However after it came out I kept having people I knew recommending it to me. Actually watching it was maybe worse than I expected and nowhere near the expectations set up for me by the ones reccommending it. It has a messege in the sense that it may teach you something. Which is the ending gives you something to think about, and it did for me, and I feel some of the best art should teach. But I just disliked the movie so much still from watching it. Was told I should of waited for an ultra HD rendering, but I didnt feel I needed it. I just saw a bunch of people dressed in white jumping about on farmland in a cult sort of way. Classified as a horror, though barely that depending on how you look at it. I must admit, as with many things I initially dislike (such as the recent Joker flick) it may grow on me. monsters: dismembered dead bodies with sticks stuffed in their mouths, if that counts Anna and The Apocalypse- I saw this title on the shelf at walmart and was tempted to grab it for ten bucks (spoiler: I hope to go back soon to pick it up). This movie has an R rating so I was expecting some sort of raunchy playthrough, however that really couldnt be further from the case. This movie plays like it was made for teenagers, and most likely was, the same sort of young audience that would of kept returning to watch Warm Bodies again, if not even younger. The film centers around a cast of highschoolers during the holiday season who become under the threat of zombies. The characters partake in several musical numbers throughout the movie. The songs are poppy, yet often enjoyable. I was laughing the first few tracks, not at but with the movie, thinking they were just an added element of satire. Though after they would playout Id become confused at the movies intentions. Either way Id say it actually works, the songs are catchy and enjoyable. Typical teenage drama, some funny jokes here and there, catchy songs, enjoyable actors, and entertaining zombie attacks make for a very fun watch.
  2. Koravec

    Rejected Avatars

    @Secret Executioner Your current avatar always looks like a cartoon ghost to me now.
  3. Koravec

    It's October baby....Horror flick time!

    Well these reviews have been really fun to read this season. I started to make a list of halloween/horror tinged flicks to check out and it became considerably large pretty quick. This month has flown by. How about extending Its Horror Flick Time into November perhaps? I mean what else is that month for? Unless we all decide weve had enough at the beginning of October being gone.
  4. Looks like well actually be getting a 3rd installment to this series in 2021. I think more people will be interested after Downeys success with Iron Man/Avengers. I was always a big fan of these (dislike downeys iron man quite a bit) so Ill be eager to check it out.
  5. Stopped by walmart and pickup up these
  6. Koravec

    It's October baby....Horror flick time!

    Void is a sort of cool flick, thrown together with a few cliches and visually appealing enough looking ending to sort of make the buildup worth it. Cold Skin- I didnt find the way it played out very enticing either. Once I realized it was about mermaid monster things my interst waned and I turned it off. however I found the cinematography pretty enticing, enough so that I came back after many months later to give it another shot. Didnt mind watching now that I knew what it was about and more what to expect. Pumpkinhead- watched a couple nights ago. Also wasnt terribly impressed by this one, aside from the fogged out atmosphere of several scenes. Very dissapointed that the monster didnt actually have a jackolantern as a head, opting for the resemblence to an alien type creature, not far off from the alien in the alien franchise. Coincidentally features a main actor from the alien series. The Lighthouse- In a similar vein to Cold Skin this is lighthouse flick involves a keeper and new assistant hire. Workers are in opposition to the keeper in both. Nearly as much of a black comedy as the new Joker movie. Had some laugh out loud moments from me and my friends in the theater. Very dark, grim caged in feeling throughout. William Dafoe is phenomenal in this role, he must have taken a love for the sea after recently playing in Aquaman as well. Im a big Pattinson fan, but hes nowhere near the actor Dafoe is in this.
  7. Old Blockbuster nastolgia, definitely remember the night of renting My Bloody Valentine with a friend, just watched the original for the first time it will be nice to revisit the remake. I dont even particularly want to see this Donnie yen flick, but with that blockbuster trim around the cover-art, how could I pass it up?
  8. Koravec

    Stars Resembling Other Stars

    youtube self help guru Tyler as a real life Homer Simpson? lol I mean it in a good way
  9. Simspsons episode 666 new Treehouse of Horror just aired last night! About to go check it out.
  10. Koravec

    KISS Army (Kiss thread)

  11. Koravec

    KISS Army (Kiss thread)

  12. Koravec

    Kung fu memes

  13. I just didnt know how to feel about the character portrayal, they made him out to be this weird autistic person, I spent the entire film really unsure about his level of competence or intelligence. Once the face paint went on though I was having as good of a time as Joker himself. Thought the characterization and costume design was great for the Joker. Cant wait to get more of that. Theres still a lot left to unfold.
  14. Koravec

    Ginger Baker RIP

    @DragonClaws lmao just watched the first 30 seconds of that trailer and they sure trashtalked him, may of been the one its been a while Im not even sure