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  1. I have an custom I made from the UK VHS that has the original English dub, but of I remember right it has an slight cut because of the BBFC. I made this with my JVC super vhs player that has TBC so the quality will be the best it could be. Full screen format as well.
  2. I don't think the UK Blu Ray of AOG 2 is an upscale I am sure it's an True HD, I'll double check it. I do have the Japanese extended cut as well on Blu Ray.
  3. Jacob, I sent you a private message can you check it please, thanks
  4. Kato

    Bruce Lee Game of Death shoes

    My own trainers that I picked up years back, all leather with the gum colour base. Have taken a battering from wearing lol. Think these came out when Kill Bill was out.
  5. I am sure we are not the only ones waiting, from this my order got posted yesterday so I am glad I made this post. I know the cases came not to long ago so all should of been dispatch then. If I didn't make this post don't think my order would of been sent sorry to say. I just hope everyone who has made orders get them in a timely fashion from now on. Didn't think I needed to keep chasing up my order like I have been but has paid off this time.
  6. Jacob, can I ask if you have sent out any orders yet? As I am still waiting on Supercop. i have emailed you and sent you an private message some time back with no reply. All I want to know if it's been sent out or not been like 2 months now maybe more.
  7. As for the Armour of god, the Japanese blu ray I have it has the film with the original English dub as an extra feature. The file size is around 11gb just for that. I have made an custom of that if Jacob would like to add that to his version to the blu ray or add it as an extra disc?. Does have the English opening and ending sequences. Did make it as an blu ray disc after playing around with it as it was badly interlaced video onit originally. I'll add some images of it shortly.
  8. I will probably pick up the Japanese and the Korean Blu Ray of the movie to see as the Korean would be the same as the HK. Korean set looks nice with some extras like the Japanese edition.
  9. I cant see the HK or the Korean Blu Ray of Drunken Master II being fully uncut. As it has an English audio track so will be the same as the Warner DVD from years back. Or they may add the Cantonese language to the missing English dub parts at the end of the film but I can't see that happening.
  10. And forgot to answer your other question, it does have Cantonese soundtrack in 5.1 and Japanese 2.0 for the main HD print but still is an upscale transfer lol.
  11. I made an blu ray custom of this version years back, I bet that this SD version was the version they use for the upscale HD blu ray for HK etc. It was an big file to can't remember the exact size tho have to have a look.
  12. I have added two screen shoots from the Japanese blu ray. The English dub is in the special features menu. That is highlighted in yellow it has the Japanese and English audio on that version.
  13. Hi, yes I can confirm that it does have the original English dub on it as a bonus in SD very good picture onit to. It does use the English credits from an VHS and then gos to the better quality image but just in standard definition. I got mine years ago from cdjapan when I did see about it having the original English dub onit.