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  1. Jet Li's Fist of Legend 1994😀
  2. chenzen

    Andy Lau and Louis Koo are in everything?

    Apparently I haven't seen as many Andy Lau movies as I should have lol. I totally forgot about Simon Yam. You are right that guy is literally in everything or damn near everything.
  3. So I notice as a longtime fan of Hong Kong cinema in General Louis Koo and Andy Lau use to mostly play second or third tier characters in films during the 1990's and early 2000's. It seems the last 5 years or so they star in a lead role in nearly every major film in the territory. I also notice they appear in quite a few mainland movies. Does anyone else notice this? and if anyone does why do you think two middle age actors became so popular this late into their careers?
  4. Even though the story for this movie was weak, The action was insanely awesome. I watched it with my brother and Cousin and we laughed our asses off at the last two fights of the film.
  5. chenzen

    Police Story 2 (1988)

    I definitely agree about the Hong Kong Version being better. I remember my brother and I watched the Japanese cut two years ago and my brother fell asleep because it got so boring lol. I on the other hand stay awake during a movie no matter what and I finished it. It's still a great movie no matter what version you watch but the Hong Kong version is definitely the winner.
  6. Weird I always thought he was in the first one lol I guess I did get it mixed up with the the second one. It's so weird though I swore that guy was in the first one I watched. Thank you guys for helping me remember properly lol( I have also only seen part 2 once)
  7. So this may be the dumbest post I ever make but hear me out lol. So I first saw Tony Jaa's the protector on Amazon instant video a few years ago. It was the American cut. A year later I bought the u.s Blu-ray which has the Thai cut and the U.S cut. So I remember a character in the Amazon instant video version who was Tony Jaa's friend in the movie. He lived in the same village in the begining and he gets kidnaped and later on coming to find out is responsible for his elephant getting stolen. The problem is I can't find any scenes with this character online or anywhere! It was in the Amazon video version but not in my Blu-ray. My brother also vividly remembers the character. I know I am not delusional ,so does anyone else remember this character? I can't even find a summary online that mentions the character. Is this the Mandella effect? Or am I just not researching hard enough?
  8. chenzen

    WELCOME BACK! Questions & Answers Thread

    I am so grateful the forum is back! I felt life something was missing in my free time when I couldn't view the site lol
  9. chenzen

    Unpopular opinion thread

    I think crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon,House of Flying daggers, and Hero are boring....
  10. chenzen

    Jackie Chan's Dark Side

    Ya it's definitely is disappointing that Jackie Chan is a jerk in real life. I had heard before he was a drunken womanizer. Although I still enjoy his movies to death. I try to remember that what see you see on the screen is a character and not the actor's real personality.
  11. So as I was purchasing Spl2 last night from Yesasia I noticed under preorders they had last hero in China On blu ray remastered. I have been waiting so freaking long for someone to come along and re release the movie. Are you guys excited or was last hero in china not one of your favorites? http://www.yesasia.com/global/1045549754-0-0-0-en/info.html
  12. Knockabout was the last one I watched. The jump rope fight scene at the end makes it a classic alone
  13. I believe the term V Cinema is still used for some direct to video productions in Japan.The only series i"m aware of nowadays that are still referred to it would be The Super Sentai series V Cinema films and Kamen Rider V Cinema Films.
  14. Since Jet Li ruled the 90"s this list isn't gonna be very diverse lol Fist Of Legend Fong Sai Yuk Last hero in China Once upon a time in China 2 Iron Monkey Legend of the Wolf Drunken Master 2 My Father is a Hero Skinny tiger Fatty Dragon Wing Chun
  15. My top 10 is in no particular order. Knockabout The Young Master 8 Diagram Pole Fighter Heroes of the East Return to the 36th Chamber The Victim Snake in the Eagles Shadow Drunken Master Magnificent Butcher Dirty Ho Fist of Fury