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  1. In my opinion, it does look like the artist has a tremendous amount of talent. Making these vibrant covers requires a lot of skill and effort. Especially seeing these covers up close, you can see there's a lot of meticulous detail. But, as some of you have said, the faces look kinda lifeless. I actually really like the covers for Crime Story and Miracles. But The Protector just has downright bad design. I fear that companies will never stop releasing "black-shirt Chan" covers.
  2. It does not unfortunately. A rare English dub is included, but it has the original score from the HK version.
  3. KenHashibe

    Loved Ones Lost

    I'm glad that you were comfortable enough to share this. Sometimes bottling up your emotions can just make things worse. I know that for me personally, when I'm feeling down, talking to people I trust (friends, family) helps tremendously. It's good that you're talking about it and I'm glad that it seems you're looking ahead to better things and future projects. I can only imagine how hard this is for you. I haven't gone through quite anything like this before, but I wish you all the best. You are an extremely kind person, and you've shown me (and many others) so much generosity over the years. And if you need anything at all, don't be afraid to ask for help. I'm always willing to help, and there are so many others that I'm sure are willing to help you through this as well. Please take care. My deepest condolences to you and your family.
  4. I would love to see the extended cut! Hoping for the deleted scene with Tim Roth. Oh that's pretty sweet! I saw that interview before a screening of Fist of Fury at the New Bev a couple years ago. That's a wonderful bonus!
  5. Just saw this a couple nights ago at the New Beverly with a packed crowd, and I loved it! I thought both Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt gave career-best performances. It was really refreshing seeing this movie since it's very original and unpredictable. There were a number of moments where I was caught completely off-guard in very satisfying ways. This movie was very funny, exciting, smart, and entertaining. And the audience I saw it with went totally nuts, up to a point where it was almost overwhelming. The more I think about this movie, the more I appreciate it. I gave it an 8 out of 10 after seeing it, but I feel it could move up to a 9. I'm gonna have to see it again (which I have no problems with). And I'm gonna comment a little on the Bruce Lee controversy and the ending, both of which involve spoilers, so only read the following if you've seen the movie:
  6. KenHashibe

    Kung Fu Screenings at the New Beverly Cinema in LA

    Here's the June 2019 schedule (open image in a new tab for a larger image): No kung fu/Hong Kong movies this month, but highlights for me are 2001, Once Upon a Time in the West, and Bullitt. I've unfortunately been really busy with work and haven't found the time to go to the New Beverly, so we'll see if I can make it to anything this month. I think I've seen the Cantonese and English version of The Master Strikes, and I agree that the English dub is much better. Also, though I'm not the biggest fan of the film, you have me intrigued with those extended scenes. I'm always interested in alternate versions of Hong Kong films. (I definitely would've hoped for some additional fight scenes 😁)
  7. KenHashibe

    Kung Fu Screenings at the New Beverly Cinema in LA

    Here's the May 2019 calendar (open image in a new tab for a larger image): I'm very late this month, but here's the May calendar for the New Beverly. For Hong Kong cinema, they have a Kao Pao-Shu double feature on May 28th including Blood of the Dragon (which I actually haven't heard of before) and The Master Strikes (which I don't really like but I think the fights are incredible). If I'm free, I'd love to make it to see these films. Side note: I unfortunately wasn't free to see any of the Hong Kong films shown last month. Thanks for the comment! I try to be as specific as I can when I write these so the reader can almost share the experience. Unfortunately, I wasn't as in-depth this time, but I'm glad you enjoyed reading it! I'm actually not super knowledgeable with sound systems and digital audio, but going to the New Beverly so often has taught me a lot about how films were made and shown in theaters. It's such a fun experience going there because it's like you're stepping back in time. Thanks again!
  8. I really love this release (and Criterion in general). I got to spend some more time this week watching the films and looking through the special features, and I think it's a great set with great picture and audio. I feel like the 2k transfer of the HK version of Police Story 2 alone made the set worth buying. But I've heard some complaints about contrast-boosting and compression artifacts. To my eye, I don't see anything wrong with the picture quality. And there are some fans who were disappointed that there aren't any additional versions of Police Story included. However, I'm still ecstatic about this release! The complaints that people have about this release are ones that don't really both me at all. All I wanted was the films in HD with the original mono. To answer your question, it really just depends what you're looking for. I guess I'm not very picky.
  9. Got mine yesterday. Drove an hour and a half through LA traffic to pick it up from Amoeba. Definitely worth the awful drive getting there (and getting home). I haven't been able to watch both films all the way through yet, but I did get to skim through the films and the special features. The picture quality is excellent. And the original mono tracks sound incredible. As for the 2k transfer of the original HK version of Police Story 2, it surprisingly looks great! It looks a tiny bit dark, and of course, there's some blemishes and missing frames. But it's very sharp and vibrant. The print doesn't look faded at all. And none of the defects are that distracting. Apparently, Criterion sourced this print from the American Genre Film Archive and they did a great job preserving it. Police Story has the rare English dub from a Dutch VHS which contains the original soundtrack. The "Police Force" version with the alternate synthesizer soundtrack is not included in the Criterion release. Police Story 2 has the new English dub.
  10. Seeing Bastard Swordsman at the New Beverly was one of my very favorite experiences seeing a movie in a theater ever. I would 100% recommend seeing it with an audience.
  11. KenHashibe

    Kung Fu Screenings at the New Beverly Cinema in LA

    Busy, busy, busy, busy, busy. But better late than never I hope. Last month on March 12th, I went to the New Beverly Cinema to watch their Bruce Li double feature: Soul Brothers of Kung Fu and The Image of Bruce Lee. Now that I’m a licensed driver, I was able to drive myself this time (fortunately for my mom who hates English-dubbed kung fu movies). When I got there, I met up and caught up with @ShaolinPatriot who I hadn’t seen for about a year. It was great getting to catch up with him before the film. Before Soul Brothers started, New Bev programmer Brian Quinn came out and introduced the two films, and encouraged everyone to stay once Soul Brothers ended because of a surprise interview with Carl Scott himself! Coincidentally, @ShaolinPatriot and I were talking about how Carl Scott lives in LA and the chances of him being here for the screening. I was already excited for the films, but this just made everything better. They showed a live-action comedy short film entitled “So You Want a Raise” starring Joe McDoakes which was pretty enjoyable. The following trailer reel included trailers for Amazon Women on the Moon, Slumber Party Massacre, and Sorority House Massacre (all of which showed later that month). The print for Soul Brothers of Kung Fu was an English-dubbed print, and it was in great shape for being over 40 years old. The print shown didn’t include any music from the Rocky soundtrack (unlike other versions), but it was completely uncut. And without spoiling anything, the ending included was the “happy ending” instead of the alternate downbeat ending. I hadn’t seen Soul Brothers of Kung Fu for a few years, and I had forgotten how innovative the fight scenes were for the time. The film is otherwise pretty standard, but the fight scenes really make it exceptional and thoroughly entertaining. The story is half-decent as well and the audience reactions added a lot to the excitement. Following Soul Brothers was the live interview with Carl Scott which was very informative and fun. Apparently, Carl Scott disliked making live appearances until recently. He actually reached out to the New Beverly when he found out they were showing this film and said he’d love to come by. Brian Quinn asked questions about his background and how he got involved in Hong Kong films. Then, they opened up questions to the audience where they asked about his martial arts background and who his favorite people were to work with (among other things). He also said his favorite film that he made is Sun Dragon (aka A Hard Way to Die). Brian Quinn then said they haven’t been able to find a print of that yet, but if they were to show it, Carl Scott said he would definitely come back for that. I would go more in-depth, but maybe another time on a separate post. I’m scrambling to get this write-up posted. 😁 But, overall, it was a super cool surprise and Carl Scott was a very nice guy. Next was an intermission, and before The Image of Bruce Lee started, there was another brief trailer reel including trailers for Exit the Dragon Enter the Tiger (which I actually enjoy a lot for some reason) and Bruce Lee Fights Back From the Grave (which I refuse to see because it looks horrendous). The Image of Bruce Lee was shown English-dubbed with faded colors, but was otherwise in decent condition. The version they showed was strange. None of the nudity was censored, but certain scenes were clearly trimmed for violence by the distributor. And the ending was cut as well. The airport scene at the end of the film was completely absent, and instead it ended with the shot of John Cheung and Han Ying-Chieh followed by a title card that said “The End”. It was a shock to everyone that it ended so abruptly, but I couldn’t help but laugh. This was my first time seeing The Image of Bruce Lee, and though it has a few moments to shine, it was otherwise horribly boring and repetitive. My biggest problem with some low-budget kung fu movies of the time are the fight choreography. One of the main reasons why kung fu movies appeal to me is because you get to see incredible feats of athleticism that few in the world can achieve. But the fight choreography in The Image of Bruce Lee was completely devoid of any creativity, and it all looked like stuff that I could do. And it didn’t help that the fight scenes took up a majority of the film. It was pretty rough to sit through, but at least it was on the big screen with an audience, making it only slightly more engaging. It’s really hard to complain, because I’m just so appreciative that a theater in LA is still showing these kind of movies. Despite being indifferent about The Image of Bruce Lee, I still had a great time going to the New Beverly again. I say this every time I go, but it’s absolutely true. If I’m free next week, I’m gonna try to see the Lee Tso Nam triple feature (but I’m not sure if I can stay for the third film) and A Better Tomorrow 2. I am definitely gonna try to see Dangerous Encounters-1st Kind and School on Fire the week after. Intense downbeat movies like that are my jam. Can’t wait! I can’t thank the New Beverly enough for these awesome film-going experiences!
  12. Later this month, the Criterion Collection will be releasing Police Story/Police Story 2 on Blu-ray. And last week, Last Hurrah For Chivalry (which they apparently own distribution rights to) was chosen to be one of their Movies of the Week on their streaming service, The Criterion Channel. It seems the Criterion Collection is returning to their roots and will possibly be releasing more Hong Kong movies in the future. Besides films they have released in the past, which Hong Kong action/kung fu films do you feel deserve the "Criterion treatment"?
  13. Recently, I've been looking for the theme song from Hand of Death (1976). So catchy and it's been stuck in my head this whole month.
  14. KenHashibe

    Sister Street Fighter collection giveaway...

    I'll be greedy and enter here too. 😁 Haven't seen these films but I would love to. Thanks! These giveaways are very generous of you.
  15. KenHashibe

    Kung Fu Screenings at the New Beverly Cinema in LA

    UPDATE: On Apil 30th, the New Beverly will be showing Dangerous Encounters-First Kind (1980) and School on Fire (1988). Never seen Dangerous Encounters but I hear it's very downbeat. I have seen School on Fire though, which I know is very downbeat. But I love these kind of bleak, intense movies anyway so I really hope I can make it. And I'm curious if it's the Category 2 or Category 3 version of School on Fire. Again, awesome schedule this month!