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  1. theThirdMaster

    Sister Street Fighter Collection- Arrow

    @KUNG FU BOB The slipcover on Sister Street Fighter is really cool! Etsuko on the cover with the kick is kind of a different texture than the rest of the slipcover. Just wondering if that was your idea or who comes up with that sort of thing? Arrow always has these nice finishes on their slips, alternate textures, or spot glossy areas, etc.
  2. theThirdMaster

    88 Films SB Blu-ray

    Any news or rumors of more releases? I hope they continue.
  3. theThirdMaster

    Shaw Brothers on Blu-ray

    Thanks for the list!
  4. theThirdMaster

    Shaw Brothers on Blu-ray

    This is an excellent resource! I know it would be a lot of work, but would it be possible to update the list with which titles are English friendly (i.e. subtitle and dub columns)? Maybe which region they are in. The German releases in particular, it's confusing to know which have English subtitles and which don't.
  5. theThirdMaster

    Horrors of Malformed Men (1969) coming from Arrow

    This movie is twisted! This is a title I did not expect to get a Blu-ray release, especially in the US. A welcome surprise from Arrow.
  6. theThirdMaster

    Police Story 1 & 2 4K Restoration

    Oh man, that YouTube video has me pumped. I've already pre-ordered Iron Monkey and Police Story 1/2. I want that Story of Ricky remaster, and everything else in that video. I may end up buying every one of those in that video on blu, especially if companies like Eureka or Criterion are picking them up.
  7. theThirdMaster

    Coming From Arrow: More Nikkatsu Films

    That review sounds promising. There was nothing bad in Vol. 1, but nothing great either. I don't see myself revisiting any of the titles for a long time, if ever. Vol. 2 looks promising. The style/genre is more inline with my taste. Actually Vol. 2 is in hand, it was delivered yesterday. The packaging is gorgeous (like Vol. 1), but it may be a bit a few weeks till I crack it open and start watching the movies.
  8. theThirdMaster

    IVL and Buyoyo

    I ordered the IVL for Dirty Ho about 2 years ago from dddhouse. It came in a black case. The other Shaw IVLs I ordered came in the usual clear case. It looks legit, and was shrink wrapped. I also think they just switched to black cases for later pressings on some titles. It doesn't bother me except from a uniformity perspective. There's no inner artwork on these, so the clear case is kinda wasted.
  9. I'm a sucker for these Arrow sets. I'll probably pick this up, though I haven't seen them. How do these compare to the original series?
  10. theThirdMaster

    I just ordered "The Jade Tiger" dvd (Update:Spoilers)

    I remember enjoying it, but not many details. I feel like Chor Yuen has two sides. The Killer Clans angle with a confusing plot and backstabbing ninjas jumping out of secret compartments OR the more introspective style ala The Sentimental Swordsman. I tend to prefer the later. His work is also wildly inconsistent in quality from title to title. Aside from Killer Clans, which is a standout in the 'confusing plot and backstabbing ninjas jumping out of secret compartments' sub-genre, I tend to prefer his more introspective movies. Death Duel is a personal favorite, it's one of my favorite Shaws. Intimate Confessions is another (although that doesn't fit squarely into a category). All that text, and all I really remember is Jade Tiger being more in line with Killer Clans. Lots of twists and turns and you're still having fun. It's a good movie. Once you start getting down to Legend of the Bat and Duel of the Century things get a little more hairy.
  11. I bought this set as a blind buy, even though I wouldn't really consider myself a Miike fan. I always find his movies interesting, but I don't think I love any of them. Even Audition and 13 Assassins I enjoyed, but was not drawn to them enough for a second viewing. Still, I was interested enough to purchase this set. For me Miike is a train wreck of dark, twisted ideas you can't really look away from. I feel like I should love his movies, but in the end I just kind of like them. And after watching Shinjuku Triad Society last night, that's exactly how I feel, again. That City on Fire review was spot on (aren't they always?), even if I'd give it a 6/10 instead of 7/10. The closing line sums it up perfectly: It might be a bit before I crack into Rainy Dog, so I'll read that review later.
  12. theThirdMaster

    Train to Busan (2016) - Korean Zombie Movie!

    I watched this last night. I'd say it's a really good zombie movie. One of the better ones in recent years, in a genre that has become over saturated. The zombies are very fast (like 28 Day Later) and they look pretty good. They don't have much in common with Romero zombies. The characters are stereotypes and their story lines are predictable. That sounds kind of bad on paper, but the characters are very likable, enough to keep you engaged in the story. The ones that aren't are fun to hate. Which is good because there is a fair amount of melodrama in this movie. The energy, tone, and pacing of this movie is spot on. And that's really where this movie shines. Highly recommended for zombie fans.
  13. theThirdMaster

    Some pics from a recent visit to Shaw Bros

    Cool! What's the name of the doc and when's it coming out?
  14. FYI the cheapest place I've found to consistently purchase Warner MOD (and Warner Archive Blu-ray) titles is deepdiscount.com. Shipping is fairly reasonable (or free on $25+ orders). Right now they have 15% off entire order with code NEW2017. Coupon codes are posted on the homepage, and pretty much every month there is a 10% or 15% code available for about a week or so. So don't feel like you have to order today. They are a legit shop and have been around for many years. They tend to have great deals/sales on smaller labels (like Warner Archive, Shout!, Kino, Olive), but aren't quite as competitive on more mainstream titles (in my experience). I don't know about you, but $20 is a bit of a hard sell for a DVD-R, especially on a blind buy. For instance, deepdiscount has Big Bullet for $12.74 (before 15% coupon) as opposed to Amazon's $21.99 Pedicab Driver $14.50 (before 15% coupon) vs Amazon's $19.19 Blade of Fury $12.81 (before 15% coupon) vs Amazon's $17.99. Well, you get the idea. Oh, and you're less likely to pay sales tax on deepdiscount vs Amazon, depending on where you live. In my experience, shipping is a tad slow from deepdiscount, about a week to receive my order. But that's hardly a deal breaker in most cases. Orders are usually shipped in those glue/vacuum cardboard thingies like Target or Best Buy.
  15. theThirdMaster

    88 Films SB Blu-ray

    Human Lanterns seems like such a natural fit for this label. They seem to be a primarily horror label, and the Shaws they are going after are either horror or bloodier/darker kung fu flicks.