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  1. I know there's a thread on this movie somewhere on the forums, but I just couldnt find it.
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    Pro Wrestling Thread 2019

    Nine times NWA World Tg-Team Champions, The Rock N Roll Express. Defying time and showing no signs of stopping, or even tiring for that matter. From two Wrestling Icons, to one in the making Miss Tessa Blanchard.
  3. Introduction Firstly, I'd like to say this is by no means a definitive look at every cut/missing scene from the late actor's/Martial Artist's filmography. I just thought this article might spark some discussion on the subject, between Kung Fu Fandom members/readers. This write-up features genuine deleted/cut scenes. Along with some theories I've come up with over the years, regarding possible cuts/alterations alongside fandom theories & Online Myth's . Looking exclusively at all four of Bruce Lee's complete Hong Kong Martial Art's films. The Big Boss, Fist of Fury, Way of The Dragon and Enter The Dragon. Feel free to share your own thoughts images and related media. In this, in depth thread on the subject of rare Bruce Lee film footage. Note that this is also a work in progress, I'll be adding even more content to this article in the future. Keeping checking the forums for up-date's and other new Little Dragon related discussions. If anyone has anything they would like to contribute to the following article, please send me a PM or contact me via this thread. Missing In Action: Bruce Lee's Deleted Movie Scene's The Big Boss It's common knowledge among long terms fans, that Bruce Lee's The Big Boss underwent a lot of changes for its international release. The often talked about burning cart scene, Cheng's second visit to the brothel, the work-saw in the head etc. This was covered superbly by Jason Hart's well researched article. That really dug deep into the omitted scenes from Bruce Lee first box-office hit. For anyone yet to read this, I've included a link at the end of this write-up. There are however, stills from the movie, that bring up questions regarding other cut scenes?. Most fans have seen the well-known and now iconic image of Bruce Lee's flying kick. Taken from one of the Big Boss's promotional pictures, it shows Lee kicking Peter Chan, who's wearing a blue t-shirt. Yet Chan never appeared in the finale of the movie. Yet you can spot his body lying on the floor during Cheng’s fight with the big boss. At around 1:30:28 into the movie, you can spot Peter Chan face down in the dirt, in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. As Lee and the boss continue to fight. If he didn’t appear in the finale?, what’s he doing laying there?. You can spot his body again in a later shot at 1:31:30. Also, the two lackey’s who can be seen crawling away, behind Cheng's back, as Cheng approaches the mansion. Both are laid static on the ground during later clips in the final fight. Was this just bad continuity? or was there more to the last few scenes of the movie?. Did they film more footage, only to change their mind about it in the editing room?. When I emailed Jason Hart many moons ago, he said he thought they were just promotional pictures, featuring Peter Chan. I'll take his word, as he knows more about the movie than I do. Yet the presence of Chans body during the finale, still presents some un-answered question's. Some fans speculate that there was an extended print of The Big Boss released on video in Greece and Spain?. There's also rumours of some German and Greek trailers featuring further cut scenes?. Is this the reason why you just dont see any official Greek, French or Spanish trailers for the film?. The only German preview I've seen is on YouTube, and its indentical to the British Rank trailer. Fan's have awaited for some kind of release for so long, would they accept a full screen foriegn dubbed version of one of the longer prints?. If a private collector choose to release it. I personally think we would have seen more unseen footage, if such VHS releases even existed. 1970's Spanish Big Boss promotional posters. An alternative shot of the flying kick promo photo. Note the bloody wound on the Thai stuntman to the far left, where Cheng stabs his character in the movie. Here's the same cropped picture again, only taken from a slightly different angle. Cheng subdues an angry worker at the ice factory, discarded scene? or mis-interpreted picture?. This Singapore flyer for The Big Boss, features a rare image from the saw in head sequence. Take a look at the images, along the top of the flyer. This item doesnt belong to me, its part of this collection, Link- https://bruceleeiconmuseum.wordpress.com/2016/05/21/original-flyers/ Fist Of Fury It's been rumoured that this movie originally had a longer run-time?. Some of the movies Hong Kong promotional leaflets etc, list the movie with a longer run time. A fan posted one of these on the Bruce Lee Lives forum, but sadly the link for the image no longer works. It might have just been a typo/error in regards to the longer run-time?. There have been suggestions, that there were more scenes featuring Cheng and the interpreter he pulls around in the rickshaw?. One sequence, that was definitely cut from the movie, features Chen Zhen performing a kick on Mr Suzuki. The edit is very abrupt, fans looking for this cut should watch closely at around 1:34:37, just after he ditches the nunchukus, he goes to throw a kick but it abruptly cuts to the empty hand exchange. According to Bob Baker, when Chen bites Petrov's foot, the sequence also ran a bit longer, with Chen really biting down on his ankle. With Petrov finding it harder to shake him off. This he mentioned at a U.K convention, featuring him, John Saxon and Howard Williams. There's another photo of a scene featuring Lee still in character, re-entering the Japanese dojo space. The scar on his chest, confirms that its after his duel with Mr Suzuki. Did the Japanese who slaughtered his school, return to the dojo before he left?. Or was there simply a shot of Chen reflectively walking away through the carnage he made?, let us know what you think?. The missing kick. Chen Zhen re-entering the Japanese dojo, after the Suzuki/Petrov fight. Way Of The Dragon Fans of the little dragon have talked about the missing footage from Way Of The Dragon for many years. There's no concrete proof it even exists anymore, but there's a theory that more scenes were filmed. Like any conversation/writing about rare Bruce Lee footage, the information is vague at best. Related images and pictures are often even harder to get hold of. Vague also been a word that applies to this very article. There was a report in a 90's Bruce Lee fanzine, that talked about the discovery of lost WOTD footage. Again, I'm unable to post a link or image, but the fanzine has been seen/posted online by fans. Meaning it’s not just me claiming to have viewed the said article. Did Tang Lung finally show the waiters his Kung Fu technqiues, without getting interupted this time?. The version of the scene that appears in the movie, doesnt have Lee topless. Enter The Dragon Like the Big Boss, the missing ETD footage has often been discussed about and listed by fans. Bolo beating up the guard who drops the luggage, when the contestants first arrive on the island. With the shot of Mr Lee, Williams and Roper watching from the shoreline. Then there's his death scene/final fight, which appears to have been shortened to remove use of a knife?. It also been rumoured that Warner Brothers cut out a shot of one of the racist cops, getting his head between the jaws of the dogs at the start of the movie. With test audiences laughing at the poor effects. The extended nunchaku sequence that according to Impact magazine, featured in a rare international trailer for the movie. With Mr Lee fighting his way down another cavern corridor, before finally being trapped by Han. This shot is supposed to have been filmed from above. Maybe filmed from the point of view of Han's character?. Who later looks down on Lee when he's caputred by the sliding vertical steel doors. Having never viewed the footage myself, I can’t confirm if this longer version of the scene was actually filmed?. What happens to Peter Archers character?, and did he have a larger role in the rough cut?. Then theres a still of one of Han's Dragon Ladies gang, sat on a motorbike. That's being towed on a trialer?, with Robert Clouse and Gil Hubbs on-board. This picture of this can be viewed at the end of this write-up. The woman was to be seen giving out invitations to Hans tournament. They filmed this footage, when Lee was not appearing on set. Would it have had a purpose in the finished version? or was it simply a scrapped idea?. Clouse talks about filming this scene in his making of ETD book. Where the late director also mentions how the military helicopters featured at the end. Originally landed on Hans island, with the U.S Navy troops pouring out of them. There a few images circulating of Mr Lee and Roper looking at the aftermath of the films big outside brawl. Watching hans guards getting rounded up. While taking in the carnage caused by the big brawl. These scene's would have taken place after Lee's thumbs up to John Saxon, which ends the current version of the movie. It’s a known fact that Bruce Lee's character receives a copy of his own book on Martial Arts, by Han. Saxons character Roper, being a fine art admirer. Get's his room decorated in modern art peices. His interest in this subject, is simply not included in the current prints at all. Williams gets a new sound system and three posters. One featuring a Black Power fist, one with Jimi Hendrix and third feautring a topless woman.. You can see the black power poster, on his wall in the theatrical cut. Yet the other two posters, only turn up in various pictures. This was all to show how Han's character had done his home work on Roper, Williams & Mr Lee. Roper & Lee watch on as Han guards are rounded up. Deleted scene with Saxon/Ahan Capri, the image on the left is taken in Williams room, note the two alternative posters incuding Jimi Hendrix. Gil Hubbs and Robert Clouse filming the girl on the bike scenes. Here's the link to the Jason Hart article, which goes further in depth, in regards to longer print of The Big Boss. LINK- http://bruceleelives.co.uk/missingboss.html While we cant prove some of the above scenes existed. Maybe someday in the future, new information or photos, might be able to confirm or debunk some of these theories?.
  4. It's back, the first episode of 2018 features 80's icon Taimark Guirreillo, from The Last Dragon(1985). Filmaker and Martial Artist Daniel Lue, also drops in to chat with Ben Johnson. Link- http://www.kungfumovieguide.com/kfmg-podcast-s03-episode-24-taimak-daniel-lue/
  5. Digital Domain, Hong Kong-based visual effects studio behind Avengers and Titanic is betting on future of 5G, virtual reality Digital Domain brought the Marvel supervillain Thanos to life for Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame Hong Kong-listed company is investing in virtual reality, interactive technology Link- https://www.scmp.com/business/companies/article/3020499/digital-domain-hong-kong-based-visual-effects-studio-behind https://www.scmp.com/business/companies/article/3020499/digital-domain-hong-kong-based-visual-effects-studio-behind
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    It may have been a Taiwanese U.S Army base instead then?.
  7. Women in Martial Arts: Bringing together the trailblazing ladies who helped forge Hong Kong's greatest cinematic legacy. Link- https://www.timeout.com/hong-kong/film/women-in-martial-arts
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    Bruce Lee Collectibles

  9. Re-Birth of The Dragon: Post Millenium Bruceploitation Actor's While the Bruceploitation genre is unlikley to ever reach the manic heights it did in the late 1970's. Here are handful of actors, who have brought Bruce Lee back to life on both the big and small screen's. From the last nineteen year's. If you can name a talent who hasn't been listed, feel free to post any suggestions. There's has been an increased number of actors, portraying the late Martial Arts screen legend. From just the past decade alone. Most recently with Andrew Koji, in the Justin Linns directed Warrior series, Mike Moh in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, and Phillip Ng in Birth of The Dragon. Not forgetting Kwok Kwan-Chan, who has starred in The Legend of BL(2008) T.V series, with cemeos in the last installment of the Ip Man film series. He's also set to star in the latest Ip Man installment this year, with a larger role it?. If Justin Linn's comments about Shannon Lee having files and files of her fathers idea's & un-made Film/T.V scripts, are ture. Then it looks like there will be many more actors, stepping into the famous Martial Artist's shoes. I didnt want to list actors who portrayed similar roles in the any Dr Z flicks out there, I think those actors are worthy of a whole article, of their own. Jay Chou - Taiwanese born actor, singer, song writer, film producer and director. He got the chance to bring a character closely associated with the Little Dragon T.V career, Kato, from The Green Hornet comic's/radio series. The actor made his Hollywood debut, playing Kato, in the 2001 big creen adaptation of The Green Hornet(1966). Kato(Jay Chou) get to grips with some criminals. Andrew Koji- The English actor with Japanese heritage,has been cast in the BL role, for Justin Linn's HBO/Cine-Max, Warrior series. Set for a release in the not so distant future. Koji will be channeling the little dragon, for some small screen Kung Fu adventures, set in the old West. A stranger in a foriegn land, Ah Sahm(Andrew Koji) arrives in the land of oppertunity. Mike Moh- It's not quite clear how big Moh role in Quentin Taratinos, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood is?. Nor how his already both controversial and ficitional fight, with Brad Pitt's stuntman character Cliff Booth, ends. This Hollywood fantasy film, shouldnt be taken too seriously. However, I'm sure the Moh role will be much talked about in the coming months by fan's. The American born actor/Martial Artist, is also a 5th degree Blackbelt in Taekwondo. Making the veteran actor more than qualified to become a future screen action star. Moh made his debut in the 2006 Jackie Chan prouction Robin B Hood. "My hands are registered as lethal weapons" Phillip Ng- Hong Kong actor/Martial Artist Ng, is probably the most qualified Martial Artist, featured in this brief article?. He starred in the recent Birth of The Dragon movie, a big screen re-telling of Bruce Lee's early years in America, and his fight with Wong Jack Man. Phillip Ng takes flight, in the finale of Birth of The Dragon(2016) Aarif Rahman- Starred in the The Young Bruce Lee(2010), a film based on the Little Dragons early year's in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong born actor, studied physcis for three years, at the London imperial college. Before he embarked on a career in acting. Martial Art movie fans can also spot him in Stalnly Tong's Kung Fu Yoga(2017). He's set to appear in the 2019 T.V series Princess Silver, alongside Chao Zing and Sofie Zhang. Twin Dragon's, Aarif Rahman as the young Bruce Lee. Danny Kwok-Chan- Of all the performers listed so far, Danny has perhaps played BL the most?. With a cameo in the third installment of Donnie Yen Ip an big screen series. Chan was also cast in the role of BL, for the hit Chinese series, Legend of Bruce Lee(2010). Then he lent his skills to the fan dividing Johnnie Walked whisky advert, that brought Mr Lee back to life, with the use of CGI. He's latest portrayal of the fiery screen legend, will be in this year's Ip Man 4. Danny Kwok-Chan, show he's got the moves, in Ip Man 3. Dragon Sek Ting-Lung- In the early noutghties, Dragon Sek was cast in a number of BL exploitation style films. The head of the Bejing Jeet Kuen Do Federation, was certainly qualified for this kind of role. Lung appeared in a series of low-budet features, exploitatig the BL image, Dragon The Master(2001), Dragon in Fury(2004), Phoneix from Shaolin(2005) and Dragon The Master 2(2002). Dragon Sek's 1998 movie debut, Return of The Dragon. Abbas Alizada(Abb Li) - One of the newest names in this article, is currently filming the Little Dragon inspired, He Is Back. Known as the Afghan BL, Alizada gained attention on social media sites. Where he has since build up a arge following. David VS Goliath, Alizada chops down his opponent, in a scene from He Is Back(2019). Dragon Chen - (real name is Chen Tien-Xing) He made some films. The first one, "Jeet Kune Do" (2010), is a really good Bruceploitation film. Chen plays the son of a kung fu master (Bruce Leong, The Dragon lives again). His father tried to teach him, since he was a child, the family style, called Chen Fist Style. But Chen is obsessed with Bruce Lee and Jeet Kune Do. He even imitates Lee. Chen travels to an city because he wants to participate on an upcoming "Jeet Kune Do" Tournament. Because of that, he gets in an argue with his father before and his father gets sick. In the city he meets people, who made him think about, if he always want to be shadow of Bruce Lee. He even meet an old student of Lee, who show him, the true meaning of Jeet Kune Do. The Tournament itself is Bruceploitation. One of Chen's opponents is a rich guy, who also immitates Bruce Lee. The other opponents are immitate Dan Inosanto, Ji Han Jae and Kareem Abdul Jabbar. It's crazy, but great entertainment. The next film he made, "Nunchucks", seems to be lost or was never released. There is only a trailer available on YouTube. Then he made the film "Kung Fu Fighter" which had little Bruce Lee in it. Chen plays a guy, who first is poor, than becomes a famous superstar, gets aroogant and forgets his longtime girlfriend. Later he looses everything and starts to understand, that fame isn't everything. During the hole film Bruce Lee is mentioned. "I want to be as famous as Bruce Lee" "You're the next Bruce Lee" and Chen has Bruce Lee posters at the wall of his apartment.  In his fourth film "Ultimate Hero", Chen finally throws "the Bruce Lee thing" away and made a film in his own right. - TxT by @DT-Nice1988.
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    Nce review @Killer Meteor, I've always known this under its Bruce Lee's Secret title. This is one I would love to rivisit, in Widescreen with restored audio and picture. I think they also shot some footage on the U.S Army base in Hong Kong?. To make use of the more Western looking street's & houses there.
  11. Way of The Dragon (1972) The first movie from Bruce Lee & Raymond Chow's newly formed Concord movie company. Noted for starring future American Martial Art's star Chuck Norris, in his first real significant role as Colt. Norris would spend three days at Golden Harvest studio in Hong Kong. Filming the finale of the movie, on a recreation of the Roman gladiatorial arena at Golden Harvest. Continuing his trend of working with real Martial Artist's Lee also used Korean Hap-Ki Do expert and student of Chi Han-Jae, Whang In-Sik. Along with another prominent American Martial Artist called Bob Wall. Alongside a cast of Hong Kong stars Nora Miao, Tony Liu, Paul Wei, Lee Kwan and a variety of Western backpacker's as hired thugs and extra's. He also cast close friends and family helpers Wu Gnan and Robert Chan. Having recently moved into his new Golden Harvest office. Bruce Lee set about working on his directorial debut, which would be based on his own writing's. Also contributing to the music & dubbing with his voice acting skills. He lent his vocal talents to one of the black actors playing an Italian thug. He wanted to show Hong Kong film business, that he could create his own success minus Lo Wei. Who just happened to be making A Man Called Tiger at the same time. Which also coincidently being film abroad in Japan. According to Mattew Polly's A Life Book, Lee said he also wanted to star in that movie as well. With his business partner Raymond Chow perhaps playing the director and star off each other?. I guess the rivalry between Bruce Lee and Jimmy Wang Yu was a little like the one between Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1980's. With each star trying to outdo the other. The story for Way, was developed from the earlier The Warrior idea written by Bruce himself. Which is not the same idea as the recently re-developed Warrior series, from the BL Estate. It told of a Qing Dynasty Warrior who ended up in the America, defending some of his fellow countrymen. The scripts story was given a modern day setting to accommodate the tight budget. America became Rome, and the ancient Warrior turned into a deadly highly disciplined double nunchaku wielding Martial Artist. Who had seen little of the world, the central character Tang Lung is a naive country bumpkin. The production only spent twelve days in Rome, shooting all of the exterior footage with any legal permits. They had to bribe workers at the ancient Coliseum, just to get an hours-worth of filming time. Being in the homeland of one director Sergio Leone, makes it no surprise his had some influence on filming. Take a look at Chuck Norris airport entrance to see the best example of this. With an Ennio Morricone style score playing over the footage in the actual movie. Bruce Lee's most fight filled movie continues to spark discussion among fans. A low budget $130,000 production that has gone onto be one of the most successful and popular action films of all time. With countless Betamax, VHS, DVD, VCD, Bu-Ray releases from around the globe. Released in the West after Lee's tragic early death. The film was re-titled Return of The Dragon for it's U.S release. Suggesting that it was a new post Enter The Dragon picture.
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    Rumble in Rome: Way of The Dragon Appreciation Thread

    Mr Lee choreogrpahs the double nunchaku yard fight, with the singing Maori big Mark Metekingi(Holding the Iron Bar). Who can I-D the switchblade brandishing thug in the background?. More WOTD cast information Coming Soon.
  13. Ron Van Clief was born on the 23rd of January 1945 in Brooklyn New York. As a young adult Van Clief joined the U.S Marine Corp on November 16th 1960. In 1962 he was stationed in Okinawa between June 1962 to June 1963. On April 16th 1965 he was released from active duty after almost five years of service to his country. During his time in the military he picked up the Rifle Sharpshooters Badge, Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal and National Service Defense Medal. After leaving the forces he worked as a New York Transit Police Officer until 1968. As an adult he started to pursue an interest in Martial Arts, competing in both full contact and non contact tournaments, locally and on the international circuit. Van Clief would study under a variety of Martial Arts Masters including Goju-Ryu teachers Moses Powell, Peter Urban and Frank Ruiz. He also learned from WingTsun founder Leung Ting and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Joe Moreira. By 1971 he had created his own style called Chinese Goju, a combination of the Japanese and Chinese fighting arts. Ron retired from active compettion in 2002 at the age of 60, but continues to be involved with Martial Arts. He retired as a five time World Karate Champion and a fifteen time All-American Champion. In 1974 he received his break in movies starring in the Hong Kong production The Black Dragons Revenge, this movie is where he got his iconic nickname the Black Dragon. He starred alongside former Bruce Lee student Leo Fong in the Filipino actioner Bamboo Trap(1975). Van Clief also shared the screen with Hollywood legend Lee Van Cleef in the Italian production The Squeeze(1977) that also starred Karen Black(Five Easy Pieces). He also lent his Martial Arts skills to the 1985 movie The Last Dragon, staging the fight scenes for the movie. His last screen appearance was in the M.Van Michaels directed movie Hot Lead Hardy Fury(2016). Ron Van Clief Trivia - He served in the Vietnam in 1965. - He was an instructor for the U.S secret service from 1993 to 1998 - Remains the oldest ever competitor to compete in the UFC, facing Royce Gracie at UFC IV aged 51. - Aged 60 he won the All-American Karate Championship. - Ron won a silver medal at the Hawaiian Triple Crown Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament at the age of 72 in 2015.
  14. This Trailer introduced me to Ron Van Clief in my early teens. When it featured in the Eastern Heroes Top Fighter documentary.
  15. According to Ricky Baker and Donnie Yen's Twitter page's, there is going to be a fourth installment in the Ip Man movie series.
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    Rumble in Rome: Way of The Dragon Appreciation Thread

    Check out @Coliseum1972 cool thread on this subject, for even more Way of The Dragon content. Just click on the link below thank you.
  17. Set in 1960's America?, that way you could have it as a sort of follow on to the latest movie?.
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    Vanguard (2019)

    While offering nothing ground breaking, I think it's his best trailer since The Foreigner. A lot better than those Bleeding Steel, Railroad Tiger's, Kung Fu Yoga etc previews. This looks like it could be good light hearted entertiment. Jackie Chan has long since earned his action stripes and then some. I'd expect a lot of CGI/Wire's when Chan's the age he is. Wire's have also been a big staple of Martial Arts cinema since day one.
  19. A physically more slim-line Bond, to the one who first appeared in Casino Royal. Daniel Craig must have given up on his resistance weight training routine?. I really hope we get see more Bond movies from him, though it's looking less and less likely. I've recently been re-watching the Sharpe BT.V series, via the box-set I own. Its a a 90s Birtish T.V series, based on the Bernard Cornwell books of the same name. He has a very minor part in one of the episodes alongside guest star and ace actor the late Pete Postlethwaite. This same episode also featured an early performance from Britsh actress Elizabeth Hurley. The trailer looks good, I'm sold already without seeing any further previews.
  20. Directed and scripted by Go Hoon. Source- https://www.hancinema.net/korean_movie_The_King_of_Fighters.php