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    40th Anniversary of FIST OF FURY

    They changed Bruce Lee characters hair style, to one that looked closer to his Big Boss look. Before filming had even started. They had already filmed the the few scenes you mentioned, before the Producers/stylists decided to change her look at the last minute. You have spotted something, that many people have over looked. (Below) the original look for Chen Zhen and his partner Yuen Li Er(Nota Miao) with briads. (Below)A pictures taken later during production, featuring the new look hair styles minus the braids.
  2. Can anyone explian why the 1973 Golden Harvest docuementary film Bruce Lee The Man And The Legend, was never given a theatrical release in the West?. It seems everyone and their uncle was cashing on Bruce Lee at the time, 20th Century Fox with the Green Hornet films, not to mention all the movies coming out of Asia at the time. You would have thought that Raymond Chow would have seen big profits to be made, from an International release?. He did late re-work this same movie into another project, BL The Legend, released in 1984 on home video. However, The Man, The Legend remained unavailable on VHS, in the U.K at least, until the late 90's. Some lucky fans might have got hold of the rarer IMPORTED Hong Kong VHS, that was advertised in some magazines. Or did the movie get an earlier Western release, that I'm just not aware of?. It just come to my attention, after getting the movie on Blu-Ray, as part of the BL Master collection. It's something I've not sat down and watched since renting the VHS many moons ago. Cover art for the book celebrating the films 25th Annisversary, written by Andrew Stanton & Will Johnston.
  3. DragonClaws

    Bruce Lee film location of The Big Boss.

    Really cool that you got to visit the original location's used in TBB @SANTI, and thanks for sharing it here.
  4. According to Ricky Baker and Donnie Yen's Twitter page's, there is going to be a fourth installment in the Ip Man movie series.
  5. At first glance I thought the post over at CityOnFire.Com was about the recent Chow Yu-Fat movie of the same name. The over commericialized quote wasnt the work of Bruce Lee, but writer Stirling Silliphant, which the Bruce Lee Estate has conveintly forgotten about.Thanks to the top team over at CityonFire.Com for posting this news. Please click on the link below for the full story from them. Source- https://cityonfire.com/sundance-film-festival-accounts-new-bruce-lee-documentary-be-water/ Source- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Be_Water,_My_Friend
  6. It's well known Bolo made apperances in popular Japanese shows Fight Dragon(1975) and the long running G-Men75. Which premiered in 1975 and ran until 1981. Along with a supporting role in Thai/Japanese co-production Soul of Chiba(1977). However, did he appear in any other Japanese related productions?. His filmographies on HKDMB, IMDB, and Hong Kong Cinemagic all appear to be in-complete?. Can anyone point me towards a better filmography source?, that doesnt just feature his Hong Kong or American movies. Yet to find such a complete list, online in books or magazines.
  7. DragonClaws

    Bolo Yeung Japanese Film/T.V work (Questions)

    I cant read any Asian languages, so any such site's are loss on me sadly. If I need any Japanese film information verifying, I know who to contact. I'm currently working on a few possible lead's, in terms of information about his Japanese screen work. Your contribution has helped me more than you can imagine.
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    New ESPN Documentary - 'Be Water' (2020)

    George Tan used the doubles idea in Death by Misadventure, only he used to clips from the Bruceploitation bio's. The mans not hear to tell his story so you have to find other ways of doing it.I cant see the Estate letting anything really negative get put out?. Hard to say, we will just have to wait and see. I have faith in Mattew Polly, and if his book is the blue-print for the film?. Then it's got to be a bit different to what we have viewed many times before. Between footage beng held back, and a public image to maintain. It's no easy task making a film about Bruce Lee. Good point, there must be many different reasons for footage being held back, and not just becuase of some long term business plan.
  9. DragonClaws

    New ESPN Documentary - 'Be Water' (2020)

    Here's a bit more news for you @sym8.
  10. Women in Martial Arts: Bringing together the trailblazing ladies who helped forge Hong Kong's greatest cinematic legacy. Link- https://www.timeout.com/hong-kong/film/women-in-martial-arts
  11. Richard Norton was born on the 6th of January 1950, in Victoria Australia. Raised in Croydon(Australia), Norton became a keen follower of the Martial Arts from a young age. At seventeen he was already a Black Belt in Karate. His skill as a Martial Artist led him to work as a bouncer in nightclubs. While also being the chief instructor at mutltiple Martial Arts school. He eventually broke into the entertianment business, as a bodyguard to the stars. His first job was work with the Rolling Stones during their tour of his home country. Norton would go on to work with bands/artists such as ABBA, Rod Stewart, David Bowie and Fleetwood Mac, to name a few. One of his clients singer Linda Ronstadt, invited him to come to Carlifornia. While in the states he formed a friendship with American martial arts icon and movie star Chuck Norris. This would lead to him landing a role as the ninja Kylo, in the Octagon(1980). A part playing one of the heroes in the movie Force Five(1981), soon followed. This solidified his career/future working in action movies, and T.V from around the world. Norton made his Hong Kong film debut in Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars(1985) alongside Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao and Jackie Chan. In 2015 he got a supporting role in George Millers long awaited Mad Max Fury Road. With him currently working on the movie Skywitness(2018), there's no sign of Richard Norton retiring anytime soon. Trivia - In the many years he's studied the fighting arts, Norton has pracaticed Thai Boxing, Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Aikido. - He and Fellow Martial Artist/bodyguard Bob Jones created the style Zen Do Kai. - Trained with many Martial Artists including Tadashi Yamshita, Pete Cunningham, The Machado Brothers, Bill Wallace to name a handful. - Accomplished fight choreogrpaher, recently contributing to the action in Suicide Squad(2016).
  12. Cyntha Rothrock & Richard Norton, pose for some China O'Brien(1990) promotional pictures?.
  13. DragonClaws

    Bolo Yeung Japanese Film/T.V work (Questions)

    Thank you very much @Takuma, you are a true authority on Japanese cinema. Could you direct me towards a decent Tadashi Yamashita filmography?.
  14. What do people think about the up-coming 88 Films Jackie Chan releases?, do you think they wil be mostly old school?, post 85?, or a mix of both?.
  15. WARNING: This review contains spoilers. Enter The Ninja (1981) Directed By- Menahem Golan Fight Choreographer- Mike Stone Starring- Franco Nero, Susan George, Sho Kosugi, Alex Courtney, Christopher Geroge, Will Hare, Zachi Noy. Plot Synopsis- Ex soldier Frank(Alex Courtney) is trying to live a peaceful life running a farm in the Philippines, with his wife Mary Ann(Susan George). Only an evil businessman/gangster named Venarius, wants the land for its valuable oil resources. Lucky for Frank, his ex army buddy Cole(Franco Nero), is on his way to visit him. Cole also just happens to have finished his ninja training in Japan, making him a lethal one man army. "A true ninja doesn't kill, he eliminates, and only for defensive purposes" Cannon produced ninja mayhem, with Franco Nero swapping gun slinging for shuriken slinging. Filmed on location in the Philippines and Japan, this low budget Martial Arts movie is said to be the film that started the ninja boom of the early to mid 1980's. Richard Harrison star of countless IFD/Filmark ninja exploitation films, probably has Nero and to some degree Chuck Norris(The Octagon) to thank for kicking off this film trend. Would Godfrey Ho have cast him as a mustached gweilo with lethal self defence skills, without Norris and Nero's contributions to the ninja genre?. Emmett Alston was the original director of this production. The reasons for him being let go are not too clear. Some sources say that Menahem Golan took over those duties, because Charles Bronson would not allow him to direct Death Wish 2?. While other sources mention that Cannon was not impressed with the footage Alston shot?. What ever happened, the end result is by no means a masterpiece of action cinema. That said, its still has its merits despite the tiny budget odd mix of campy humour and violence. Ex Bruce Lee student Mike Stone created the story for this production. He was also going to be the star of the movie, but his limited acting skills meant that Cannon gave the job to the more well known Franco Nero. While Nero may have had more dramatic experience, he was by no means a Martial Artist. Stone therefore was kept on board as Nero's fighting double. Making the star look more skilled than he actually was. I think they could have at least given Stone a small onscreen role, as they did use his story after all. The fight choreography has mixed results, with some pretty decent action alongside some lesser quality fisticuffs. Before I get further into the fight choreography, in particular the weapons use. I'd like to just mention a few things about the man behind it all Mike Stone. He became interested in the Martial Arts during his time in the army, studying Shorin-Ryu under Sgt Herbert Peters who had just returned from Japan. He is the only blackbelt to retire undefeated with 91 victories. Stone was inducted into the Blackbelt Hall Of Fame twice, aged thirty six he was in the Guinness Book Of Worlds Records for jumping seven feet in the air while breaking two, one inch boards. In the 80's he started to get work in movies, and a script of is called Dance Of Death would later be re-titled Enter The Ninja. "I want a ninja. Find me a ninja. I want Lander's land!" Not all the action in this film is weapons based. How-ever the opening and closing segments off the movie fit this month’s theme perfectly. The rest of the action is mostly empty handed combat, with some brief weapons use thrown. During the credits sequence we are treated to the weapons skills of Sho Kosugi(Revenge Of The Ninja), in his first prominent movie role. With excellent display of Nunchaku, Tonfa, and Sai katas, along with some brief clips featuring a grappling hook, bow and arrow and blowpipe. The film then starts with Cole undergoing his final ninja gauntlet, where he must use all his fighting skills to succeed. The encounters are very brief, but well staged with some of the films stronger choreography on display here. Anyone familiar with American produced Martial Arts cinema pretty much knows what to expect from the fights. We then get to see even more of the weapons viewed during the credits, with the exception off the grappling hook. Dressed entirely in a non stealthy white ninja garb, Cole pretty much uses all the basic ninja weapons to deal with his fellow students. When Hasegawa(Kosugi) appears out of the dense jungle wielding a pair of nunchaku. Cole evades him by using his Katana to split the nunchaku chain link, before running away. Like with many other ninja movies, there's plenty of slow paced ninja style running. I guess you'll never see a ninja sprint, because they want to reserve their energy?. When Hasagawa catches up with Cole after dodging some arrows, they have a short sword duel. With a beautiful waterfall serving as a great backdrop to the action. "Ninja show yourself, I'm ready to talk" Now I'm going to skip over most of the movies other fights, with the exception of the ones featuring two main ninja characters Cole & Hasagawa. For me, the films opening and closing set pieces are the real highlights, especially in terms of weapons use. Sho Kosugi and Mike Stone are the only two genuine Martial Arts stars. While this may not the strongest movie, its a pretty good advert for their physical talents. To show just how bad Sho's character is, we get to see him grunting while burning down peoples straw houses with manic glee. He then kills Cole best friend by slitting his throat with the end of a shoge, in front of his bound wife Mary Ann. A shoge is a long chain like weapon, that can have various items attached to the end. In this case, the end of the shoge is like a small knife, that has a curved blade coming off the side of the blade. In another bloody sequence, Hasagawa buries a shuko hand claw into the top of a guard’s skull. These weapons are normally used as a climbing aid, but can also be useful for self defence. Mary Ann is taken to the Valinzuela Cockpit Arena in Manila, where a lot of the production was filmed. It's a fitting setting, to have the finale encounter takes place in an arena that has seen a lot of real blood sport featuring fighting cocks. Here Cole gets to unleash his full ninja wrath on yet more hopeless lackeys of Mr Charles Venarius(Christopher George). The Venarius character may appear campy, but actor Christopher George served in the marines in real life before pursuing an acting career. Here he's not given anything much to do, other than look like a rejected villain from the A-Team series. "What’s this jazz brother?" Anyway back to the shuriken soaked action, shuriken meaning blade behind the hand(According to a recent Japanese ninja documentary I watched). Cole takes outs the guards using his various ninjitsu weaponery with the use of a blowpipe, Manrikigusari Chain Whip, Ninja Caltrops, and throwing darts the size of a large pencil. Not to mention the ever useful non lethal ninja smoke bombs. One of the lackeys gets a face full of ninja caltrops, that stops him dead in his tracks. Named after a prickly plant called the water caltrop, that grows in Japan. These can also be placed, on the floor to hinder anyone from chasing you. Eventually Mary Ann is saved, and the good and bad ninja must face each other in the cock fighting ring. Hasegawa armed with a spear, faces Cole and his razor sharp katana. It's not the best Martial Arts showdown, but it’s still a pretty entertaining fight for an 1981 U.S produced movie. My only gripe is that it could have been a extended a little. To say this was Mike Stones first time as action director, he doesn't do a bad job. Add to this the fact most of the extras are not genuine stuntmen, makes it more impressive. He would go work in the same role in The American Ninja series. The action in those films is a little more refined, having more skilled stuntmen and experience to work with. "You know Mary Ann there are times when I... when I wake up in the morning and I look at this guy in the mirror and I say "What the hell are you doing with your life Frank?" and you know something, son of a bitch never answers me!" All in all Enter The Ninja is an undemanding fun film and worth watching once if you enjoy the ninja genre. Just don't go in with any high expectations, this is a small budget Cannon movie after all. There's plenty of comedy and not all of its the intentional kind. I could write an entire separate review on some of the mistakes and oddities of the film. Such as the decapitate ninja master, who doesn't actually loose his head. If that sounds confusing, that's because it is. It appears the filmmakers didn't know if they wanted a violent action film or comedy. This is also evident in the script that pokes fun at some of the action. Cult actor Franco Nero has been dubbed so he sounds American, as if seeing him in a ninja movie wasn't odd enough. You can clearly see he's been doubled for the more elaborate fighting moves too. Even the use of a full ninja outfit and mask make it hard to hide. He was simply lending his face to the film as the script hardly required much of his acting skills. Susan George(Straw Dogs) as the well spoken Mary Ann is also given little to do as well. That said she isn't your typical damsel in distress either. Her character appears to have more fighting spirit than her heavy drinking ex soldier husband.
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    Pro Wrestling Thread (2020)

    The wild world of Pro-Wrestling continues to grow at an increasing rate. What will be in store for fans in 2020?. Kicking this year's thread off with some of the latest News from the National Wrestling Alliance. Home of the longest running, and perhaps toughest tag-team of all time, The Rock N Roll Express?. The promotion currently has one of th best 60-minute shows in Pro-Wrestling.
  17. Brief Biography Yang Sze was Born on the 16th of February 1943 in Guangzhou China. He became interested in Martial Arts aged ten and studied under various Masters. Of all the styles he has studied the gentle art of Tai Chi appears to be his style of choice. He would also later develop an interest in both bodybuilding and power lifting. Winning the Mr Hong Kong title multiple times in the 1970s. In an amazing feat of strength and endurance Yang Sze swam from China to Hong Kong to escape communism. In Hong Kong he eventually ended up making a living in the film business. With his physique helping him to get minor roles playing thugs and heavies in early Shaw Brothers films in the late 1960's to the early 70's. Appearing in The Heroic One's, Deadly Duo and Angry Guest to name just a few. His friend fellow bodybuilder and Mr Taiwan Chi Yuen helped get him a job in a Winston's Cigarette commercial in 1972. The advert was filmed at Golden Harvest studios, while Bruce Lee was filming his unfinished project Game Of Death. The Little Dragon and Yang Sze would become friends, which wold lead him to one of his iconic roles as Bolo in Enter The Dragon(1973). He even changed his name to stage name Bolo Yeung after the huge success of the movie. Bolo would go on to appear in countless Hong Kong/Asian productions up to until the early 80's. Directing two movies of his own including Writing Kung Fu(1979) & Bolo(1979) where he staged the fight scenes too. A major role as the lead villain Chong Li in the Martial Arts classic Bloodsport(1988) alongside Belgian star Jean Claude Van Damme. This classic role helped him make the transition to American cinema. Jean Claude Van Damme would later appear opposite Bolo again in the Sheldon Lettich directed Double Impact(1991). The Chinese Hercules would continue to play both heroes and villain in U.S productions. While he appears to semi-retired in terms of his movie career. Bolo still remains physically active today and now resides in Los Angeles Carlifornia, spending time with his family training with his son David Yeung. Who is an established and successful bodybuilder in his own right. Chinese Hercules: Documentary Bolo Yeung's official Facebook page Link- https://www.facebook.com/Bolo-Yeung-1506675429619648/ David Yeung a.k.a Bolo Jr official Facebook page Link- https://en-gb.facebook.com/DAVIDYEUNGBOLO/ Feel free to share your Bolo Yeung pictures, information, questions, news, reviews, thoughts and questions, in this thread. (Please note, that some of the older Picture/Video Links may no longer work)