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  1. DragonClaws

    New ESPN Documentary - 'Be Water' (2020)

    havent had the sit and read the review, but it's always good to make your own mind up. Here's another point of view from DEADLINE. ‘Be Water’ Director Bao Nguyen Puts An Honest Lens On Bruce Lee’s Trailblazing Impact And Struggles As An Asian American Icon – Sundance Source- https://deadline.com/2020/01/be-water-bao-nguyen-interview-bruce-lee-asian-american-diversity-inclusion-representation-1202839252/
  2. DragonClaws

    New ESPN Documentary - 'Be Water' (2020)

    Sundance: How Bruce Lee Documentary ‘Be Water’ Subverts His Portrayal in ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ (Article & Video) Source- https://www.indiewire.com/video/bruce-lee-documentary-be-water-interview-video-1202205688/ Sundance '20: Be Water (Review) Source- https://www.filmfreakcentral.net/ffc/2020/01/sundance-20-be-water.html
  3. They say actor Kwan Tak-Hing was huge Western fan with a large collection of Western clothes/movie gear. That's him, I've seen other pictures of him posing in different outfits.
  4. DragonClaws

    40th Anniversary of FIST OF FURY

    No problem, here's a shot of Peter Chan-Lung & Mr Lee posing for one of the publicity stills.
  5. DragonClaws

    Temple Of The Unknown: The Game Of Death Appreciation Thread

    When Bruce Lee began filming in 1972, James Tien was among the cast. He was part of the team, who accompany Hai Tien(Bruce Lee) to the Korean Island. Some of his fight with Kareem bdul Jabbar, was later spliced into the 1978 version put together by Robert Clouse. I'm guessing this is when the directorggot most of his FORCE: Five story?.
  6. DragonClaws

    40th Anniversary of FIST OF FURY

    They changed Bruce Lee characters hair style, to one that looked closer to his Big Boss look. Before filming had even started. They had already filmed the the few scenes you mentioned, before the Producers/stylists decided to change her look at the last minute. You have spotted something, that many people have over looked. (Below) the original look for Chen Zhen and his partner Yuen Li Er(Nota Miao) with briads. (Below)These two pictures were taken later in the production. Featuring the new look hair styles minus the braids.
  7. DragonClaws

    Bruce Lee film location of The Big Boss.

    Really cool that you got to visit the original location's used in TBB @SANTI, and thanks for sharing it here.
  8. DragonClaws

    Bolo Yeung Japanese Film/T.V work (Questions)

    I cant read any Asian languages, so any such site's are loss on me sadly. If I need any Japanese film information verifying, I know who to contact. I'm currently working on a few possible lead's, in terms of information about his Japanese screen work. Your contribution has helped me more than you can imagine.
  9. DragonClaws

    New ESPN Documentary - 'Be Water' (2020)

    George Tan used the doubles idea in Death by Misadventure, only he used to clips from the Bruceploitation bio's. The mans not hear to tell his story so you have to find other ways of doing it.I cant see the Estate letting anything really negative get put out?. Hard to say, we will just have to wait and see. I have faith in Mattew Polly, and if his book is the blue-print for the film?. Then it's got to be a bit different to what we have viewed many times before. Between footage beng held back, and a public image to maintain. It's no easy task making a film about Bruce Lee. Good point, there must be many different reasons for footage being held back, and not just becuase of some long term business plan.
  10. DragonClaws

    New ESPN Documentary - 'Be Water' (2020)

    Here's a bit more news for you @sym8.