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  1. Great write up by Actor/Filmaker and Bruceploitation expert Michael Worth, about one of my personal favorite old-school indie films. Link- http://thenewbev.com/blog/2019/04/three-by-lee-tso-nam/
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    Bruce Lee: The Hollywood Years (1965) - (1971)

    Bruce Lee's Jogging Route In Bel Aire- Part #5 Link- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O17kL_T_fXg Where Bruce Lee Lived In 1966 Link- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDSCXdvQNFo
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    Pro Wrestling Thread 2019

    Just some of the recent videos, from the world of British Wrestling.
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    Pro Wrestling Thread 2019

    The last few episode's from Booker T's Indie-Wresing promotion, Reality of Wrestling.
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    This is still BRUCESPLOITATION

    Get your fix of Bruceploitation, with this extended review of Bruces Deadly Finger's. Behind the scene's picture featuring cast members Nora Miao and Huang Kin-Lung in full BL mode.
  6. Here's my review of Bruces Deadly Finger's Blu-Ray/DVD release, from Micheal Worth's/VCI. Featuring a strong cameo from the Chinese Goliath, Bolo Yeung. Click on the link below for the review, thank-you. Those heavy squats in the gym paid off, Bolo prepares to throw around yet another poor sap, in a scene from the finale of Bruces Deadly Finger's.
  7. Her's a long winded ramble for Kung Fu Fandom readers'/contributors to sink their teeth into. Please click on the link below, for my complete review, thank you.
  8. Bruce's Deadly Finger's (1976) Fight choreographer's- Cheng Kei-Ying & Wong Mei Directed By- Joseph Kong Starring- Huang Kin-Lung, Nora Miao, Lo Lieh, Leung Su-Wah, Chan Wai-Man, Nik Cheung-Lik, Yuan Man-Tzu, Tong Tin-Hai, Wong Shun-Leung, Bolo Yeung, Chiu-Chi Ling. Plot Synopsis- In the wake of Bruce Lee's tragic death. Everyone in Hong Kong has gone Kung Fu finger book mad. Hoping that the secret manual will turn them into invincible fighting machines. Amid all this is Bruce Wong(Huang Kin-Lung), who has just returned from America. In search of the highly desired book and his missing sister. Meanwhile, big time gangster Lee Hung(Lo Lieh), and his cronies, are out to make things difficult for the young hero. Along for the ride, are Interpol Agent(Chan Wai-Man) and his sidekick played by Cheung Nik. Who want to bust Lee Hung's drugs and human trafficking business. - "Rose, I've found where the finger Kung Fu book is" - "All you think about is finger Kung Fu, you don't care about me?" - "Where old friends, you should know me well, I want to master Bruce Lee's finger Kung Fu style" - "Your Kung Fu is already better than Bruce Lee's, why bother with finger Kung Fu?" - "Because I must" More flair clad 1970's Hong Kong action, from star Huang Kin-Lung(Bruce Le). In the first of many collaboration's with director and writer Joseph Kong(Kung Fu's Hero/Tiger Force). With one of the most-funny old school English dub's, around. My dialogue quotes are there to emphasize, just how many times finger Kung Fu is quoted in the dialogue. You could turn viewing the movie into a drinking game, that's if you want to get severe alcohol poisoning. While the dialogues on the comedic side, the film does some darker misogynistic scenes. All thrown in, so the producers could help sell the movie to foreign markets. Some of this footage was trimmed from Hong Kong prints. You cut/skip all these scenes from the movie, and still be able to follow the basic plot/story. We will get back to this a little later in this ramble. For now, let’s jump straight into the Martial Arts set pieces. "Ill force you to tell us where the Kung Fu finger book is" Wether you are a fan of Bruceploitation or not, there's no denying this production has a strong cast of Asian action stars. From genuine Master's such as Chiu Chi-Ling, in his big screen debut. Then there's Bruce Lee's friend and Wing Chun tutor, Wong Sheung Lung. In his one and only movie role. They even filmed Wong's scenes, at his actual Hong Kong Wing Chun school. Look out for a framed picture of Wong and Bruce's master, Yip Man adorning the wall. The duo of Cheng Kei-Ying(Jumping Ash) & Wong Mei(The Magnificent Boxer), worked as the films action director's. The pair were more noted for their acting work, but the action they deliver here is serviceable for the era. By 76 the shapes heavy movements of the late seventies, where starting to be more prominent. While the old basher style,and Bruce Lee's big influence. Were still being felt in the film business. The action here is not on par with the works of Sammo Hung, or Lau Kar-Wing. However, it's clearly more refined than many of the early 70's productions the two choreographies worked on. "Bruce why did you come back to Hong Kong?" "To find the Kung Fu finger book" There's some clear Wing Chun influence here, with the powerful short-range strikes and block's. The cinematographer like so many of the era in Hong Kong, and abroad. Was very influenced by the films of Sergio Leone. Just watch how they frame and stage the opening fight between Lo Lieh and Chan Wai-Man's characters. The first real fight highlight for me, was seeing Nick Cheung-Lik, go all out against some thugs at a harbour side building site. Nick gets some nice kicks in here, and else-where in the picture. At one point a thug attacks him with a large block of discarded tarmac. Only for Nick Cheung to kick it apart. Star Huang Kin-Lung's screen fighting debut is a little weaker. He turns up decked out in platform boots, a pink vest, and some impressive looking flairs. The hero looks like a Kung Fu fighting disco dancer. With so much confidence, he makes John Travolta character in Saterday Night Fever. Look like a quite introvert in comparison. A mini car full of thugs are soon taking out, as he evades the first attack with ease. Giving his opponent a light back fist to the head, for his troubles. Kin-Lung's energy and over the top cocky performance, are what really drives the film. Lo Lieh sadly, has seen better days, and he appears to be just phoning it in here. At least in terms of the fight scenes. While I've yet to see all of his mid-70's work, of those I have, he appears to be just going through the motions. The same can be said of his performance in The Eunuch of The Western Palace(1977). Which was the theme of my last ramblethon. Lieh chasirsma is still evident here, and he's convincing as the slimy Martial Arts crime boss. "Master Chow, have you heard of finger Kung Fu" The fights slowly increase in length and regularity, as the run time progress towards the big showdown. The last twenty minutes, see the four heroes go all out against Lee Hung and his hired thugs. He hires many Martial Arts experts. Among the actors playing them are, Bolo Yeung(Credited as Young Zee), Kong Do and Lam Ching-Ying, to name a few. Accompanying the action, is the Pink Floyd track Time. The only brief highlight, on an otherwise dull soundtrack. While Chan Wai-Man, Nik Cheung-Lik, Huang King-Lung all look the part here. The fourth member of the team Alan Fong, played by Wai Lit?. I'm not 100% if it Lit, who also look like one of the prominent stunt guys in the film?. The character of Alan, is just there to get his ass kicked. While making the others look good when they rescue him. With the only one scene showcasing his superb physical talents. Hung upside down, with his arms tied behind his back. Leung Siu-Wah in some double-jointed craziness, frees himself. You have to watch the scene to fully appreciate it. I've never seen any of his other fighting performances, with the exception of his minor role in Ten Magnificent Killers. Which made the following year. Look out for some early breakdancing style leg-work from one of the thugs, around 1-hr 13-min mark. "If we dont find Bruce Wong, we dont find the Kung Fu finger book" The weapons prop box got busted wide open for the big action set piece. A highlight for me see's Bruce Wong fends of some staff brandishing thugs, with the aid of a tiny stool. Pre- Jackie Chan, and it's not the usual kind of stool/bench we see in old-school flicks. Another highlight sees a double nunchaku flailing Nik Cheung-Lik. Go up against Kong Do and his team. No idea how Nik got those two pairs of nunchuks to stay in his socks?, after all that kicking he did early in the brawl. It looks like they filmed this segment in a recreational picnic area in Hong Kong?. Again, the screen combat isn’t anything mind-blowing, but still packs a heavy punch. Not to be outdone, Huang Kin-Lung also gets to showcase some neat looking chainstick skills. One of the encounters appear to have been a casuality of the Hong Kong censors?. At least this was the impression I got from the film audio commentary by Michael Worth. When Chan Wai Man faces Lee Hung's lady friend. It ends very abrutly, and there are stills showing the pair fighting more. With actress Zheng Lou-Si(Lady Exterminator) never really getting to use her steel tiger claw hand attachments. She's the only fighitng femme in the picture, and her one shining moment appears to be missing. Thankfully the censors left Chain Wai-Man/Cheung-Nik's two on two head-cracker with Bolo Yeung and Kong Do. If the pair of villains were not already formidable enough, Kong Do runs into the mansion and arms himself with a samurai sword. The fight wasn’t ever going to win any awards, but it’s a solid bust-up. Look out for tough nut Chain Wai-Man roof top leap entrance. No sign of any doubles for that stunt. Bolo is on top form too, showcasing his great selling, counters and attacks. Looking like he's just been chipped out of granite, for his role here. "Ive some good news for you, I've mastered my Tutor's finger Kung Fu" Now the one on one between Lee Hung and Bruce Wong is a let-down, despite Wong channelling Terry Tsurugi for the death blows. I think it would have been far better, if they had cast Chan Wai-Man as the arch villain. The fight would have been much better for it in my opinion. That said, there's so much action leading up to it. Maybe the producers felt there was no need to have the usual mid-70's epic style slobber knocker. Wai-Man always looks like he's genuinely trying to knock the life out of his foes on-screen. Where the filmmakers trying to humorous. When they got him to stand in front of a sign saying 'DANGER'?, for one scene. He was never simply playing the tough guy role, he was hard and very capable man in real life. Coming from the rural New Territories, to the heartless Hong Kong streets, when some say organised crime was at an all-time peak there?. Moving on, the film doesn’t feature some-where un-related female character's being tortured or assaulted. An influence from the stronger horror/exploitation features coming out of America, such Last House on The Left(1972)?. This marks the film down a few notches for me, and may put some off. If you are fan of Bruceploitation or Bruce Le, then you have to still give his first starring role a chance. The low budget urban gorilla filmmaking on display, has never looked this good before. The excellent restored Widescreen version I caught from Michael Worth and the team at VCI. Come's highly recommend to fans of the genre as the best release to get. With a brand new 2K scan, taken from the original 35mm transfer. Now you can see the city streets and crumbing old buildings and mansion in all their HD glory. Not to mention the blightly coloured 1970's fashions. "Kung Fu is for health and self defence, not just fighting" Special mention should go to bold headed actor Tong Tin-Hei as Lo Lieh second in command Tong. His other top lackey Ali, is credited to Kong Do on the HKMDB. This is not the case how-ever, he's actually played by actor Leung Siu-Wah. The ever-classy Nora Miao is on board, and a welcome presence among the cast of supporting players. She doesn’t get involved in any Martial Arts here, despite some behind the scenes of Huang Kin-Lung going through some martial movements with her. Fans looking for any goof's, should keep a, sharp eye during Huang Kin-Lung and Wong Shun-Leung's final training scene. When master Leung is teaching him the even deadlier eight finger style. Kin-Lung has a beer in his hand, then in the next shot its next to the wooden dummy. Not to mention the use of double for a close of Bruce Wong doing some Wing Chun moves.
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    Ho Chung Tao

    It's the same actress in all three pictures @ShawAngela.
  10. More news from the team over at CityonFire.Com
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    Avatar sequels (2020 to 2025)

    Actress Michelle Yeoh, has now joined the cast of the big budget James Cameron sequels, news comes via Film Combat Syndicate. Link- https://filmcombatsyndicate.com/michelle-yeoh-joins-the-avatar-franchise/