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  1. Can't be good for the snakes either.
  2. I think the term often assocated with Lo Wei is matinee idol, not teen idol. Am I the only person who loves Island of Fire?
  3. Killer Meteor

    RIP Chen Sing

    A lot of them just disapear once they stop appearing in films. Case in point, Hao Li-Jen who played the old servant in Enter the Dragon, has no date of death on HKMDB but I'd be amazed if he is still alive, and his last film is from 1981.
  4. Killer Meteor

    Bruce Lee's The Big Boss (Appreciation Thread)

    Next thing you know, they'll be trying to sell the hookers from the film!
  5. This film's version of Bolo looks like Bam-Bam Rubble!
  6. Killer Meteor

    RIP Chen Sing

    I was surprised to see him playing a wormy wimp in The Heroic Ones, sort of the Wei Ping-ao role.
  7. The lead actress in this can barely move her legs!
  8. Dogs of the Week was basically Gene and SIskel slumming in the grindhouses. Often the films in that section were already several years old.
  9. Killer Meteor

    RIP Chen Sing

    I really liked his performance in New Fist of Fury "Get this..the Japanese are the best!"
  10. Killer Meteor

    RIP Chen Sing

    The Clones of Bruce Lee Facebook page is reporting that actor Chen Sing has passed away.
  11. This was once one of Roger Ebert's "Dogs of the Week" but then I don't think he liked kung fu movies to begin with. Oh,and it's Li Yi-Min
  12. I'd love to travel back in time to those showings...might need a bodyguard though!
  13. Killer Meteor

    What is the most recent Shaw Brother's film you've seen?

    The opening of Two Champions, with people sitting in chairs explaining the plot, is incredibly dull. They should have just done a text crawl ala Star Wars. And your review made me think: wouldn't the film have been cooler if it opened with Chiang Sheng fighting his father's killers at the cotton mill? I note Lu Feng's character is the same played by Tan Tao-Liang in Showdown at the Cotton Mill, and they both do the old "stab hero in the back whilst he uproots a tree" - the difference being that in Showdown it is Hu, and Two Champions its Tong who gets stabbed. Love the opening title theme - generally not keen on the Shaws De Wolfe music, but this is an exception.
  14. THE LEG FIGHTERS (1980) Director: Lee Tso-Nam Great as it is to see a Taiwanese old school indie lovingly preserved on Blu-Ray, this is pretty poor with far too much stupid comic relief (especially from a strange fellow called Ding-Dong who dresses like a Native American draped in bells), an uninspiring villain and underwhelming fights. Dorian Tan Tao-Liang is a decent lead, and Ha Kwong-Li is very adorable, but I wish they'd found the long lost TIGER BOY instead! 4/10
  15. I prefer "Dance the Kung Fu"