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  1. Killer Meteor

    Fist of Unicorn (1973)

    The stuttering jokes are shameless padding though!
  2. Killer Meteor

    40th Anniversary of FIST OF FURY

    For all I know, her large Leia-do is a wig. It's not terribly flattering to her.
  3. Killer Meteor

    40th Anniversary of FIST OF FURY

    The two braids is for the funeral scene alone.
  4. Killer Meteor

    Fist of Unicorn (1973)

    I love this film solely for the Pink Floyd music! I've always wondered if Unicorn's character in WAY being called "Jimmy" was a slight at Wang Yu, but I don't know if the latter was called that before MAN FROM HONG KONG.
  5. I think the Carrie music was only added when Ocean Shores dubbed it into English in the mid-80s. Yuen Si-Wo was sorely in need of a dental plan! Here's my review Bruce Takes Dragon Town A fake Bruce Le movie? Whatever next? Named on the Goodtime LP VHS as "Bruce Takes Dragon Town"…on the tape itself anyway, the box just says "Bruce Takes the Dragon." Said box has a nice big picture of Bruce LE, who is the star according to the box. The plot synopsis on the back is for the Bruce LI movie Deadly Strike. So what we have is a 70s Taiwanese basher, dubbed in the 80s by those fine chaps who did 9 Demons (so everyone has an absurd English name). The lead, one "Daredevil Alan" is played by Yuan Si-ho, a scrawny middle-aged fellow with bad teeth, no charisma and although his kicks have impact, he isn't exactly flexible. Quite why he got the lead is beyond me – he isn't even the producer, maybe he was a cousin of the producer. The lowest moment must come when some bad guys try to jump him with ropes, and he uses one as a skipping rope with girlish glee. Perfect for Jackie Chan or Yuen Biao, not for any basher hero, never mind a lousy one. Only real saving points to this are a couple of decent fights involving the supporting players, and Lung Fei being a cool villain called William (!). Music: The Ocean Shores mid-80s dubbing means we get to hear music in dialogue scenes from films later than the original production, such as Taxi Driver (Bernard Hermann) and Carrie (Pino Donaggio). Even drek like this is improved when hearing the requiem music from Carrie.
  6. I get the impression that's what the majority of actresses in HK did, or at least get out of the industry.
  7. Apparently, the brutal treatment of Nina in TIGER ON THE BEAT was a crowd pleaser in HK.
  8. Killer Meteor

    New ESPN Documentary - 'Be Water' (2020)

    I wonder if it's not very flattering footage. Could be all Bruce having temper tantrums at his students.
  9. Killer Meteor

    Five Element Ninjas

    I don't think he's a bad actor, just not given much direction, and his character is rather unlikeable. I was surprised I'd seen him in earlier pre-Shaw films like Fearless Hyena. Looks like he was "prettied up" a bit by the cosmetic crew ala Jackie Chan.
  10. Killer Meteor

    88 Films SB Blu-ray

    Encounter of the Spooky Kind is one of my true HK favourites. I've never seen the second film, and I don't think it's ever been on DVD officially.
  11. Did you watched a Korean language version by any chance? The dubbing on the english version, CHAMP VS CHAMP, is hysterical!
  12. In Heroes Two, it's the hero who is dubbed with a stupid voice. Poor Chen Kuan-Tai sounds like Melvyn Hayes!
  13. My big one is this: Following a pre-credits massacre, the little kid will grow up to be an actor in his mid 20s, but all the villians not only haven't aged a day, they are still wearing the same clothes.
  14. Killer Meteor

    Kung Fu movies with Rise and Fall Gangster stories?

    How much is actually known about Ma Yong-Zhen?