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  1. Killer Meteor

    88 Films SB Blu-ray

    From memory, the HK DVD was cut but the subsequent Japanese one was uncut - more or less. I only saw the former, which had poor remixing to boot.
  2. Killer Meteor

    88 Films SB Blu-ray

    One title I really want (I know it has a bad rep) is Bruce Lee and I. Does Celestial offer that one to Western buyers at all, or is it a hot potato due to the Lee estate (unlikely I know)
  3. Killer Meteor

    88 Films SB Blu-ray

    I liked Human Goddess, very charmingly old fashioned. But yeah, the priority for me would be Legendary Weapons of China - basically I think they should pick titles that haven't had an English friendly BD release in the US, Germany or HK.
  4. Killer Meteor

    Deadly China Doll - where can I find it?

    This was back when MGM was releasing Night of the Lepus and The Green Slime, so Deadly China Doll was right at home!
  5. Killer Meteor

    Deadly China Doll - where can I find it?

    Panasia is the production company, maybe GH did release it in HK?
  6. Killer Meteor

    Bruce Lee's The Big Boss (Appreciation Thread)

    Matthew Polly's book suggests Lo Wei filmed the early fight scenes to determine which who would be the star - so when he took over from Wu, it still wasn't a given that Bruce would be the star. Poor James Tien - all those awful trampoline shots of him feel like someone left them in to show him up against Bruce!
  7. Killer Meteor

    This is still BRUCESPLOITATION

    This is the bizarre US version of the film currently avaliable on DVD as BRUCE LEE - A DRAGON STORY. It's been re-dubbed in Europe - understandable given how poor the original dub was! - and scenes from two different non-Bruce Li movies have been randomly inserted into it. Even with the inserts, it's at least 5 minutes shorter than the Chinese edit. And yes, there was a lawsuit! Linda Lee got $25,000 dollars in damages in 1975, which was probably what the movie cost to make in the first place!
  8. Does Golden Harvest or Lo Wei's estate not get a cut of these Chen Zhen movies - he's a fictional character, right?
  9. It's amusing how Hwang's moustache is still in its infancy in his first scene (it barely spans his lips), then once he walks outside it suddenly is its more normal twirlable self. His wig also gives him a Captain Hook look (hey, that rhymes!) I wonder if his involvement here pre-dates Secret Rivals? More amusement comes from hearing gravel-voiced Roy Horan dubbed to sound like John Fiedler...Piglet in Winne the Pooh.
  10. Killer Meteor

    Bruce Lee's The Big Boss (Appreciation Thread)

    I wonder if any footage shot prior to Lo Wei getting involved in the film appears in the final cut? Maybe we can blame the hooker getting stabbed with a knife handle on Wu Chia-Hsiang?
  11. Killer Meteor

    June 1974 : UK premiere Way of Dragon

    "I'm not sure, you assume the evil uncle takes care of him with the knife?." Dunno, he's still lying still on the ground at the end.
  12. Killer Meteor

    June 1974 : UK premiere Way of Dragon

    Roger Ebert's review of Way - https://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/return-of-the-dragon-1974 " I wedged my way into the theater just in time for a mighty roar as Lee eliminated three bad guys with one sweep of his mighty fist, disarmed a Mafioso and sent him head over heels into a pile of packing crates, and zapped a couple more goons with his finger of vengeance. It didn't take me long to figure out the plot. " Sounds like he was 20 minutes late! Interesting how he assumes the final graveyard scene has Tang Lung visiting Colt's grave, given it's more likely for the dead waiters. Come to think of it, was Thomas killed or just knocked out by Bob (or Fred, as the credits have it!)?
  13. Killer Meteor

    June 1974 : UK premiere Way of Dragon

    He's called Jimmy in the Mandarin version as well. Tony, Thomas and Robert have the same names as the actors who play them.
  14. Killer Meteor

    June 1974 : UK premiere Way of Dragon

    I suspect the US distributors felt the film took too long to get to the fights...or that the out-of-focus gurreila film-making would give everyone eyestrain!