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  1. yojimbo

    Furious 7 (2015)

    The studio sees dollar signs. I am sure some of the stars were thinking this was the last go around too since the story has come back full circle. Pretty much what Dragonclaw said. They will keep cracking them out, direct to video if they have to with a lower budget if there is a buck to be made. However, the problem with 8 would be getting everyone back together. The Rock joined later in the series and is only showing up on a per movie/contract basis. Probably the same thing with Vin Diesel. The other members of the cast are probably at the end of their contract or will ask for raise anyway. The reason Vin Diesel was missing from 2 Fast 2 Furious was all about money. He got a couple hundred thousand for FF1 and then he wanted close to 2 million or more for a sequel. Universal said no and he left to make Triple X. Paul Walker came back for about half a mill. Then he probably didn't see eye to eye with the studio. So they figure they can make a movie without him with an unknown and cheaper budget. Last minute change was Vin Diesel making a cameo at the end of Tokyo Drift to what was probably the end of the series. Diesel wanted to get Riddick back from Universal. After the overpriced bomb that was Chronicles of Riddick they were ok with giving him Riddick for a cameo. Tokyo Drift made money but underperformed. They realized they need Walker and Diesel. And Walker and Diesel they need Fast and the Furious. Stuff they've done besides the FF franchise hasn't made much money. They come back and the rest is history. FF4, 5, 6, 7...
  2. yojimbo

    TMNT the Movie is 25

    The female turtle was canon and created during the time of the live action TV show. However, that was more Peter Laird's doing. Kevin Eastman who did the art work for the comic book hated the character. He has pretty much removed her from cannon as well as disavowing it ever happening. I think he was pretty much hands off at this point and just cashing the checks while trying out other business ventures. When he came back he didn't like what he saw. At this point Eastman and Laird have both sold their stake in the Turtles so the new owners can do what they want.
  3. yojimbo

    TMNT the Movie is 25

    Re-watched 1 and 2 last year. I always thought and remembered TMNT 2 as being the better movie. However, after re-watching it, 1 was still good and it was the superior movie. 2 was a short load of garbage. The Hollywood Reporter has an article on how the movie every studio rejected got made. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-untold-785653 There was also a recent documentary called Turtle Power that chronicled the TMNTs from comic book to its modern day incarnations. It wasn't bad but it did skip over a lot of the details of the rift between Eastman and Laird. Also, Eastman's hate for the female turtle that doesn't exist in his mind (Venus De Milo).
  4. yojimbo

    Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

    Hawkeye could be a better character if there was more character development. However, he was never a major character that could carry his own series for more than a few issues so he will continue to used as a background character or plot device for the movies. Some would claim Green Arrow is quasi Robinson Crusoe rip off. The Claw as pointed out is more of a Fantastic Four villain. He always stuck out in mind as a kid since he had such a bad costume and a radar dish for a hand. The only claw that comes to mind with Daredevil was the villain called The Claw from when Daredevil was a non-marvel character. The original Daredevil was an acrobat in a blue and read costume. This version was recently brought back to the comics world by Erik Larsen and Alex Ross. The Marvel Daredevil took the name after the rights expired. Much like the Captain Marvel name.
  5. yojimbo

    Han Gong-Ju (2014)

    Sorry, I made the text white so people can highlight to see what I said when they are ready.
  6. Agreed, it was even worse than the first one. If that was even possible. The fight choreography was bad, cinematography didn't exist, it looked like a cheap handicam was used to record it, and everyone seemed to be phoning it in. Lets hope the Rza decides to take some film writing classes instead of just kung fu classes.
  7. yojimbo

    Han Gong-Ju (2014)

    Interesting movie with an uncomfortable subject Korea needs to deal with. This movie was based on a real incident. ***SPOILER*** Highlight to see. Victims rights in Korea is foreign concept. Up until a couple years ago rapists were let go if the claimed being drunk during the crime.
  8. yojimbo

    Furious 7 (2015)

    This was a ridiculous movie with lots of action from beginning to the end. You wish they'd end it here while the going is good but you know the studios will want a 8 because of all the money 7 just brought it. It was probably partly due to the publicity around the dead of Paul Walker. Tony Jaa is currently being sued by the movie company he signed with in Thailand. He didn't get their permission to be in FF7. Tokyo Drift is lowest rated of the series for most of critics and fans. However, it does fit in with the story and comes all around. Part of the success and chronological order of the movies can be attributed to Justin Lin. He said he was watching the NBC Saturday line up of show growing up when they had a Hurricane Saturday. The shows airing on Saturday Golden Girls, Empty Nest and Nurses. He said it blew his mind that all 3 shows were having the same hurricane tying them together. Fast and Furious 4 - 6 take place between FF1 and FF3. http://www.cinemablend.com/new/How-Fast-Furious-Used-TV-Trope-Make-Most-Exciting-Movie-Universe-37658.html It is funny how this movie evolved from drag racing in ridiculous modded cars to crazy action capers flicks.
  9. yojimbo

    Ode to My Father (2014)

    Part of what helped this movie in Korea is all the people who can relate to the story. Korea developed from a poor country to a modern one in 2 - 3 decades. A lot people who lives through it and went to similar stories can empathize.
  10. The movie wasn't a total clunker. It was an ok movie. Like The Battle of Red Cliff, Roaring Currents deals with one battle in Admiral Lee Soon Shin's career. I guess the recent tension with Japan along with national pride helped to sell extra tickets.
  11. I agree with everything that mpm74 said It is like people threatening to jump off a building. A person who was going to do it, would have jumped. Not waited for people to gather and someone to talk him out of it. He should be happy people still want to see him. There are plenty of actors and martial artists that would love the attention and job offers.
  12. yojimbo

    Deadpool (2016)

    The Burt Reynolds pose. I think it would have been funnier if he recreated the George Costanza on the sofa pose.
  13. That hack Ratner should direct another Rush Hour movie instead of messing this up.
  14. yojimbo

    Independence Day: Resurgence (2016)

    They always make excuses in showbiz. They don't want to create problems for themselves and the studios. When Darren Aaronofsky left The Wolverine. They claimed scheduling conflicts and such. When rumors had them parting ways due to control issues over the film. But they played nice and talked it all down. Why? Who know if they would need each other later. Will Smith is probably too expensive. This is an undeniable fact. He probably would have wanted at least somewhere between $20 - $30 million and points off the profit. All this makes him more expensive than he is possibly worth these days in light of his recent bombs. After Earth was made for less. But why did it happen? It is what Hollywood refers to as a vanity project. Something the studios wouldn't want to touch normally for one reason or another. However, someone with a big name (star, director, producer, etc) really want to make it. So what do you do to get it made? A lot are willing to take a big pay cut and work with a smaller budget. Along with other compromises. Will Smith got After Earth made by accepting a smaller salary and promised to make MIB 3 for Sony. In return Sony makes After Earth and accepts the fact that Jayden Smith will be co-starring. Otherwise, they wouldn't have touched it, much less cast Jayden to be in it in any way.
  15. yojimbo

    My Way (2010)

    I agree, good movie. It is partially based on a real story of Korean that was forced to fight for all those sides and ended up being captured fighting for the Germans. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yang_Kyoungjong