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  1. TheKungFuRobber

    Wu Tang Collection App

    I fucking hate the Wu Tang Collection with a passion.
  2. TheKungFuRobber

    Why so many black people love kung fu

    You're probably right.
  3. TheKungFuRobber

    Why so many black people love kung fu

    Speaking of which, did you see Blood and Bone with Michael Jai White? I thought it was bloody phenomenal and was an excellent tribute to the blaxploitation martial arts genre. Great characters, plenty of action, funny bits and violence. Definitely needs a sequel. Would also recommend Black Dynamite, loved the stylized filming and use of Super 16 film. Good combination of classic and postmodern filmmaking. Good fun midnight movie.
  4. TheKungFuRobber

    Why so many black people love kung fu

    Word up man. Respect 🕊️
  5. TheKungFuRobber

    Angry Rant: You Know What's Bullshit? Blu Ray Encryption

    You know what makes me happy? Coca cola. It's very bad for you, produced by a scumbag company is the only company in the world legally allowed to touch coca leaves but it's very sweet and unlike any other drink. I'd take a coca cola any day over a beer. Anyway, I limit myself to one a week. Enjoy it more that way.
  6. TheKungFuRobber

    Hitman in the Hand of Buddha Remastered DVD

    Thank you.
  7. TheKungFuRobber

    Why so many black people love kung fu

    Well, put it this way. I'm Scottish and in a historical sense we as a people have always been shitey warriors with martial arts. In battle, the Scots were about the only men to go out in skirts. In terms of Chinese martial arts cinema, I have no doubt at all in my mind that a large part of it's following was in the African American community, especially the Shaw movies, with the underdog theme. They presented stories of outnumbered people standing against odds with tyranny which to a large extent, the marginalized African American communities, from what I speculate the generally held perspective to be, could relate to with their experiences of institutionalized racism and segregation under the Jim Crowe laws, police brutality and living as a community under the laws created by people who imported their ancestors as slaves, resulting an mass incarceration from kangeroo courts and racial bias in the legal system. In a way, based on a few interviews I watched with the RZA and having spoken about kung fu movie to others,. I beleive that a lot of the black audiences could relate to the Hans in the movies, being under the rule of the Manchu and their struggle for emancipation in the shadow of tyranny. One time, the two major film studios in Hong Kong producing chop socky movies were Cathay and Shaws as everyone in here knows. All of the Cathay movieals are lost now other thàn the pan scan betamax prints because they didn't have the following that the Shaw Bros movies did which were released widely in the West. That's why the Shaw moviea are popular but Cathay arent. Almost nobody in Hong Kong likes Kung Fu movies anymore, the main market is in the States where they still remain a major influence in African American culture, serving as an inspiration for The Wu Tang Clan and a lot of the RZAs music and a lot of the art scene.
  8. TheKungFuRobber

    Why so many black people love kung fu

    And Scots, and Sihks, and Scottish Sihks.
  9. TheKungFuRobber

    Stars Resembling Other Stars

    God rest Blacky's soul. Taken from us too young.
  10. TheKungFuRobber

    Stars Resembling Other Stars

    I'd say that Jackie Chan looks much more refined and handsome, even in his younger days, it's a face which has a lot of expression behind it, whereas Wilson has a more youthful appearence and looks more at peace than Chan. Huge fan of them both.
  11. TheKungFuRobber

    Hitman in the Hand of Buddha Remastered DVD

    From a SD scan of a German 35mm print. Deleted scenes from a betamax sourced Ocean Shores copy. Opening logo from the trailer on the Eastern Heroes DVD and the Chinese titles were reconstructed by myself matching those on the Eastern Heroes VHS of the HK version of the film.
  12. TheKungFuRobber

    Angry Rant: You Know What's Bullshit? Blu Ray Encryption

    Thankfully I can get 90% of movies to play on my PC in Leawo Blu Ray Player, which is free. Can't rip them or anything and menus don't always work but it's better than nothing.
  13. I'm tired of this complete bullshit. I bought myself a blu ray drive for my PC many years ago and I never got to use it. Blu ray encryption is the biggest assload of fuck I've ever come across. I just wanted to watch blu ray movies on my PC. I didn't buy a blu ray player, because I never saw the need for one. So I got the thing installed only to find that almost none of the movies I bought on blu ray would even play, and eventually I tried looking for software to play blu rays with. I find DVDFab. $300 dollars to play a disc! Of course I wasn't going to pay for it, so I did what everyone in the world does and tried finding a cracked copy. After a lot of long searching across the web I came across a copy which worked, I was over the moon. Then after two months it wouldn't let me use the fuckin program because it expected me to update it, I had no luck finding a copy that works. So I decided hey, well I am going to buy a blu ray player. After eventually getting a cheap region B player (cheap meaning nearly $70), I find that no Cinavia encoded blu rays will play either or any of my Region A discs. I said to myself, fuck this. There has to be a way forward, where I can have just one fuckin device which plays my shitting movies. So eventually I looked on the internet again for a Region Free player, and after having spent another $150 dollars getting a player from the States I find that the box has been opened and the player is beat up as hell, and the fuckin thing doesn't even work. I can't send it back now. I wasted so much fucking money on this technology. It's the biggest pile of steaming dog shit I've ever come across. All I wanted to do was watch my movies and even that is too fucking difficult. About 70% of my Region B movies play in the player I have and the other player doesn't work. So much for getting things to play on my PC though. Fucking highway robbery altogether. Why the fuck should I need three different machines to watch my films? So what do I do now? Anyone who plays blu rays on their PC with any luck, if you can offer any advice at this point it would be much appreciated. I wasted so much fucking money on this format already. I just want to watch my movies.
  14. TheKungFuRobber

    Ricky Baker's questionable business dealings!!

    And this is that one internet forum where I thought that people came to get away from drama.
  15. TheKungFuRobber

    Most annoying character or actor in Kung Fu

    Here is an interview he did some years ago before he sadly passed away.