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  1. TheKungFuRobber

    What next for custom blu ray? Suggestions please

    I am working on Hitman in the Hand of Buddha and some Cathay Movies right now, but it may be in the pipeline. Yeah but what use is the original Hong Kong version? I think almost all prints of the Hong Kong version after the premiere cut were re-edited and removed that scene from the middle of the film because it was silly. Japanese theatrical cut is much better, and seems to have much better colours than the horrible Fortune Star prints anyway. Game of Death was actually made on quite a large budget for a Hong Kong film, and the Robert Clouse filmed scenes were notably of better quality than the other stuff edited in from outtakes of other Bruce Lee movies. It was also one of the first Hong Kong films to use sync sound for the most part, with dialogue being spoken in English and non-English speaking cast redubbed accordingly. In any case, this is close to the original idea that Bruce Lee had for Game of Death to be filmed in English. Game of Death II on the other hand, was filmed in Cantonese and did much better in the Oriental markets than Game of Death 1. To be honest, Game of Death II is a much better film anyway, it plays out as a Hong Kong action movie rather than a cringe fest of Dean Jagger's poor acting skills and Bruce Lee's actual corpse being shown on screen.
  2. TheKungFuRobber

    Hitman and the Buddha Update and Shout Out.

    It's better quality than DVD, there will be virtually no difference in quality between a Blu Ray and a 2K H.264 copy with a bitrate of 40Mbps though, multiplexed to an MKV. Most blu ray players should play it just fine as a file anyway. I just don't see any point in making a blu ray at all.
  3. I've decided that I'm not going to be releasing Hitman in the Hand of Buddha on Blu Ray anymore. Instead, I'll provide both a high bitrate H.264 2K copy as an MKV file with all the soundtracks and subtitles, and a DVD. This is largely due to the fact that I don't see any need to make a blu ray, it is a dreadful format which was only commissioned to make the DRM bastards happy as it is very hard to decrypt on PC. I apologise for taking so long to relase the movie but since this is Hwang Jang Lee's finest movie, I feel it deserves the best treatment possible, including accurate subtitle translation and the finest sounding audio possible. The wait will be worth it, trust me. This is a huge project with a lot of collaboration and support from fellow restorationist Notelu, who I give credit to for all the advice on formats and preservation methods. I would strongly advise you check out his 4K fan restoration of the Disney classic "Song of the South", which is probably one of the best fan restoration efforts I have ever seen and for now is the only decent version of the film we will likely ever see. It is a wonderful movie but in today's political climate, I can't see it ever getting a release. If you are interested, you can check out his work here. https://archive.org/details/SongOfTheSouthHD
  4. TheKungFuRobber

    Asian Movie Customs from TheKungFuRobber Films for sale

    Shit. Going to redo Hot Cool and Vicious. Anyone who purchased a copy from me, PM me and I'll give a full refund for it. Very sorry
  5. TheKungFuRobber

    Miss, Please Be Patient (1985) - Remastered Print Unearthed

    I can send you a copy to work on if you want. I've already run it through a deblocking filter and corrected the ratio, so all that it really wants is to have subtitles written for it.
  6. TheKungFuRobber

    Asian Movie Customs from TheKungFuRobber Films for sale

    It's strange. My DVD player is just a basic Region Free Sony Upscaling player. It cost about $40 and seems to do a great job at upscaling movies, and has options to zoom in on non anamorphic movies. It is by far the best player I've owned.
  7. I managed to steal a remastered print of Miss Please Be Patient with Kim Tai Jung from a Korean VOD site (BFlix.kr) by taking advantage of a limited free access period for their movies, which usually would be impossible outside of Korea. It's not perfect, as it is only 480p and it is in 4:3 but it's the remastered version which Kim Tai Jung intended to release before sadly passing away. It is properly remastered and appears to be a relatively recent transfer of a 35mm print (which was likely mastered at 4:3 as it is the standard used in Korean cinemas, it wouldn't surprise me if the original ratio version is long lost along with the original negatives). I'm a little burned out from other projects, but if anyone wants to time the subs on the print from the Houndslow Team DVD, we could do a joint custom on it. I know that a lot of people have been dying to see a copy of this rare classic from the late Tower of Death guy.
  8. TheKungFuRobber

    Stupid Porn Movie Titles with Old School Kung Fu Movie names

    Pantyhose Bondage Swingers of the Wild Buddhist Fists and Tigress Pussy Hard Bastard Anus of the Fist: Return of Chen Zhen's Naked Cums the Huntress Along Cums the Tiger The Hot, Cool and Cock and Ball Torture The Big Boss
  9. TheKungFuRobber

    Stupid Porn Movie Titles with Old School Kung Fu Movie names

    Ol' Dirty and the Hooker
  10. TheKungFuRobber

    Stupid Porn Movie Titles with Old School Kung Fu Movie names

    Kung Fu Cockfighter (real movie) Mantis Fights Cock (also real movie) Revenge of the Drunken Wanker Fucking Fists of Shanghai Joe Masturbation with Cracked Fingers Fist of Fury
  11. TheKungFuRobber

    Asian Movie Customs from TheKungFuRobber Films for sale

    That's odd. I never had that problem before with that DVD. Maybe I'll reauthor it. What did you use to play it?
  12. TheKungFuRobber

    Asian Movie Customs from TheKungFuRobber Films for sale

    Thanks. Would appreciate it. Can get you a couple movies as an exchange. I want to redo the covers for SITES 2 and Incredible Mission again as I'm not too happy with them. I also want to redo the Mandarin dub for IKFM as a longer version has surfaced recently.
  13. I'm rolling out a catalogue of some of my projects, all digital copies, for trade on here. Anyone interested in taking up any offers, DM me and we can negotiate. THE SHANGHAI KILLERS (1971) DVD - 2:35.1 Anamorphic Progressive Version, Dual Language English Dubbed or Mandarin. Includes open matte version as extra, Includes cover. - $12 SNAKE FIST FIGHTER (1979) DVD -2.35:1 PAL Remastered Anamorphic ENGLISH DUBBED AND MANDARIN WITH ENGLISH SUBS, 1971 RARESCOPE VERSION ON DISC 2, Includes Cover - $8 THE HOT, COOL AND THE VICIOUS (1976) DVD - Remastered 2.35:1 Anamorphic Widescreen Progressive Encode in Mandarin with English Subtitles, and English Dubbed, Includes Cover - $10 THE DUEL OF NINJA HALL (AKA Secret Ninja, Roaring Tiger; 1981) DVD - Remastered 1.78:1 Anamorphic Version, English Dubbed only. 80 minute Hong Kong edit of original Korean movie, Includes Cover - $4 LITTLE KICKBOXER (1992) DVD - Extremely rare. Remastered 1.33:1 Open-matte version, English and German dubbed only. Filmark English Language edit. **No cover included** - $6 NINJA TERMINATOR (1985) DVD - 1.77:1 Anamorphic Progressive Version, Original English language, English subtitles. Includes trailer and DVD cover. - $6 PANTYHOSE HERO (1990) DVD - 1.66:1 Anamorphic NTSC Version, Cantonese language with hardcoded English and Chinese subtitles. ***No Cover included*** - $4 FIST OF FURT PART II (1977) MP4 DIGITAL COPY - 2.35:1 Progressive 1080P Upscale. Colour Corrected. English dubbed only. - $4 ***No Cover Included*** FIVE FINGERS OF STEEL (1980) MPEG2 DIGITAL COPY - 1.77:1 480P Progressive Version. Colour Corrected English dubbed only. - $4 ***No Cover Included*** At the moment, unfortunately I don't have the space of facilities to burn physical copies of films and print out the covers at the moment, so for now I am offering digital copies. Hopefully this will change soon. I've lost a fair few of my projects in my great hard disk failure a couple years back, namely Snake in the Eagle's Shadow II, Incredible Kung Fu Mission and the covers for Little Kickboxer, and never got them back from ADC. Here's hoping someone has them somewhere. 😕
  14. TheKungFuRobber

    What next for custom blu ray? Suggestions please

    Once Crystal Hunt is done, I'm gonna finish Hitman in the Hand of Buddha and also going to work on the Robert Ginty action flick Vietnam, Texas which is not a Hong Kong film at all. It is going to be the first restored release ever of the film. I also intend on restoring The Dragon, The Hero, which will be a massive project like Hit-man in the Hand of Buddha (whole movie will be reconstructed in it's entirety).
  15. I watched Drunken Tai Chi on Netflix a while ago. It was in Mandarin with English subs, and opened with Donnie Yen on a red background doing shapes. I remember this version being remastered but very jittery to watch, like it was filmed at a slower framerate. I haven't seen any other versions. I liked it, it was a good movie. Donnie's character is a right prick though.