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  1. Yes. The Bruce Lee in GOD cut also omits the log scene which exists partly in the John Little cut. If anyone knows where I could get either version in HD, please hit me up. I would love to have Bruce Lee in GOD on Blu Ray.
  2. It runs for 98 minutes at film speed, so not particularly. International version is longer because it has a longer title sequence and a scene with Roy Chiao. Thing is, Game of Death was going to be an English language film to begin with, and 1978 film was shot edited and released along two lines with actors speaking their own language, kind of like a spaghetti Western. It's unfortunate that they didn't decide to include any of the fight footage with Cheih Yuan or James Tien in the final cut. I guess that they decided it wasn't appropriate to use given the circumstances and people would rather see Bruce Lee fighting through these people as an action movie, while the original cut of Game of Death, as shown in the movie Bruce Lee in GOD is much more experimental and has a lot more dialogue and extended duels. The best cut of the 1978 film is the Japanese cut, which is about as long as the English version but has a longer cut of the Ji Han Jae fight and Bruce Lee's actual battle cries edited in from his earlier movies, rather than being dubbed in by the soft spoken man who provided ADR for the English version of Game of Death.
  3. It was released on Asian DVD Club, but I wouldn't say it was terribly well done. I would do it again.
  4. https://archive.org/details/thekungfurobbershitmaninthehandofbuddharestorationv1 Not too sure if this is spam or not, but I figured I should post this in here for people late to the party.
  5. Changed my mind on the project. Instead of doing a custom of He Has Nothing But Kung Fu, I'm going to do a custom of the Cantonese print of Game of Death, which I promised to do years ago now. Basing it on the UHD French blu ray, so it will be in 4K this time. Expect to see the film in a way you've never seen it before, unless you were lucky enough to have seen the Cantonese print in theatres. I'm only 21 so, not me unfortunately. I've got some really good materials to work with. Movie will be posted on Internet Archive as I did with Hitman in the Hand of Buddha.
  6. Might be worth considering for a DVD, especially if I can get a nicer print.
  7. Didn't know that. Well it's just an idea. Guess I'm doing Nothing but Kung Fu, but I have a few errands and favours to do first. See what I did there? xD
  8. TheKungFuRobber

    Enter The Dragon w/ the alt. Asian opening credits?

    https://51-kdy.com/vodplay/longzhenghudou-1-1.html Here is the Asian print, there is nothing really different about it that is noteworthy compared to the normal version other than being very poorly dubbed into Mandarin and having Chinese credits. Sorry if I sound cranky, I'm just sick of Enter the Dragon. It's just a bad movie for me, that was great as a kid but I've seen it about a million times now. I hate the soundtrack so goddamned much. King Boxer is better, it genuinely doesn't get old and it has likable characters unlike ETD which is about as racist as Song of the South really in the stereotypes it perpetuates but because it was the first Hollywood film with the leading role going to a Chinese man (sort of, John Saxon gets more screen time, never appears with Bruce and Bruce has maybe 20 lines) it is seen as some kind of cultural breakthrough, which seems a push for me. Maybe I'm being a bit harsh on the movie, I can see some of the people who worked on the film wanting to produce something wholesome, and that reflects but Hollywood will always be a racist, backwards corrupt conglomeration of pedophiles, sociopaths and shysters to me and it wouldn't surprise me if Fred Weintraub or Raymond Chow had a part in Bruce Lee's death because of some contract, sleazy bastards. Anyway, I'm just rambling now I guess. Enjoy the movie and stay sane.
  9. TheKungFuRobber

    Enter the Dragon - The Most Overrated Kung-Fu Movie Ever Made?

    I would quote the fat kid from No Retreat No Surrender, but I think maybe I would be being too much of an asshole. Honestly though, I don't really think Bruce Lee was evil or anything crazy like that. I was just posting a criticism because the title of the post to me gave this topic page that purpose. The man died at only 32, just a young man with children. I do agree that we live in a very politically correct age where it has become "woke" to produce crap shitting on beloved people of the past for their flaws. Bruce Lee was a good man. I grew up idolizing him, like he was some kind of God among men. His role in Enter the Dragon was important against typecasting of Orientals in Hollywood resulting from the Yellow Peril. Hollywood itself is evil. At the same time, I found the Tarantino scene amusing, gotta hand it to Tarantino that he had the guts to piss off a whole bunch of Bruce Lee fans. Not exactly the first time Bruce Lee has been disrespected in death, directors are just trying to line their pockets with money of fans to capitalize on the whole Bruceploitation bandwagon. The unrelenting outrage created by the whole scene in the media will probably just encourage more people to buy tickets.
  10. TheKungFuRobber

    Enter the Dragon - The Most Overrated Kung-Fu Movie Ever Made?

    This is class. Love this. Restored my respect for Tarantino which i lost for him for his refusal to condemn high profile celebrities such as his old pal Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey abusing their power to sexually assualt others during the the MeToo case, at least not until long after the case became well known. He still has the balls to do this in spite of the unrelenting toxicity of Bruce Lee fans. Let's not forget that Bruce Lee was good friends with the likes of Roman Polanski (pedophile who raped 13 year old and got away with it) and Sharon Tate (Polanski's wife who was murdered by the Manson family in 69), and Bruce himself wasn't really known for his loyalty to his family or for treating women with respect. No hate to Bruce Lee but he was only human. He wasn't superhuman at all. I wouldn't pit him in an IRL fight against Hwang Jang Lee. Respect for the dead of course. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5701205/Bruce-Lee-womanizer-got-circumcised-American.html
  11. I want to do another restoration project like I did on Hitman in the Hand of Buddha. I need a new movie to do. I'm stuck between trying to recreate Lee Tso Nam's official print of Edge of Fury with Bruce Li, or Lau Kar-wing's He Has Nothing But Kung Fu with Gordon Liu and Wong Yue. Both are amazing movies which have been lacking in a decent release, and considering that you can now get a HD print of He Has Nothing from Chinese VOD, I figured that I would be up to the job of reconstructing the Cantonese print and writing accurate new English subtitles from the Hardsubs (because I can't understand a word of Cantonese, only Mandarin). Give me a recommendation, and I'll let you come up with something. Just please oh please, don't ask me to reconstruct a movie that doesn't exist anymore such as The Big Boss II or anything which doesn't have a cinemascope edition. LOL
  12. TheKungFuRobber

    Enter the Dragon - The Most Overrated Kung-Fu Movie Ever Made?

    It's production was flawed. To quote Paul Bramhall's review from CityOnFire: "The Association was made between these movies, and was originally intended to be a two part crime epic, teaming him up with his fellow countrymen Byong Yu and Hwang In-shik, both masters in the Korean art of Hapkido, as well as being shot in Korea. Sadly, things went wrong along the way. The story, which focuses on a welfare agency for young women actually being a cover-up for a prostitution and abortion (not necessarily in that order) ring, features a fairly heavy dose of exploitation, which comes in the form of liberal helpings of female nudity. Byong Yu, who as it would turn out would make his first and last screen appearance in The Association, despite being the main character, wasn’t entirely comfortable with the more sleazy elements of the production, and ultimately would buy out what was planned to be the first part, preventing it from being released. So The Association is in fact the second part to what was originally a much bigger tale, patched together so that it runs as coherently as possible." I recognize the films flaws and I wasn't too keen on the borderline softcore lesbian sleaze in the movie, but I found the film to be an interesting production and would have liked to have seen Grandmaster Byong Yu in more movies.
  13. TheKungFuRobber

    Enter the Dragon - The Most Overrated Kung-Fu Movie Ever Made?

    Enter the Dragon isn't that great. I can think of a million better movies. I think I'm gonna go watch Breakfast at Tiffany's again, now that DragonClaws reminded me of it. Loved Mr Yunioshi, hilarious character. Big fan of Mickey Rooney and Blake Edwards, actually. Can name many better martial arts movies than ETD, such as King Boxer, Best of the Best II, Fist of Legend, Legend of the Mountain, Blood and Bone, Where's Officer Tuba, Supercop, Ninja III: The Domination, Wheels on Meals and the entire Lucky Stars series. All those movies are much better than Enter the Dragon, because they actually have uniqueness. Enter the Dragon is the most overhyped movie ever made. It is so boring, it actually makes me want to watch Ninja The Protector. If you need something completely different to watch, I'd recoomend Panna Rittikrai's 1984 film "Born to Fight". It is availible on DVD in the UK on R2 from Rarescope (although OOP) with English subtitles. It is a very interesting early Thai martial arts film. Very brutal choreography. Also check out 'The Association' with Byong Yu. It's a guilty pleasure of mine, but certainly not something to watch with the kids. From the era when Golden Harvest was setting the bar for kung fu movies with proper recorded soundtracks and half decent acting before the Taiwan indies were trying to imitate Ng See Yuen and interjecting awkward Chinese comedy into every peice of crap they churned out.
  14. Added English Dub to V2 MKV. Many thanks to Kevinz for his hard work, it saved me the effort for sure. Will post to Internet Archive ASAP. Also working on the DVD with two discs including all the special features.
  15. Nothing is True HD. It's all upscaled using an algorithm which I think works well. Just watch my version, it's 2:35.1, progressive, in Mandarin Chinese and has optional English subtitles which you presumably will not have on anyway. Titles are even in Chinese and remastered. You'll probably enjoy it, it's a good film actually.