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  1. ShawAngela

    Bruce Lee: The Hollywood Years (1965) - (1971)

    Thank you very much for the link, but I can't buy from amazon, I don't buy from sites that don't use paypal. Wait a minute !! I just found it on ebay by using the Spanish title !! I buy it at once !! Thank you so much !!
  2. ShawAngela

    The Shaw Brothers Van & Other Related Randomness

    Yes, Tang Ching, you are right ! And the one I took for Tien Ni, could it be Li Ching ? And I wonder if the one on the left side of the one with the ballons could be Fung Bo Bo...
  3. ShawAngela

    ShawAngela's reviews

    Best of shaolin kung fu 1976 This one didn't disappoint me at all !! It tells an episode of Book and Sword and begins when Emperor Qian Long (Pai Ying) discovers that he is a Han. His half brother Chen Jia Luo (Cliff Lok ; it's not this name that I heard in the English dubbing, but I use the name that was used in the series Book and Sword with Adam Cheng) uses his fiancee to lure him and kidnap him in order to discuss with him and ask him to quit the Manchus and to restore the Hans, but Qian Long first wants a proof that he really is a Han, and it's up to Chen Jia Luo to go to the Shaolin Temple and fight his way to the place where their mother hid a letter saying the truth. As soon as he reads the letter, Qian Long destroys it and his men lead by Carter Wong fight the patriots. The two brothers fight together, but finally, the Emperor let his brother escape with his fiancee before the arrival of the rest of the soldiers. Cliff Lok and Carter Wong are excellent, as well as Kam Kong and David Tang Wei, playing Cliff Lok's friends and top fighters of the Red Flower Society. Of course, watching this movie without knowing the plot of Book and Sword must be a little bit difficult because there are some points of the plot that aren't well explained and the whereabouts of some of the characters aren't explained. For instance, it seems that everybody in the Red Flower Society knows Carter Wong and they even call him traitor, but it's never explained why he is considered as a traitor and I must confess that I don't remember such a character, being Qian Long's right hand, in the series...another opportunity to watch it again !!
  4. ShawAngela

    ShawAngela's reviews

    Return of the deadly blade 1981 Adapted from a Gu Long's novel, so, there are a lot of missing explanations during the whole movie. David Chiang plays a swordsman out for revenge the death of his father. Some officials are looking for something (the movie was so disappointing that i don't even remember what ! ) and they are waiting for an expert who never kills, played by Yasuaki Kurata. Everybody is manipulated by Norman Tsui, who killed a guy at the beginning of the movie, and whose daughter, under the name of Moon Goddess, uses David Chiang to get revenge. There are a lot of annoying comedy scenes involving Yasuaki Kurata and Yang Pan Pan, who seems to know martial arts, but is so easily killed at a moment, while Kurata is poisoned by a dart, but curiously doesn't die, but becomes mad ! And finally, it appears that David Chiang isn't the son of the man he wants to avenge, or that it's Kurata who is his son, I didn't clearly heard what was said. The bad English dubbing didn't help and maybe the original language with subtitles would have been better to fully understand what was going on during the movie... After watching it, I felt as disappointed as i had been when I watched A sword shot at the sun and Sword with a windbell years ago...
  5. ShawAngela

    Bruce Lee: The Hollywood Years (1965) - (1971)

    Does it mean that Julie Andrews was married to Blake Edwards ? ! If so, she must have laughed more than once at home if he was as funny as in the pink panther !!
  6. ShawAngela

    Bruce Lee: The Hollywood Years (1965) - (1971)

    I had the dvd in my wishlist on ebay and I missed it !!!
  7. If I remember well, mine is in French language, so, maybe my version is cut... I'll have to revisit it, and Shaolin deadly kicks as well (French version too...) !
  8. I'm glad to see that I still have a little bit of memory... I must have watched this movie in the 90's !!
  9. If it's in the Ming or Qing dynasty, could it be Revenge of the shaolin master ? I remember a fight on the beach in this one, but I don't know if Tan Tao Liang was killed in it. Also, is he still alive at the end of Shaolin deadly kicks ? I don't remember the end (except that the place where was hidden the treasure explodes...).
  10. ShawAngela

    Imperial Tomb Raiders found!

    Yes, and the quality print is excellent ! At the end of the movie, it's mentioned 2002 Celestial, so, this should have been released as dvd when all these Shaws' gems were released, and I don't understand why they did'nt release it !!
  11. Yes, that's right ; I know her as Gam Chi Lan and she played in Deadly Angels. The picture You show is probably from the movie Tigresses.
  12. ShawAngela

    Shaws' songs in movies

    I finally found the third version of Song of tomorrow. I don't know if it's Chiao Chuang himself who sings. And by the way, I just saw on hkmdb that he died in 2008, I wasn't even aware of this !
  13. ShawAngela

    Shaws' songs in movies

    Jenny Hu again, I don't know from which movie, maybe still Love without end, or maybe from Till the end of time. Sung by Tsin Ting.
  14. ShawAngela

    Shaws' songs in movies

    Chiao Chiao in the movie Till the clouds roll by, if I'm not mistaken. Sung by Mona Fong.
  15. ShawAngela

    Shaws' songs in movies

    Love without end Jenny Hu's version in 1970