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  1. ShawAngela

    Martial arts series with Chen Hui Min

    Thank you very much for the information !!
  2. Does anyone know the title of the following series with Chen Hui Min ? When th elittle boy tries to stop him killing his shifu, he says that he is an assassin and that he doesn't care of what the boy is thinking of him. It seems that he has a list of people to kill, which is shown when he kills his target, this latter's name being removed with a line of blood...
  3. ShawAngela

    Super inframan bootleg ?

    Thank you very much for the informations !
  4. ShawAngela

    Super inframan bootleg ?

    I just saw this on ebay, and I'm wondering if it's a bootleg or not. The price is absolutely crazy !! https://www.ebay.fr/itm/INVASION-AUS-DEM-INNERN-DER-ERDE-lim-grose-HARTBOX-AMS-11-Stuck-Shaw-Brothers/303187591377?hash=item46976380d1:g:j5wAAOSwg9hdAoml
  5. Payment in blood is a rare Shaw Brothers' movie with Yueh Hua, Chan Shen and Kong Do. I think that I must have written a review here.
  6. I got the original VHS for Payment in blood a few months ago for only 2 euros...
  7. ShawAngela

    Devil's mirror 1970

    I'm not talking about THE DEVIL'S MIRROR 1971, with Shu Pei Pei. The one I mentioned if with Lo Lieh and Shih Szu, take a look at the cast, it looks great !
  8. ShawAngela

    Devil's mirror 1970

    Does anyone have ever heard of this movie ? According to the cast, it should be a great one ! http://hkmdb.com/db/movies/view.mhtml?id=19196&display_set=eng
  9. There was also a dvd release : https://www.yesasia.com/global/the-leg-fighters-1980-dvd-us-version/1003968982-0-0-0-en/info.html That's great news. And the movie is good ; the legs fights are top !
  10. ShawAngela

    New presentation ?

    I'm glad that things returned to normal !!
  11. ShawAngela

    New presentation ?

    I just clicked on " home " and I got a white page, with a new presentation of the forum, no more " back " picture with Ti Lung, or Chen Kuan Tai or the others, my name and the rest on the right of the page and on the contrary, "browse", "activity" and the rest on the left or the page... Well...It's not bad, but I miss the back pictures with the color that we were able to choose for our own page...
  12. Does anyone can confirm that the last fights of thses two movies take place in the same location ? I watched the first one yesterday and when I saw the place where Chang Yi and Wong Tao fight, it rang a bell at once and made me think of Invincible armour.
  13. I don't remember if it's in the series The Yang's saga or in other movies telling the story of the Yangs, but from what I remember, there is one of the sons who fall in love with the enemy's daughter and stays with her after his capture. Liu Chia Hui is 5th brother, from what you wrote, not 6th (I must confess that I do'nt remember at all their numbers), and I agree that Fu Sheng's lunatic scenes were very annoying, at least as much as annoying as his scenes in Cat vs rat... And Liu Chia Hui takes his time to finally agree to help Kara Hui !