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  1. Legend of a fighter 1982 What a superb movie ! Ko Fei, Beardy and Yasuaki Kurata are all excellent ! It has moments of laughing (I loved the guy smoking his pipe on the boat !), moments of emotion and a LOT of excellent fights. It makes me being eager to finally find a while to watch the ATV series telling the story of Huo Yuan Jia and its sequel telling the story of his son Huo Dong Ge !!
  2. I just took a look at hkcinemagic, and the only Demi gods and semi devils they talk about is the TVB series, with the cast shown on the poster, and according to hkmdb, the movie was made almost at the same time as the series.
  3. Well...That precise man is none other than Norman Tsui... But @sym8 may be right about Eddie Ko Hung. Sometimes, the costumes and haircut may change a guy and I saw him in some movies when he was younger and I almost didn't recognized him, so, it could be him in the black and white picture. If only there was a translation of the Chinese text, it could help... If it's the same movie as the one I'm talking about, the girl is Idy Chan and I didn't find any other movie looking to show a story from the same wuxia era with both Norman and her in it...
  4. It has been discussed a little while ago that the Shaws' 1970 (if I remember well) one has been replaced by the 1971 one with a different cast (no more Lo Lieh nor Shih Szu...). The one you showed looks very interesting !
  5. Are you talking about the one on the very left of the picture ?
  6. It could be Demi gods and semi devils 1982. The girl on your pîcture looks very much like the girl on this poster :
  7. ShawAngela

    Doodle Bruce Gallery

    Nice pictures. Some of them are really realistic, thanks for sharing.
  8. That's interesting. And how did you manage to order since everything is in Scandinavian language ?
  9. Who is the guy with Norman Tsui and from which movie is it, please ?
  10. I badly need to watch this one !!! Nice find !!
  11. ShawAngela

    Let's laugh a little bit

    Guilty dogs...It reminds me of what did my dog when it was guilty of something, except that it was also growling at the same time it was hiding...
  12. ShawAngela


    Just recorded a screening of this movie from U.K T.V, purely because of the Hong Kong connection and Christopher Lee of course. I'll wait for your views on this movie, then...
  13. Six assassins 1972 Once again, I watched the Korean release (subbed) of this movie, and noticed that the Chionese titles written on the box was " seven " smomething, which would make sense, since the six assassins becomes seven after James Nam koins the group. What a superb movie that I had only watched once years ago ! Everythibg is great : the plot, the actors, the fights, and even the song sung by Ling Yun. Since I saw his throat and torso in movement during the song, I guess that it was really him who sang it, and if it's so, well...nice voice !
  14. The deadly knives 1972 I watched the Korean release of this movie without subtitles and it seemed to me that some scenes were cut... I had forgotten how good this movie was, with an excellent Ling Yun playing a Chinese teaching the Japanese a lesson after they have killed his father and raped his young friend (Lily Li), leading her to commit suicide. Ching Miao is hatable as the Japanese chief, which proves that he was a great actor !
  15. Dirty tiger crazy frog 1978 A very enjoyable movie, with some funny scenes and good fights, and it's so good to see Liu Chia Yung as the lead, for once ! During some fights, I was under the impression that I was looking at Liu Chia Liang since his way of fighting was similar to his brother !