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  1. ShawAngela

    Guess the movie?

    Hua Mulan ?
  2. ShawAngela

    Guess the movie?

    An animated Madam White Snake ?
  3. ShawAngela

    Guess the movie?

    A Jackie Chan animated movie ?
  4. ShawAngela

    Enter the Dragon II

    In my humble opinion, this conversation is becoming very sterile. There are things that are posted as informations. One can believe it or not, but it shouldn't lead to such sterile posts on who is right or who is wrong, and it should be put to a stop before insults are coming...
  5. Oh, les, I forgot to mention the music ! It's the first thing that pleased me when the credits began ! But there were still some inserted themes from The Avengers series (if I'm not mistaken) and from one of the Corleone movie themes (I don't know the English title, here it's called Le Parrain)...☺️
  6. ShawAngela

    Guess the movie?

    The monkey king animated ?
  7. ShawAngela

    What's your favorite triad movies?

    I'm not really in this kind of movies and I think that I must have some dvds of these list still unwatched, but I watched the three Infernal Affairs years ago, and it seems to me that I had enjoyed them, though I was a little bit disappointed By the third one. Does First shot fit your criteria ? Though the main focus is on the cops, there is also a solid triad boss, there.
  8. ShawAngela

    Guess the movie?

    I'm a little bit tempted to say Peter Pan or Aladin, but I haven't seen any of them...
  9. ShawAngela

    Guess the movie?

    Just to be sure : it's an animated movie related to martial arts or not ?
  10. I just watched FIST OF THE DOUBLE K. What a superb movie, with A LOT of very good fights ! I got the German release form FilmArt, with German, English and Mandarin language, running for 1h26mn and a few seconds, and a said Italian shorter version, that plays in German and not in Italian, and runs for only 1h19mn and a few seconds. Henry Yu Yung is excellent, and at some times, I thought that he looked like Ti Lung : take a look at the following screenshots . Arghh !! I didn't shoot the third one well, and it was the one in which it was the most visible !!
  11. ShawAngela

    Adam Cheng pictures

    Ok, yesterday, I was absolutely unable to edit the above post mentioned in TibetanWhiteCrane's quote, in order to put the right picture with the guy supposed to be Adam Cheng's opera master : after dragging the picture here, I tried several times to save the dited post, but it never worked, so, I post the said picture alone here.
  12. ShawAngela

    Behind the scenes...

    Not really a " behind the scenes " for a movie, but rather for a show. Angie Chiu and Adam Cheng rehearsing their number, and after (or just before, I don't know) the number, with their costumes.
  13. Another thing that I noticed in several movies : it seems that Chinese guys have a kind of devotion for their dirty feet. Not only they clean them by just using their hands, but also they ALWAYS smell their hands after that, and you can see the ecstasy invading their face when they breathe with all their force, just as if they were in the Alps, breathing the sweet smell of the eucalyptuses and the pines !! Maybe it's a kind of medicine for the flu that we should try and see if it's effective...🤣
  14. And your post made me smile, imagining you almost falling off your chair while laughing !! And there is a 5th point that I forgot to mention in The tormentor ! During the ending fight, Chang Yi is badly wounded on his right leg by a grappling iron, and guess what ? When he fights again Lung Fei, he kicks him several times with...his right leg, of course !!
  15. ShawAngela

    Behind the scenes...

    Who was the elder between the two of them ?