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  1. Watch this and Avenging Eagle
  2. Let's look at all the Ennio Morricone music used in Easterns. Spaghetti westerns had a huge influence on the modern kung fu film. Anonymous Heroes (Duck You Sucker), Avenging Eagle (Death Rides A Horse), Along Comes A Tiger (Once Upon A Time In The West) all remakes. Clint Eastwood and Sergio Leone were international box office.
  3. NoKUNGFUforYU

    Kung Fu Screenings at the New Beverly Cinema in LA

    That's a shame. It was a twist of fate that he got to direct all those Karate movies. Just show some stuff from Asia. Only good one he did was Enter The Dragon, and that had Bruce.
  4. NoKUNGFUforYU

    Crazy Nuts Of Kung Fu is ready!!

    Not as of yet, but if you want to find me a good JPG of the poster..............
  5. NoKUNGFUforYU

    Crazy Nuts Of Kung Fu is ready!!

    I emailed to everyone, contact me if you didn't get it!
  6. NoKUNGFUforYU

    Crazy Nuts Of Kung Fu is ready!!

  7. NoKUNGFUforYU

    Crazy Nuts Of Kung Fu is ready!!

    This is free to all the people that supported us on To Kill A Rover and other projects. Check you email this weekend!! From Redcard...
  8. Yes!!! All around excellent work from the Kung Fu Robber, as usual!
  9. NoKUNGFUforYU

    Crystal Hunt 1080p custom

    Has English now.
  10. NoKUNGFUforYU

    Kung Fu movies with Rise and Fall Gangster stories?

    There are tons if you don't care about quality. Let me look around.
  11. NoKUNGFUforYU

    Kung Fu movies with Rise and Fall Gangster stories?

    Are you talking Shaw Bros level? There are several of those, especially Brotherhood being one of the best. Also, Disciples of Shaolin is a remake of Boxer From Shantung, basically. Big Boss of Shanghai is another. Also, find Furious Slaughter and Mu Yun Shen, though Wang Yu plays basically a good guy, Ma Yung Shen was a gangster. There are dozens of low budget ones- End of the Black, Magnificent Two, etc. Tell us the level or quality. Also To Kill A Jaguar, but that is all cut up horribly.
  12. The Shaolin Temple is presented as the greatest martial arts school on the planet, but they get dispatched pretty easily. Also, the same with Chinese boxing. Only a few of the guys can actually stand up to foreigners, but the ones that can are literally 10x to20x better! I realize there is the issue that many kung fu schools were said to keep the deadly secrets for only a select few, but it seems pretty stupid. I mean look how it works out in Fist of Fury. If everyone was trained as hard as Chen Zhen they would have had a pretty solid school, right? Meanwhile the Black Bear school just trains them all..... Also, if all the Shaolin Masters get killed off in Chang Cheh movies, how did the style survive, LOL!?
  13. Wong had a lot of white students, even in the 1970's. If you read Matthew Polly's bio and some others Lee had a problem with flashy kung fu (which there was a lot of in Northern Shaolin) That being said, Wong had several students who fought full contact, others who could do beautiful forms. I sparred one of the, fucking tough. Now, nothing he did looked like Shaolin, and he caught me with a flying armbar (which was a new move back then and we doing stand up sparring) but I did kick him in the face, so, there's that. Anyway, he crossed trained in Kyokushin, boxing, BJJ and Greco Roman. I was seeing if I could sign my son up with him, but he didn't have kids classes. The opposite of McDojos. Anyway, I bet if we had film, it would look like a scuffle at best. You have to remember, Karate and Kung Fu advanced a ton from the time of the fight into the 1980's. Here's the thing, Judo and Muay Thai were already excellent fighting arts, it really was Karate and Kung Fu that needed to be updated. A lot, in my opinion, of what impressed people about karate and so on were board and brick breaking tricks. It didn't look as tough as boxing or judo.