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  1. NoKUNGFUforYU

    Cheetah on Fire Custom Blu Ray rip

    The acting is so bad it's good. Camp classic.
  2. NoKUNGFUforYU

    Cheetah on Fire Custom Blu Ray rip

    It's just balls out exploitation, one of my old favorites from the 90s or so, when I first saw it. The remaster is great. Hopefully you liked the green subs, I think they are an improvement over the yellow subs. Anyway, fun flick, and I am glad you like it!
  3. NoKUNGFUforYU

    Shanghai Lil & the Sun Luck Kid (Shaws?)

    One of my favorites as little teenager. I was big on kicking so the first scene where Chin Han stomps his foot into the walls was real cool!
  4. NoKUNGFUforYU

    Chinese-Swords (Both history and film)

    I found these colors pretty cool when dealing with Hard subs.
  5. NoKUNGFUforYU

    Chinese-Swords (Both history and film)

    When I do customs, I use different colors for subs. Back to the topic, I get into a lot of arguments with Chinese Nationalists on Facebook about whether the Chinese had a warrior/knight class. My understanding is anything close to a Samurai was pretty brief and a long, long time ago. Also, at least one Chinese general didn't think much of doing a lot of martial arts training, as did some Greeks and Romans. From what I can tell, pikes and spears and arrows were much more useful then swords, and dueling mano y mano was not a big, romanticized thing in real life historical China. I feel like the swords would be status symbols and "home defense", but very rarely used at all. Now security delivery guys are a different story, but even then, from what I read, it was mostly payoffs to local gangs, not epic battles, that took place. As dull as that sounds, I'm sure people didn't want to fight to the death all the time anyway, LOL!
  6. Yes, bringing in the old white dude was a mistake. Like they're trying to check all the boxes. Plus the blond cop is kind of silly as well. A shame, great start!
  7. My newest. I put the Widow Warriors on the back burner for a bit. This was an old favorite late night on VHS that is now on Blu Ray in Asia. Added the subs to one version and the dub to another. Cheetah on Fire, one of Donnie's best Girls with Guns movie. Smoking hot Sharla Man and Carrie Ng help out as well as some hot Japanese gal whose name escapes me.
  8. Go download subtitle edit and save them as .ass files with yellow font.
  9. You got me there, though Enter the Fat Dragon was considered a breakout movie, where as I don't give a damn was later and did not do well. But yeah, that is an offensive movie- racist, animal cruelty, you name it. I like Sammo, but not a fan of some of his movies.
  10. NoKUNGFUforYU

    What is the most recent Shaw Brother's film you've seen?

    You're right! Ivy Ling Po! My bad!
  11. Subbed thus about 2 years ago, at least the funny, Taiwan version in HD 1080p.
  12. NoKUNGFUforYU

    What is the most recent Shaw Brother's film you've seen?

    POLICE FORCE I don't know how many people know this flick, as it might not show up as a martial arts film on too many lists but it is a rare Wang Chung starring vehicle (he would later play tons of cops) and Fu Sheng's first big role. I would say, seek it out, worth watching. Interestingly enough, the heroes are karate practitioners, which was from I have heard, more popular in HK then Kung Fu (as was Judo). Chung starts out looking for revenge as a cop, then starts to just really like being a cop, don't want to give too much away, check it out!
  13. NoKUNGFUforYU

    What is the most recent Shaw Brother's film you've seen?

    I liked this movie. For me, if there were "swordsmen and women" back then, they'd either be security or outlaws, everyone else was too busy working or running a business. If you practiced martial arts, you had a motive. The whole goody two shoes "knight" (which did not exist in China, they did not have a class of warriors like Europe, Japan or Africa) gets turned on its head, which makes for an almost black comedy of how nasty everyone is. Lily Ho was a little silly at the end, but besides that, in my top 10 of that year, if not era.