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I would like to thank everyone who was able to make a donation for the purpose of obtaining new features for the forum. The donation goal was met rather quickly and we here at Kung Fu Fandom can not thank you enough for the support. The plan is once the new site is up and running, the focus will then turn to the forum on updating and adding these new features and we will continue to strive to make your time spent here on the forum as enjoyable as possible. _/|\_

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  1. I read the comment to quickly, my bad. I thought he said he got a link to the actual movie.. That's what I was Asking to share with me. Oops
  2. The squeaky wheel gets his lube job muahahahahaha
  3. Gwai LO

    Big Match (2014)

    I guess I should have been more specific.. Any place that sells it in blu Ray
  4. I read a dvd comes out June.. But does anyone know where to order it?
  5. I'm sorry if it seems like I'm Beating a dead horse, but I have been looking for this movie on DVD for a long time and can't find anything on it. Has this been released on DVD or is it planning anytime soon?
  6. Gwai LO

    Big Match (2014)

    Can someone post a link to where I can buy this movie.. This one is harder to find than most be looked for.. Guess it's the generic title
  7. Looking forward to a release date for this.
  8. Their is some members from Germany. When I wanted a German dvd I set up a trade and they purchased dvds for me
  9. Gwai LO

    Zombie Fight Club (2014)

    This movie is fricken horrid! Soooo cheezy! When the old man jumped in his "real steel" (alien/avatar rip off) machine. I had to stop watching. Sooooo bad!
  10. Any news on a english subtitle release? Still my most antisipated movie of last year
  11. Gwai LO

    Marco Polo (2014) - Netflix original series

    Bout to start this tonight!! Pumped!
  12. Gwai LO

    Furious 7 (2015)

    I watched fast a furious 1 about 10 years ago when it first came out.. And I've MAYBE seen number 2.. Is it a must to have seen all the movies to understand what's going on in F&F7? Or can I go in with no previous knowledge and understand what's going on?