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  1. Does anyone know where I can find a copy of this film? I have looked everywhere and keep turning up empty.
  2. She actually has 2 restaurants here. She was extremely humble and quite taken aback by the outpouring of love shown to her by us fans. Truly a wonderful treat.
  3. Question: Never seen Touch of Zen. Heard different opinions on it. Is it worth seeing?
  4. Angela Mao will be in attendance for Hapkido. And yes I have already procured my tickets.
  5. Superfly

    NYAFF 2017

    So so far its been okay but no blown away at the NYAFF. Here is a ranking of the films I have seen so far. 1. Bad Genius 2. Mon Mon Mon Monsters 3. Ordinary Person 4. Birdshot 5. Battle of Memories 6. Extraordinary Mission 7. Truth Beneath 8. Blood of Youth 9. Town In A Lake
  6. Superfly

    NYAFF 2017

    Got tickets to these 3. I think I am done. Anyone else coming? Extraordinary MissionThe Truth BeneathBlood of Youth
  7. Superfly

    NYAFF 2017

    Anyone attending this year? I am poised to break my personal record. I already have tickets to the following films. The Villainess Election Bad Genius Surprise Screening The Mole Song 2 Zombiology Battle of Memories Dealer Healer Birdshot Vanishing Time Happiness Fabricated City Mrs K Vampire Cleanup Department Godspeed With Prisoners Town in a Lake Traces of Sin Mon Mon Mon Monsters And I will probably get tickets to these. Extraordinary MissionThe Truth BeneathBlood of YouthJourney To The West: The Demons Strike BackJapanese Girls Never Die
  8. I have procured tickets to 20 of these films at the NYAFF. Hope to see some of you there.
  9. There are 5 or 6 films in the series but they only showed the first 2 at the festival
  10. I saw Shinobi no Mono 1 & 2 last spring at a film festival. It was being credited as one of the very first Ninja films ever made. While not very exciting by today's standards it was a treat to watch due to its fine acting and Historical relevance.
  11. Another Amazing year is over. I broke my personal record for screenings. Here are the films I saw in order of how much I liked them 1. The Royal Tailor 2. Port of Call (Twice) 3. City on Fire 4. Brotherhood of Blades 5. Coin Locker Girl 6. Robbery 7. Full Alert 8. Solomon's Perjury 1 9. Cops vs. Thugs 10. Socialphobia 11. Insanity 12. Solomon's Perjury 2 13. Violator As every year there are films I wish I got to see. Tokyo Tribe Empire of Lust Whistleblower The Isle Pale Moon Two Thumbs Up Battles Without Honor and Humanity Red Amnesia Up next is Japan Cuts. Not sure how many I will see there
  12. I'm planning on going to see Shaolin vs Wu-Tang. Possibly Come Drink With Me as well.
  13. Wondering if I should go see Tokyo Tribe. Trailer looked awful but its getting insane reviews. Brotherhood of Blades and Coin Locker Girl are at the top of the list at this point
  14. This film is the centerpiece feature of the NYAFF. But when I watched the trailer I immediately ruled it out. But now after reading this I may go see it. Glad to know I wasn't the only who thought the trailer made it look totally unwatchable.
  15. Superfly

    Best Takashi Miike Films?

    As a admitted Miike fanboy this is an awesome question. Picking some titles not already mentioned The Man In White. Pretty straight up Gangster Flick Ace Attorney - If you play the game its tears from laughing funny. If not its still hysterical The Mole Song - Zany Yakuza comedy Like a Dragon Lesson of the Evil _ A Must see. May be his best film since Audition.