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  1. Skeleton Claw


    Agree with LKL having the bet fight choreography at Shaws hands down. That said, his films aside from the action tended to be hit or miss, with a increasing reliance on comedy. In my own perfect world, I would've had LKL choreograph the films of Sun Chung. Despite his lower output, Sun Chung made better FILMS, all around. The only area he was lacking was in the intricacy of his fight scenes. Not taking away anything from Chung's go to fight man, Tang Chia, but I think no one would argue that his specialty were weapons, not the hand-to-hand stuff. Imagine LKL teaming up with his old partner on stuff like Avenging Eagle, Kung Fu Instructor, TKAM, etc? It would've made those classics even more enduring IMO.
  2. Skeleton Claw

    Shaw Brother BD's from T.V.P.

    Haven't been on here in a long while so first thing I needed to address is Bob's amazing work on the Delightful Forest cover! Brilliant!!
  3. Skeleton Claw

    List of Celestial SB movies on iTunes

    I know that there were issues with the dubs to Martial Club & Black Magic 2 - hence the fan supplied dubs for earlier DVD releases - but there's really no excuse for not including the dub for Kid With a Tattoo. It was screened with the dub in South Africa within the last several years. Too bad. Was really looking forward to that one. Oh well. At least the original mono soundtrack is there. I honestly don't know how anyone could've sat through those "remixed" 5.1 jobs with the newly added fx & music. Now that proper versions are finally trickling out here and there via BluRay & iTunes, etc., those "remixed" versions should all be rounded up and burned or tossed into the sea.
  4. Skeleton Claw

    DEADLY VENOMS Vol.1 (Shaw Bros Tribute Mix)

    Thank you!!!
  5. Skeleton Claw

    Rendezvous With Death

    You could always tell that Sun Chung put a little extra time and care into making his films. Perhaps that's why he made so few compared to some of his contemporaries. I agree that the final fight in Rendezvous was lacking. Other than that, great fun. Need to revisit Proud Youth soon.
  6. Skeleton Claw

    DEADLY VENOMS Vol.1 (Shaw Bros Tribute Mix)

    I used the actual track names from the original library records. "Guerrilla" was part of a military-themed LP which had many other tracks used in these films. Thanks for the kind words, people!
  7. I posted the info for this already in the marketplace so please forgive me administrators if I'm repeating myself somewhat here. This was truly a labor of love for me. I set out to make the ultimate Shaw Brothers tribute mix specifically dedicated to the films of the "Venoms Mob". DEADLY VENOMS VOL.1 (Shaw Brothers Tribute Mix) by Paul Nice Featuring original library music as heard in the following features: 5 Deadly Venoms, Kid With The Golden Arm, Masked Avengers, Invincible Shaolin, Rebel Intruders, Magnificent Ruffians, Flag of Iron, 10 Tigers of Kwangtung, Shaolin Rescuers, 2 Champions of Shaolin, Daredevils. Sword Stained With Royal Blood & more. AND, for a limited time only, you can now hear the ENTIRE mix for FREE via streaming on my soundcloud page: https://soundcloud.com/paulnice/deadly-venoms-vol1-shaw-brothers-tribute-mix-paul-nice Track-listing: Part 1: 1. "Suppression" (Main titles for "Masked Avengers" & "2 Champions of Shaolin") 2. "Guerrilla" (as heard in "Masked Avengers", "10 Tigers of Kwangtung" etc.) 3. "10 Killers of the Underworld" (from "Flag of Iron") 4. "Bitter Lemons" (Main titles for "Flag of Iron") 5. "Rock, Paper, Scissors" (from "Daredevils") 6. "Hot Spot" (Main titles for "Daredevils") 7. "Gun Runner" (as heard in the international trailer for "Crippled Avengers") 8. "They really are iron!" (from "Crippled Avengers") 9. "New City Sound" (Main titles for "Shaolin Rescuers") 10. "Golden Wheel" (from "Magnificent Ruffians") 11. "Through The Forrest" (Main titles for "Magnificent Ruffians") 12. "Running Hot" (as heard in "Magnificent Ruffians") 13. "Rumpus" (as heard in "Magnificent Ruffians") Part 2: 14. "Complaint" (Main titles for "Five Venoms") 15. "Climax" (as heard in "Five Venoms") 16. "Invasione" (Main title for "Kid With The Golden Arm") 17. "Hallucinations" (as heard in "Kid With The Golden Arm") 18. "Jackboot" (Main title for "House of Traps") 19. "Invincible Shaolin" (International trailer) 20. "Full Brass Call" (Main title for "Invincible Shaolin") 21. "I like eggs" (as heard in "Invincible Shaolin") 22. "Corn Exchange" (as hard in "Invincible Shaolin") 23. "Two Minutes Precisely" (as heard in "10 Tigers of Kwangtung") 24. "Mystery Place No.1" ((as heard in "10 Tigers of Kwangtung", etc.) 25. "Horror House" (Main titles for "Rebel Intruders") 26. "Printout" (Main titles for "Sword Stained With Royal Blood") I made this for fans like us, so if you like it, spread the word! I've got enough material for several more volumes so depending on the reaction to this one, you could very well be seeing more soon.
  8. Skeleton Claw

    Deadly Venoms tribute mix (pre-order)

    Hey Shaolin Swords! Thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately this will only be available via download for the time being. You can, however, listen to the whole, entire mix via streaming for a limited time on my soundcloud page... https://soundcloud.com/paulnice/deadly-venoms-vol1-shaw-brothers-tribute-mix-paul-nice ...and of course, once you realize that all of your Shaw/kung-fu fever dreams are encapsulated in this mix, then you'll have no choice but to download it! lol https://paulnice.bandcamp.com/album/deadly-venoms-vol-1-shaw-brothers-tribute-mix
  9. Skeleton Claw

    SHAWS on itunes

    It says on iTunes that the English dub is included. It's also played in English on the El Rey network - along with several other once rare dubs.
  10. Skeleton Claw

    SHAWS on itunes

    Yes. Ditto that. Thanks for these updates Chemical Lemon. Just wish Celestial themselves would be more on the ball with this stuff. The fact that they're not - after all these years - is sadly indicative of a lot of what's been wrong with the marketing of these movies in the west from the very beginning. Double sigh.
  11. Skeleton Claw

    The Alexander Fu Sheng Thread

    Always wondered if it was the same white Porsche that he drives in Hong Kong Playboys.
  12. Skeleton Claw

    SHAWS on itunes

    Good news! I believe all of those have been on El Rey with the exception of Buddha's Palm. Will be interested to it dubbed.
  13. Tribute mix dedicated to the films of the Venoms Mob. Featuring original library music as heard in the following features: 5 Deadly Venoms, Kid With The Golden Arm, Masked Avengers, Invincible Shaolin, Rebel Intruders, Magnificent Ruffians, Flag of Iron, 10 Tigers From Kwangtung, Shaolin Rescuers, 2 Champions of Shaolin, Daredevils. Sword Stained With Royal Blood & more... Available May 22, 2015 Pre-order link: https://paulnice.bandcamp.com/album/deadly-venoms-tribute-mix
  14. Skeleton Claw

    Thai Posters for Shaw Movies

    Nice collection of posters! I like how some cast members of a film might be more prominently featured depending on the market, etc. One example: Simon Yuen's image on the 1 sheet for Heroes of the East is blown up and thrown back on there a couple of times - and he's barely in the film! On another note, I noticed that Heroes of the East is referred to on the poster by another English title - "Chinese Boxer Part II". Same retitle on my original HK poster too. I wonder what the deal was with that? Any ideas?
  15. Skeleton Claw

    The Teako-Shaw Signature Collection grows!

    Glad to be of help kind sir! Loving the Thai Venoms poster. I think we've probably talked about this before but I always loved the illustrations on the Thai posters. Now if only I could stomach their written language. I hate how their characters look! lol Wondering if you hid that part of the one sheet on purpose! And what's up with cheap stock on Thai posters?? Anyway, all that said, I'll still take it off your hands if you ever get tired of it.