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  1. Rebel intruders. Watched koch br already some weeks ago but with friends and wanted to see it on own privacy and concentrate better. War is obviously going on as refugees end up to town controlled by 4 military units, Spear, Iron Fist, Sword and Sword&Shield....Some troops enjoy killing, torturing and robbing refugees. Among those not so fortunate ones are Lo Meng, Chiang Sheng and Kuo Chui but because of their supreme skills they will find work, Chiang sheng in casino, Lo Meng starts to teach Iron Fist crew and Kuo Chui becomes doorman of brothel. Eventually 3 meet at casino and become friends. One of leaders of military is kinda power hungry and plots to kill colonel and refugees are good to be scapegoats.... It`s very good movie with 2 tiny flaws. Colonel is perhaps killed too soon, after that it becomes almost non-stop action(matter of taste is this actually so bad or not). Another is there is rare case some fights have bit slapstick(by opponents). It was not venom movie thing really and does nothing good. But those moments luckily do not last long... But positive sides are very strong. There is suspense as besides those who are revealed in plot getting colonel killed they have ally and his ID is kept secret until right moment comes. And it works smoothly. Action is outstanding, highlight is imo wang li vs chiang sheng and kuo chui...~30 mins from beginning are very good in plotwise but then more and more attention are paid to action... I don`t remember was the dialogue same in IVL but there is kinda funny line when leader of Spear militia ( Lu Feng) says "the refugees could not be a kung fu masters"..How wrong can someone be but he was corrected for good...
  2. Tex Killer

    Fake IVL on ebay

    Probably it`s fatima video from brooklyn back (again) with new seller ID, last time tho he put into title it`s not ivl he is selling and used pics from ivl dvds. At least 3rd account if same guy, maybe more. Not been looking closely ebays shaw situation for 2-3 years.
  3. ip man 2. After recovered from thins in 1st movie Ip Man resides in hong kong and again having financial troubles. Setting up a kung fu school is not easy, not only need to get students but also be accepted by other martial clubs. Easily arranged by fighting Lo Meng, Fung Hak On and Sammo Hung in excellent table contest which is best action scene of the movie...Sammo who at first appears could be baddie of movie is not that but man who defends honor of chinese kung fu against western boxer. Until that movie was quite unpredictable but then it becomes obvious.. Unfortunately Fan Siu Wong from 1st flick has very small role. IM2 is a good movie, improvement over 1st Ip Man. Sometimes I like Sammo sometimes not. But here he was terrific in non comedic role and excellent in fights. Action is fine and story is too. Like 1st movie, imo this also perhaps not revisit stuff but it did purpose for spending bit under 2 hours nicely.
  4. Tex Killer

    88 Films SB Blu-ray

    Let`s see if they can now ship to abroad or do customers outside UK and Eire still have to buy them from amazon. While 8 diagram is great movie(except fu sheng scenes) Dragon Dynasty dvd is technically pretty fine and was hoping announcement of some Shaws released so far on ivl dvd only(or unreleased horror). Well, maybe and hopefully later. As we know, CDWM has already release in Germany. Slip looks nice tho...
  5. Tex Killer

    88 Films SB Blu-ray

    March releases...will end up getting 8 diagram for sure but still bit disappointed with these announcements...But there is more going funds going to 88 next year besides Pole Fighter, italian releases look awesome. Floor is wet as been drooling a lot, drowning danger soon...
  6. Tex Killer

    Favorite Westerns: The Good, the Bad & the Bootlegs

    Not from this channel but from dvd. I can`t connect computer to tv so not prefer watching movies from monitor. However I will check "matalo", not have it on dvd. Some great flicks there, and some of them not available on dvd at least on a good presentation but full screen/bad or so so quality cheap box sets... thx for tip!
  7. Tex Killer

    Angry Rant: You Know What's Bullshit? Blu Ray Encryption

    Best and most cheapest solution to that irrating problem I found was to get power supply and buy region A player no need to spend extra money for multiregion as have B already. Very uncomplicated to order new one if/when A gets broken eventually and lot less funds need to be forked for new one not to mention lot easier to find new player. ~€150 for multiregion in amazon(+shipping of course) or 3-4 times that for oppo is not very tempting as there is still very limited amount of A discs even if include horror titles to be owned. Specially if need to buy new player between some years...
  8. Tex Killer

    Koch Media Shaw Brothers Collection

    Let`s hope so but it might be rare and quite strange case discs from that pressing won`t co-operate well with certain type of players.
  9. Tex Killer

    Koch Media Shaw Brothers Collection

    I had trouble with trailers, lagging..movie itself plays fine.
  10. my rebellious son. Ku Feng is bone-setter and herbalist Chang Tak Tai and also head of "protect the buddha" group, and as movie title suggest has troublesome son, Chang Siu Tai. In town there are foreigners who want valuable goddess statue protected by Chang and some chinese bossed by Chairman are helping them..Eventually they succees because Siu Tai has his own ideas about leadership of group and in showdown it`s Siu Tai vs wang lung wei&his fencing friend and japanese(chan wai man) hired by Chairman. It`s not exactly superb movie and while I`m not much fan of comedic kung fu films time was well spent here. I saw MRS 1st time ~6 years ago and have feeling liked it less back then. Fu Sheng does ok in comedy(he is not great but certainly not annoying here) and Ku Feng is very good. It`s not action packed film, there are roughly only about half a dozen action scenes. Fu Sheng vs western fighter in boxing ring I liked it a lot but best stuff is in the end Fu vs enemies mentioned above. Some more fighting would have been nice but it was enjoyable viewing.
  11. Tex Killer

    Most annoying character or actor in Kung Fu

    He imo is not most annoying character in movie, but someone in this scene is. Hint; it`s not Lo Lieh...
  12. ip man. Respected kung fu master Ip Man(donnie yen) leads a peaceful life in fo shan with wife and son but has to fight when northern stylist kung fu expert(excellent Fan "ricky" Siu Wong) arrives to create trouble and they have great duel. To this point movie was really good. Then tone changes a lot, japanese raid town, ip man loses his fortune and is forced to work in coal factory for living. Japanese martial artists are looking for fighters, it`s very predictable from now on how things will be. Drama plays big role, but negative thing imo it`s not that well done. Fail to create impact and interest vanished too. Very disappointing finale against japanese general, it`s no contest really. ~35 minutes from beginning it`s highly enjoyable flick then downhill. By no means bad but just not exciting or particularly interesting as too easy to guess what happens next, only surprise was to see Fan again later. Donnie does fine in both acting and action but fault is in script. No revisit material, hopefully parts 2 and 3 in box set turn out to be better.
  13. Tex Killer

    Maniac Cop (2018) - remake of 80's horror film

    Good. Even in hollywoods silly re-make frenzy rebooting maniac cop as movie would feel particularly pointless. But series may actually turn out to be decent, and hopefully will be the case.
  14. More audio options in br for those who care, haven`t compared pq of dvd to br yet but seem to think if br is better it is that just barely. Indeed To kill with intrigue has much better quality, looks terrific. Hopefully "first strike" as full lenght version is on 88s pipeline...