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  1. Curse of evil and avengers from hell look very interesting. No subs but I guess best to watch them now as have chance, just read plot description first to make it easier to stay on the ride.
  2. I will finally knock you down dad! with subs🤯.. This afternoons viewing is obvious...been wanting to see this some time... It was quite good one..some of comedy was dire but chen kuan tai, kao fei, lily li and chin siu ho did well in their roles. Not so much action but what was offered, decent. Specially kao fei vs chin siu ho.
  3. Tex Killer

    Escape Plan 3: Extractors (Stallone, Bautista, Zhang)

    Unfortunately this was not a good one. Choreography bit sucked and it did not help either DB was thug with sth like basic martial arts skills. Average flick. I liked 10-15 mins from beginning but started to yawn at times then. Not disaster but better than hades, mostly because Stallone was around quite a lot. Won`t complain if Escape Plans stop here. And escape thing on #3 storyline was really low...
  4. Tex Killer

    Koch Media Shaw Brothers Collection

    Yiiks😨!..Did not pay any attention to product listing of this before you post. Somehow assumed it will have english subs but after visiting ~6 german websites none mentions it. Same applies to "heroes shed no tears".. Won`t cry a river if not english friendly but this would (have) be(en) really nice to have as blue disc. Can`t wait for "champion", it`s been awfully long time since put into martial arts Shaw shelf anything completely new(last was Kochs chinatown kid with long version but no new stuff really)...
  5. Cat 0`Nine Tails. Man is pushed to front of train and photographer manages to take snapshof of it and investigation begins....Early Dario Argento giallo is rareish one as people(+viewer) who want to catch killer have quite good impression of what his motives are....I do not remember how morricone score was but hardly weak, likely just good background music... No Country for old men. Coen brothers directed one of best from book to film adaptions ever...At the outcome of shootout involving mexican drug dealers man finds bag of money and gets killer after him....Flawless movie..ok, maybe one small one. In scene where killer talks to shopkeeper it ends too soon, in book after talk is over cashier then realizes how close to getting killed he was, that is not shown here. Just the dialogue which is terrific...
  6. didn`t like it either, took more than 1 session to finish mondo dvd..of Prima films, wish they would have done this;
  7. I did read some books, those can be found online at wu xia society but as I have no tablet not feel comfortable to go further. Pc screen is no ideal for such.. Dang had completely forgotten to watch that serie. Also in fact that have the dvd set, didn`t come into mind when chose the movie to watch. Start it tonight at last, 25 episodes keep busy for a while.
  8. Heaven sword and dragon sabre. Two supernaturals swords are around, one in the hand on nun who is clan leader and other is possessed by Lo Lieh(who is seen only at beginning of movie)..Swords do not seem to be that important for most of time but battles of 6 clans vs one they think it`s evil. And lots of characters, subplots, poisons which do not kill immediately, magical kung fu styles, revelations about family connection and some quite fine fighting. And great sets+costumes. Derek Yee is fine as lead but there are so many characters I pick my favs from girls side, Cheng Lee is great although appears at quite end gets then lot to do. There is so much going (like is sometimes case with Chu Yuan movie) on so would think hard to follow it but found it surprisingly easy. Although have to say gave some freedom did not try to remember every character by name or even look things got clear when just watched how persons interacted on screen. Was 1st view, think will check sequel after some weeks... Thai United dvds are bit overlooked but they often like this have beautiful original art on reverse side.
  9. Tex Killer

    88 Films SB Blu-ray

    88 will be back. From their FB; " Just agreed upon a bunch of titles for early next year including some new Italian Collection, Jackie Chan and Shaw Bro’s... After a difficult time this early this year, Q4 ‘19 and beyond is looking like vintage 88! Thanks to everyone who has continued to buy our titles this year despite them at times being harder to get hold of and priced higher, we really appreciate that. Our distribution issues have been pretty much sorted now so we can go back to concentrating purely on what we love now, which is releasing awesome Blu-ray editions of culty films. " Hopefully in future they are allowed again to sell Shaws directly from their store to outside UK&Eire+announce titles soon...This hasn`t been good year of 88 films considering releases. Hollywood mainstream movies, (most likely crap) several italian cannibal flicks and although forthcoming Chans patch things little bit, they certainly improve in 2020.
  10. Notorious eight. After father of Chen ( Liu Yung ) is poisoned in gambling session by old enemy he seeks help of 8 Generals with special skills to get even... I had memory this is very good one but it was not not exactly correct. Hand of co-sripter Wong Jing is too visible here, so while there are good names in cast ( chen kuan tai, pai piao and even Lo Lieh as villain) about all are more or less annoying here save few females. One of the master director Sun Chungs weakest films I have seen is still not completely hopeless. Core of story is not bad at all, it`s just the way actors do their job drags it down. Few bits of action are well done and gambling scenes are decent with great showdown. For fans of Wong Jing, think takes at least 5 more years before revisit again.
  11. Again, like in previous collection english dubs only.List of movies are far more interesting in vol#2, it`s just that 3 had br releases quite recently, hkl dvds of wooden men and bodyguards are good enough(can`t ignore important factor having chinese audio with english subs)...Tho Killer Meteors is still reason enough to at least consider box seriously, think have never seen it with good pq/correct ratio. But likely there is very good chance Wooden, Meteors and Bodyguards will get picked by eureka/88.
  12. When "spying" amazon.de stock situation Lethal Panther seems to be selling quite well. Hopefully it encourages tvp to release more girl with guns flicks instead of classic kung fu(may sound bit selfish but if not Shaw movie not so interested to fork out that money for old skool kung fu except few titles like their forthcoming Sun Dragon).
  13. I cannot think any other movie like that..kid with golden arm none is actually good or at least fair sport but characters more evil in Duel for gold
  14. I did not see it that way, and as Shawangel corrected it was Ivy. All motives in movie was based for lust, jealous and money so she acted quite "reasonably" as her competitior for main crook was dead so there was kinda hope he would accept her, love is stupid at times. I like flick also for reason there is not supernatural styles or sword, just plain fight...
  15. I didn`t remember her name but when checked she is not nice looking in pics.. http://www.hkcinemagic.com/en/people.asp?id=2750 at least in those have kinda evil facial experessions... Not at least supreme shaw beautie!