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  1. Tex Killer

    What are your latest DVD/Blu-ray purchases?

    Well hopefully it is "englisch frendly"
  2. Meng and Zhou clans are having grudge and head of mengs(Ku feng) wants Kung Fu Instuctor Wang ( ti lung) to teach his men. Located elsewhere, Wang is unwilling to go elsewhere but after plot Meng creates with other masters who do not approve Wangs way of teaching he joins Meng HQ. Soon discovering they are up to no good, he takes one of Zhous (wong yu)as student and after some lessons in pole it`s time to settle the score with Mengs in terrific showdown. It`s first class movie by Sun Chung. Ti Lung is stellar as serious kung fu master and mean looking too with beard. Ku Fung has rarely given as impressive end fight to do as here. There could have been more quality fights, besides in beginning vs wang lung wei+other instuctors only worth mentioning is excellent duel against chang tao. Some minor bouts and training are here and there so it`s not movie where too much time is used for talking.
  3. Tex Killer

    What are your latest DVD/Blu-ray purchases?

    Never seen Lost tales of camp blood and as boxset has slashed scenes for 4 movies+lots other bonus material too for 14€ at amazon.com it`s a steal. Won`t make any harm not owning any Ft13th movies atm...
  4. Master of flying guillotine. Brilliant movie featuring martial arts tournament with kung fu experts, muay thai, yoga etc...And around is vengeful flying guillotine who is after one armed boxer who killed 2 his students. One of the best jimmy wang yu movies I have seen, lots of action and quality of fights they are not exactly superb but above average absolutely. While 1armed does not attend to tournament he gets to do about every main fights and in tournament plenty of fine bouts. As almost every duel ends up to death, eagle girl peeling off monkey as bringing moment for lighter tone is fine. Pathfinder dvd while PQ is fair at least there is annoying flickering at times. This would definitely benefit of proper br upgrade.
  5. Tex Killer

    The Mark of Eagle

    Pity, this could have been great movie.
  6. Uhm..objects, properties...
  7. Magic Blade. Underworld kingpin Yu has become too powerful and must be stopped. To do that, mysterious Peacock Dart is needed. Swordsmen Yen( Lo Lieh) and Fu ( Ti Lung) after settling their differences started year ago are on a mission to Yu mansion. Knowing that Yu sends his 5 assassin+their henchmen and it`s lots of action waiting and some minor plot twists in the end. Loaded with characters, plot is still remarkably easy to follow. Some lines of dialogue are quite on a silly side but does not matter as Fu Hung-hsueh is definitely Fu Hung-hsueh 😄 Maybe 5th view or so I have feeling(tho long time has gone so not quite certain) didn`t like it that much on first watching. But even if that was case mind has changed, magic blade is masterpiece. There is still quite a lot chu yuan movies with and without ti lung waiting to be seen so can`t rank MB now but if there are better, great. And even if not, no disappointing as not many Shaw movies can top MB... Great cast, quality action, some interesting characters(devil grandma, chess player, sword expert Ku Feng...) and very nice sets,specially indoor ones. Love particularly props inside buildings.
  8. Tex Killer

    Shaw Brother BD's from T.V.P.

    That`s great news, none of shops I looked at mentioned english subs but it`s not first time stores do not list other than german audio/subs options.. Cover C imo is winner
  9. ip man3. Gangsters led by Mike Tyson want to take over land of school for construction business, Ip Man`s wife has cancer and challenger claims Ip Man has no authentic wing chun and wants to fight him for title of master...And young bruce lee makes appearance. Non-action scenes drag while it would seem there is lot going on plotwise it`s not really case, lot focus is on drama. Some of the action features donnie fighting thugs with barehanded or doublesticks. Usual stuff, nothing bad in those scenes but not exciting either. Fight against tyson is decent one, probably more enjoyable than bouts vs twister in ip man2. Choreography may not be superior in #3 but got to love Iron Mike. Duel against thaiboxer in elevator/stairs is also proper although it could have been better. Pity director/choreographer did not make them move even opponents as thai showed some great kicking skills. Best of 3 bigger fights is saved for last as Ip Man meets his Challenger. Staff, unarmed and excellent butterfly swords sequences make good ending for flick. Of trilogy in box set, liked part 2 most, sammo hung is main reason for that. Parts 1&3 are about equal. Too much (melo)drama in pt3 but can`t ignore quality of some action scenes...Going to check rest of Ip Man movies eventually.
  10. Tex Killer

    Shaw Brothers on Blu-ray

    That`s great cover for "mighty peking man", better than 88 films one.88 slipcase was beauty tho, too bad slept over it...😞
  11. Slips are nice to have if get them on 1st pressing at RRP and no need to hunt them later at higher cost. Sometimes they have better cover art than original movie poster, sometimes they are inferior(stares at 88 films early JC releases...) Bought in past tho some movies again because needed slips, had already ivl shaws 2nd pressings or 1st buyed at 2nd hand and slips were lost somewhere before ended up to me...But those were mostly cheap purchases and took extra discs to 2nd hand store for trade..
  12. 5 element ninjas slip included is available to buy for 25€ on website. Got from same source "house of traps" with slip but that was easy decision purchase as didn`t own already 88 disc unlike 5 elements. Seller has even masked avengers with s/c for 12€, that is bargain but own it already.
  13. Tex Killer

    Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan Amazon Prime Series (2018)

    Having watched 2 episodes from season 1, it appears to be quite good. Not very action packed but interesting even if not so original plot. What action there is, happens mostly in the end. Krasinski is bit lacking in charisma but is definitely not performing badly. Wendell Pierce however is rocking, particularly during his introduction to team. And in other scenes too. With this viewing speed ssn1 wii be watched on wednesday, today prefer much more american action series than full movies. Much easier to view 1 episode than 90-120 mins movie. Good stuff definitely!
  14. Tex Killer

    Shaw Brother BD's from T.V.P.

    ^Alas, no English subs are listed. Hopefully 88 will release it or asian version is then one to get for non-germans. Pity, covers A and C look terrific and nice list of extra features...
  15. flight man. Man gets into trouble with japanese military and after escaping from prison flees to another province and starts work at lumber factory. Aided by local authorities japanese won`t give up on chase and find him... Was my 2nd view, remember not liking it very much years ago and same goes now. Too thin on plot and actors does not have that much charisma. Ivy ling po and shan mao are around but they have been in better roles and in better movies several times. Well, in first hour there is quite a lot action and some taiwan locations are darn impressive. It`s not bad movie but if want to see Shaw with japanese theme better look elsewhere first. Like another taiwanese Shaw, terrific The Champion not to mention more well known titles...