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  1. Why is everybody so butt-hurt about Bruce Lee's portrayal; I don't get it. Another pointless "controversy". I love and respect Bruce but this was spot-on. Lee was very cocky, that's no secret!
  2. Enjoyed it tremendously up to the last third of the movie. The sudden change in narrative style put me a bit off. Also the Tarantino typical minutes of extreme violence felt unnecessary and pretty stupid, at least to me that is. I won't argue though with the performance of DiCaprio and Pitt which are nothing short of amazing! Margot Robbie was kind of wasted unfortunately. The Bruce Lee skit was very funny and on point. Overall an enjoyable movie with some flaws. I'd still recommend to see it on the big screen! Keep in mind... it's more of an homage to days of cinema past than really anything else.
  3. laagi

    Untitled Fast and Furious Spin Off

    Pretty much everything you've loved about 80's, 90's action flicks comes together in this movie. Most of it doesn't follow any logic, there's basically no story (Super Virus) and the action is just bat shit crazy. Statham and Johnson have great chemistry on screen. Throwing each other off, any chance they get. The english gentleman, against the american hulkster. If you're just in it for the fun and like to switch off your brain for 2 hours; this is the movie to watch! My only gripe is the PG-13 rating.
  4. laagi

    Disney's The Lion King (2019)

    Disney releases another beloved classic in a long line of "live-action" adaptations, with no end in sight whatsoever. The Lion King was one of the first movies I watched in cinemas as a child. Even though I haven't watched it in almost 20 years, once the movie started I remembered almost every scene. It's pretty much a shot per shot remake of the original, including score and dialogue. I compared some scenes later on youtube and was shocked at the "copy paste" job they did at times. Don't mess with a classic, right? Well not exactly. I will be the first to admit that the 2019 version looks amazing. It's some of the best I've seen in animation to this day. Heck at times I was wondering is this really animated? BUT, all of this doesn't help if it's lacking the emotion and soul of the original, which the animals show zero throughout the movie. It's ok at first but gets irritating very quickly. You just sit there and basically don't care. Some of the most tear-jerking scenes are so numb, it's mind blowing. You can tell that they tried to make up for this with the voice actors but in most instances it just doesn't convey the feelings and emotions it could or should. In some rare cases it works, mostly with Timon and Pumbaa but it's far too few. After the credits rolled I felt like I watched an animal documentary where for some odd reason they speak and sing. Sounds akward... it is. So in conclusion you have a visually stunning movie with no emotion and no soul. Which probably sums up a lot of these recent adaptations. I'll stick to the original!
  5. laagi


    @DragonClaws It's the same with everything these days; sadly. That's a pretty good movie actually.
  6. laagi


    Did own a couple over the years. You can honestly never be sure whether or not it's fake. That's why I call it quits.
  7. laagi

    Stranger Things (Netflix Series)

    And another season comes to an end? I could just be lazy and copy paste pretty much every word I've had to say about season 2. However there are some things worth mentioning again or in addition. First I have to get it of my chest, I did enjoy this season. There are may things I liked, especially how it dealt with the adolescent years. First love, trying to fit in, things changing... It's something anyone can identify with. Also it's fun to watch a bunch of kids just have a blast without FB, instagram or the likes. It gives you a sense and longing for simpler times, away from this busy and constantly connected world. Where you would use your fantasy to create whatever you wish to imagine. While the above mentioned is one of its strongest points. It may as well be its weakest. I mean how many more seasons can we tune into this nostalgia? Oh wait... There's the upside down world and monsters, evil scientists etc. But unfortunately it's once again only a byproduct and doesn't really do a lot for the story. Also this time they thought it would be good to bring in some cold war politics, a more than obvious terminator reference, zombies? and some other weird stuff that just doesn't add up. A lot of it feels poorly picked and just blatantly copied from things we've seen a hundred times before. It is due to a very likeable cast and the nostalgia this show continues to work and apparently break records. But I can't help but wonder if it may have already overstayed its welcome.
  8. I'm a sucker for this kind of comedies... Feel me
  9. Dare I say it... the teaser looks amazing. I love it! I was really getting worried after the recent Disney live-action adaptions. After an initial view, I would've not even known it was a Disney production. Which is a good thing at least to me. It has a more mature feel, hope it keeps this!
  10. @DragonClaws I officially announce you JuJu's No.1 fan
  11. Pretty entertaining 100 minutes. Some decent fights, it's a lot of brawling however. I did like the camera work they applied, it makes you feel as you're part of the action! Main action scenes (approx. 3) are scattered throughout the movie. Not to say the movie is boring. The story is really the center of the movie, Ray a former professional basketball player is part of a car thief scheme. They use GPS trackers to steal cars and re-sell it. After already being down on his luck he runs into Ben one night, who carries a wounded woman in the back of his car. From there it's back and forth, Ray faces his own dilemma. Having a criminal record and being judged not only by society but also his surrounding. You can really feel for the poor bastard... It's an above average movie thanks to the lead performance and his desperation to change!? My only problem, sometimes it's unclear what it wants to be; crime, thriller, drama, action, comedy... A more focused narrative would've benefited it. For what it is, you still might want to check it out.
  12. I'm done putting together the compilation of all fights; final runtime is approx. 105 minutes. Tried uploading it on youtube... not gonna happen
  13. laagi

    The White Storm 2 (2019)

    Official trailer via COF... Thanks! Surprised to see a hint at Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte and his "shoot to kill" drug policy. Will be interesting to see what they'll do with this...
  14. Two more titles... Here we come