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  1. laagi

    Samurai Marathon 1855 (2019) jidaigeki film

    I went into this with little to low expectations to be honest. And to make a long story short I really enjoyed it! There's even sword figths here and there... some of it quite bloody as well. Plenty of different characters and while most of them aren't discussed in depth they're all interesting enough to keep you engaged. Some really nice shots of landscapes, forests, rice paddies and castles. Good soundtrack. Also the marathon is used symbolic for a lot of different things, ending of an era (samurai), the changing/opening of a nation to the west, intrigue & war between the shogunate and the different clan lords. It's all rounded up nicely in a satisfying way. Recommended.
  2. Any word if this will play somewhere in europe? Seeing that at least Ip Man 4 got a UK release this should be a no brainer, right!?
  3. Thought I'll use the waiting for Ip Man 4 and watch this instead. I'm almost ashamed to admit that somehow this flew under my radar. It's a beautiful movie and a wonderful hommage to Martial Arts. Some amazing fight choreography as well. Although these are few and far between, when they finally hit they do hit hard and leave a certain impact on the viewer. It's almost a philosophical or artistic experience. What I noticed is that the movie has a more mature feel to it. And I don't mean this as an insult but if I compare it to Yen's Ip Man the latter almost feels a bit comical. Nevertheless both are to be enjoyed on their own merits. To give it the finishing touch the movie is accompanied by a stunning soundtrack. I highly recommend it. My biggest issue with it is my personal gripe that I wasn't able to catch this on the big screen.
  4. I love the newest trailer. Gotta admit it looks like a whole lot of fun. I think it's undeniable that Donnie Yen has been a real blessing for keeping this genre alive. Looking forward to it.
  5. What the hell did I just watch There's so many things in this movie which are laughably bad at best. BUT there's also some nice action and stunt work on display. And I can't help but wonder what happened to the likes of Philip Ng and Andy On. I wouldn't mind seeing them back on the "big screen". Also I didn't expect Vanness Wu to bust some moves. I guess if you're just here for the action it's entertaining enough.
  6. laagi

    On The Run 1988 Yuen Biao

    My favourite Yuen Biao movie! @NoKUNGFUforYU what video source(s) did use?
  7. A convoluted, uninspired, boring, fan servicing, visually stunning mess... An overall unworhty end to a saga that spanned nearly 4 decades. I have spoken
  8. Looking at the teaser and poster I couldn't help but think of Heat (1995)...
  9. @DragonClaws Thanks for the additional information. Is it safe to assume that the Gung Fu Man J Y Lee mentions in his letter is Wong Jack Man?
  10. Not sure if this has been mentioned before but here's an interesting letter from James Y Lee apparently written in the 60s.
  11. Is there any official website or fb page with showtimes within europe? All this promotion got me wanting to at least watch the grand finale on the big screen! Germany anyone? Please...
  12. Is this actually available anywhere right now? I'd love to watch it...
  13. If you're not in love with this show after watching this trailer you can't be helped...
  14. laagi

    John Woo's The Killer - Custom Blu-Ray

    First of all welcome back. I'm glad to hear you're still pursuing this project as you did put out some great content. I'm all ears for a proper release of "The Killer". So please keep us posted and let us know when it will be ready for purchase. Any other things you're working on right now?
  15. They had such an event in Switzerland years ago. Budo Gala it was called. Some Names in attendance included Bolo Yeung, JCVD, Jon Foo and others I've honestly forgotten. What stuck with me was that at the time JCVD was in terrible shape. I would go as far as saying he was piss drunk that night when he finally got on stage. Mumbling about his life and showing some kicks while holding on to a chair. It was a sad sight! Bolo talked about Bruce Lee and showed a Tai Chi Form. Jon Foo showed of some of his stunt work with his team. Pretty impressive stuff. Overall the show was pretty disappointing. First and last time for me. So many fans were pissed off that night. They even promised us free tickets later on for the next show which should have featured among others JC. Guess what... It never happened!