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  1. Yen vs Adkins... Another Bruce Lee portrayal; maybe this time an appropriate one Count me in. At the same time these racial stereotypes are getting old. It's been the same since part one to be honest. Some "fresh" setting would be more than welcome by now. Although there is some hint for a unification between east and west and dare I say it a happy end.
  2. Boy, do I have mixed feelings about this. Everything wrong with reboots these days is on display here. A perfect example of the disney formula. Does that mean it's a terrible movie? Certainly not. But these things need to be adressed and I'm not sure I'm willing to support these releases in the future. First of all yes it is the best since T2 BUT only because the other parts sucked. Everything in this movie feels so "warmed up". Pleasing the old fanbase by bringing back some beloved characters and at the same time tapping into current (US) issues. However the second one is done so blatanly it's really bad if you analyze it to close. The entire movie tries so hard for a "female empowerment" message. Which to be honest I wouldn't mind, I love strong female characters. Especially Natalia Reyes as "Dani" doesn't convince me (no spoiler). Hamilton and Davis deliver the stand out performances for me. At the same time I have to question the integrity of the film makers. Early on we have a scene with a butt-naked Davis for quite some time. On the other side her male counter part doesn't get to "show off" nothing. Keep in mind what you just read above. Then there's the whole issue with the set up in Mexico. Nothing to bother me but the way it's delivered. Also I don't understand the choice of switching back and forth between english and spanish. Arnold's character is given more of a sidekick role; who is delivering some pretty bad jokes at times. But at least they're so bad they're good again. Also one of his first lines is pretty much a message for any US citizen to arm themselves to the teeth. Which I would argue is questionable at best. So here you have it a rehash of what has been with issues concering, female and racial empowerment, immigration and gun control. That is IF you look at it too close. If you dismiss the latter what you are left with is a paper thin story with some spectacular action sequences. I'm just not sure if that's enough for me in this day and age. Great effects are nowadays an industry standard in these hollywood/chinese co-productions. And it's OK to adress issues here and there but at least do it in a matter where it doesn't feel so damn "put-on". Switch off your brains sit back and watch this forgettable action spectacle if you don't care about all these things.
  3. Best movie I've watched in a long time. Captivated me from the first minute. Joaquin Phoenix performance is incredible and haunting in every scene he's in. I just think it's important to go into this movie with the right mind set. It's NOT a supervillain or comic movie like the countless marvel and dc adaptions being thrown at us. It's really a character study or character drama, about a guy who's getting stepped on one too many times by society and finally snaps. Everything in this movie works, the soundtrack, the performances, the cinematography... And it will make you question your own behaviour. Is it ok to symphatize with a potential mass murderer, how much does society do or doesn't to prevent this, how selfish are we these days, should we be more compassionate... It will trigger a lot of things or at least it did in me. And that's what I love when a movie can achieve such a deep level of emotion. Movie of the Year IMHO!
  4. Dreamy (that's right) is an aspiring actress who's been getting by with work as an extra... playing a corpse, stunt double etc. Having spent almost a decade in the business she's still waiting for her big break. Her day consists of being ridiculded, insulted and literally beaten by a bunch of foreigners dressed up as dwarves; Usually for litte to no money or just for a simple meal. The amount of mental and physical torture she's going thru is astonishing. I think anybody in their right mind would've already given up a long time ago. Matters are even made worse as her father is also on the brink of disowning her and her "best friend" out of nowhere just lands a leading role. The movie is really carried by the excellent performance of E Jingwen. She's a very naive and likeable character who's not willing to give up on her dream. Which I think is also the main message of the movie. It also shows a harsh reality that a lot of us might not be aware of. Not a lot of actors/actresses get to be the poster face or end up having a glamouros career. Many spend their days in the shadows of the big stars just getting by. It's also worth mentioning that the supporting characters provide a great performance as well. Namely Wang Baoqiang (as Mr. Marco) and Qi Zheng as Dreamys father. Overall I've really enjoyed this movie. It has a whole lot of heart with a great message at its core. Nevertheless, I highly recommend it!
  5. It's an okayish movie. Jung Doo-hong is without a doubt a great martial artist. However this movie also serves as a perfect example that without proper editing the fights just don't have enough "punch" *no pun inteded*. Here's hoping he'll get another chance to show of his skills in front of the camera.
  6. laagi

    It's October baby....Horror flick time!

    Not a big horror buff to be honest. But I recently watched Haunt and Crawl. I can highly recommend both although I did like the latter just a bit more. It's also worth mentioning that neither had a huge budget. Unlike IT Chapter Two which I found way too long and overall pretty disappointing.
  7. @KUNG FU BOB That's a nice conversation that you had there with this gentleman and something I haven't given any thought to be honest. Now I really do have to wonder why on earth would they cut this scene in some countries?
  8. Interesting, thanks for sharing this. Lucky for me I got to see the "uncut" version as these 10 minutes were included in the very beginning. And it does put a certain perspective (purpose) to the life of Rambo.
  9. To be honest that was my thought exactly after I've got done watching. And a short trip to the almighty internet should proof right. However there is a lot of potential material here to be discussed from the racial stereotypes to the use of (un)justified violence by any means necessary. I for one can just look at it as a form of entertainment which to be fair shouldn't be taken too serious.
  10. Just got done watching. It's a whole lot of brutal fun. Nothing new in terms of story etc. just your run-of-the-mill revenge story. But I really liked the performance of Stallone. Also it's a slow burner with some gruesome over the top kills towards the end. If you like old school action, I can highly recommend this
  11. A terrible movie from start to finish. Considering the talent involved it's a shame how this turned out. Nothing works here! The action scenes are so poorly edited it's barely watchable. Also there's a weird totally out of place fantasy element. The story should be just a simple revenge tale but even this gets mixed up in pointless side plots. Last but not least the main villian is a bad joke. No disrespect to Anderson Silva but I just couldn't take him serious. Not sure who to blame for this mess but I advise anyone to spend their money elsewhere.
  12. @KUNG FU BOB Thanks for sharing your views on this Bob. I guess we just have different opinions in regards to it. But what is truly troubling, that we (apparently) live in an age where a few minutes of fiction in entertainment will be taken as fact... Now that's something to worry about!
  13. Why is everybody so butt-hurt about Bruce Lee's portrayal; I don't get it. Another pointless "controversy". I love and respect Bruce but this was spot-on. Lee was very cocky, that's no secret!
  14. Enjoyed it tremendously up to the last third of the movie. The sudden change in narrative style put me a bit off. Also the Tarantino typical minutes of extreme violence felt unnecessary and pretty stupid, at least to me that is. I won't argue though with the performance of DiCaprio and Pitt which are nothing short of amazing! Margot Robbie was kind of wasted unfortunately. The Bruce Lee skit was very funny and on point. Overall an enjoyable movie with some flaws. I'd still recommend to see it on the big screen! Keep in mind... it's more of an homage to days of cinema past than really anything else.
  15. laagi

    Untitled Fast and Furious Spin Off

    Pretty much everything you've loved about 80's, 90's action flicks comes together in this movie. Most of it doesn't follow any logic, there's basically no story (Super Virus) and the action is just bat shit crazy. Statham and Johnson have great chemistry on screen. Throwing each other off, any chance they get. The english gentleman, against the american hulkster. If you're just in it for the fun and like to switch off your brain for 2 hours; this is the movie to watch! My only gripe is the PG-13 rating.