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  1. Two more titles... Here we come
  2. So where can one pre-order this? I'm intrigued and would love to support the release.
  3. laagi

    Hypothetical Remake of Game of Death

    Anything but Bruceplotation please! I know there's a huge cult following for these movies but I always thought they're awful. Just a personal taste
  4. In the middle of putting together a compilation of all fights; clock currently ticking in at approx. 100 minutes
  5. This was confirmed during the interview at the end of the episode It was ok for a "finale" but it was also clear it served mainly as a setup for things to come. Nice fight!
  6. laagi

    Hypothetical Remake of Game of Death

    That's exactly what I told my friends after we've watched the movie. Of course they didn't know what the hell I was talking about
  7. laagi

    Hypothetical Remake of Game of Death

    @DarthKato I was playing with the exact same thought a couple of weeks ago. I do believe there is a huge potential for doing the original idea justice, without spoiling the legacy of Bruce Lee. While I think highly of Jet Li, I don't think he would be the right person for the job. It's about 20 years too late for that. I would opt for some up and coming young talent. I mean this could be a huge opportunity to push somebody in the spotlight. Or who even says it has to be an asian actor? My only gripe is that probably Bruce Lee enterprise holds the righs to GOD. So with their involvment I'm not sure how good or bad it would turn out. Or maybe leave the whole Bruce Lee thing out completely and just utilise the concept and idea of GOD? Again lot of potential in the right (competent) hands. Which is with every idea...
  8. Just got home from a free screening Honestly... (Now) I don't get the hate. I haven't been a big follower of the X-Men franchise neither am I too familiar with each and every character. But this makes for a perfectly fine night at the movies. At the end of the day I was entertained and in my book that's what counts!
  9. Ouch! The movie is getting universally bashed by critics and viewers... Honestly anybody still bother to watch this!? Not usually one to care about reviews but this looked bad from the get-go.
  10. Yeah I don't get it. Shannon Lee and her enterprise haven't been exaclty shy about "using" the Bruce Lee brand, but here they seem oddly reserved. Also while I welcome a second season it does strike me as a bit of a surprise. Because if you add it all up I don't think it's been very successful if you just go by the numbers. Anyway I'm really anticipating the finale. I hope it delivers and that in the future more people will get to watch it!
  11. I agree the duel reminded me too much of those cheesy 80s/90s fights where they just keep flexing their muscles. I'm curious how the show will wrap up... a second season is apparently already in the works. Last but not least as a general rant. Is it just me or was the entire show poorly marketed? I mean if it weren't for cityonfire.com I wouldn't even have known about this.
  12. Season finale coming up this week. Wasn't even aware of it Looks like they're going out with a bang...
  13. laagi


    FYI I would be specifically careful with COA's bearing the name and "signature" of Taky Kimura. And while there are the obvious ones forgeries did get increasingly better in recent years.
  14. laagi

    Rim of the World (2019) - Netflix

    I remember watching the trailer for "The Babysitter" but never bothered to sit thru it. @Drunken Monk I dare you to watch "Rim of the World" (honestly the name alone) sober
  15. laagi

    What video games have you been playing

    If you're fan of story-driven single player, I highly recommend to check out "A Plague Tale: Innocence". Loved every bit of it!